Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks [electronic resource] : Volume V, Effros, Robert C..

Effros, Robert C.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1998.
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Local subjects:
Accounting standards.
Accounting treatment.
Adequate disclosure.
Adequate oversight.
Agreement on trade.
Anonymous accounts.
Assessment methodologies.
Assessment process.
Asset management.
Asset management companies.
Asset management company.
Audit function.
Automated teller.
Automated teller machine.
Availability of funds.
Balance of payments.
Bank account.
Bank account details.
Bank account information.
Bank accounts.
Bank acquisitions.
Bank act.
Bank activities.
Bank acts.
Bank assets.
Bank assistance.
Bank balance sheets.
Bank behavior.
Bank borrowers.
Bank borrowing.
Bank branch.
Bank branches.
Bank business.
Bank capital.
Bank capital standards.
Bank check.
Bank closures.
Bank collects.
Bank contract.
Bank credit.
Bank creditor.
Bank creditors.
Bank credits.
Bank crises.
Bank crisis.
Bank customer.
Bank customers.
Bank deposit.
Bank deposit accounts.
Bank deposits.
Bank derivatives.
Bank directors.
Bank distress.
Bank examination.
Bank examiner.
Bank examiners.
Bank exposure.
Bank exposures.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank finance.
Bank financing.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank governor.
Bank governors.
Bank group.
Bank groups.
Bank guarantee.
Bank guarantees.
Bank holding.
Bank holding companies.
Bank holding company.
Bank insolvencies.
Bank insolvency.
Bank insolvency law.
Bank insolvency laws.
Bank inspection.
Bank insurance.
Bank insurance fund.
Bank investment.
Bank involvement.
Bank issues.
Bank law.
Bank laws.
Bank lenders.
Bank lending.
Bank liabilities.
Bank liability.
Bank licensing.
Bank liquidations.
Bank loan.
Bank loans.
Bank management.
Bank managements.
Bank managers.
Bank mergers.
Bank negara malaysia.
Bank of canada.
Bank of england.
Bank of greece.
Bank of international settlements.
Bank of japan.
Bank of norway.
Bank officers.
Bank offices.
Bank officials.
Bank operations.
Bank owners.
Bank payment.
Bank personnel.
Bank policy.
Bank portfolio.
Bank problems.
Bank procedure.
Bank procedures.
Bank product.
Bank products.
Bank recapitalization.
Bank records.
Bank regulators.
Bank rehabilitation.
Bank relations.
Bank relationships.
Bank research.
Bank reserve.
Bank restructuring.
Bank restructuring strategies.
Bank risk.
Bank secrecy.
Bank secrecy act.
Bank secrecy law.
Bank secrecy laws.
Bank secrecy legislation.
Bank service.
Bank services.
Bank shareholders.
Bank shares.
Bank soundness.
Bank staff.
Bank statement.
Bank statements.
Bank subsidiaries.
Bank subsidiary.
Bank supervision.
Bank supervision policy.
Bank supervisor.
Bank supervisors.
Bank supervisory approaches.
Bank supervisory authorities.
Bank supervisory authority.
Bank supervisory policies.
Bank system.
Bank takes.
Bank transactions.
Bank use.
Bank vulnerability.
Bankers association.
Bankers drafts.
Bankers trust company.
Banking activities.
Banking assets.
Banking authorities.
Banking authority.
Banking business.
Banking businesses.
Banking community.
Banking companies.
Banking crises.
Banking crisis.
Banking environment.
Banking industry.
Banking information.
Banking institution.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking laws.
Banking legislation.
Banking license.
Banking market.
Banking markets.
Banking network.
Banking operation.
Banking operations.
Banking policy.
Banking practice.
Banking practices.
Banking product.
Banking regulation.
Banking regulations.
Banking regulators.
Banking relationship.
Banking risk.
Banking risks.
Banking secrecy.
Banking sector.
Banking sectors.
Banking services.
Banking statistics.
Banking structure.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervision authority.
Banking supervisor.
Banking supervisors.
Banking supervisory agencies.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Banking technologies.
Banking transaction.
Banking transactions.
Bankruptcy court.
Bankruptcy courts.
Bankruptcy law.
Bankruptcy laws.
Bankruptcy legislation.
Bankruptcy procedure.
Bankruptcy procedures.
Bankruptcy reform.
Banks guarantee fund.
Banks guarantee funds.
Banks loan.
Banks loans.
Banks solvency.
Bilateral debt.
Bilateral netting.
Bond futures.
Bond markets.
Bond options.
Border trade.
Border transactions.
Capital adequacy.
Capital base.
Capital markets.
Capital requirement.
Cash flow statement.
Cash management.
Cash payments.
Central bank.
Central bank service.
Central banking.
Central banks.
Check cashing service.
Check collection.
Check collection system.
Civil law.
Civil law systems.
Clearing bank.
Clearing house.
Clearing system.
Clearing systems.
Collateralized mortgage.
Commercial creditors.
Commercial loan.
Commercial loans.
Commercial operations.
Commercial paper.
Commercial presence.
Commodity futures.
Common law.
Community bank.
Competent authorities.
Competition policy.
Computer model.
Computer models.
Computer networks.
Computer program.
Computer programs.
Computer software.
Computer storage.
Computer storage devices.
Computer system.
Computer technology.
Computer virus.
Conflict of laws.
Connected lending.
Consolidated supervision.
Consumer credit.
Consumer protection.
Consumption abroad.
Correspondent bank.
Court of appeal.
Credit card administration.
Credit cards.
Credit control.
Credit derivatives.
Credit institutions.
Credit limits.
Credit lines.
Credit management.
Credit policies.
Credit policy.
Credit rating.
Credit reports.
Credit risk.
Credit risk management.
Credit risks.
Credit tranche.
Credit transactions.
Credit union.
Credit unions.
Creditor countries.
Criminal activities.
Criminal activity.
Criminal law.
Criminal law enforcement.
Criminal laws.
Criminal sanctions.
Crisis management.
Cross-border supply.
Cross-border trade.
Currency crisis.
Currency transactions.
Current exchange rates.
Current replacement cost.
Debit cards.
Debt burden.
Debt collection.
Debt equity.
Debt equity conversion.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt instruments.
Debt management.
Debt obligations.
Debt problems.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt rescheduling.
Debt restructuring.
Debt service.
Debt service reduction.
Debt servicing.
Debtor countries.
Demand deposit.
Deposit guarantee.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Deposit protection.
Depositor protection.
Derivative contracts.
Derivatives markets.
Derivatives trading.
Derivatives transactions.
Direct investment.
Disclosure of information.
Discount bonds.
Discriminatory measures.
Dispute resolution.
Dispute settlement.
Distressed bank.
Documentary credit.
Domestic debt.
Domestic industry.
Domestic measures.
Domestic regulation.
Economic cooperation.
Economic integration.
Electronic banking.
Electronic cash.
Electronic check presentment.
Electronic commerce.
Electronic communication.
Electronic data interchange.
Electronic fund.
Electronic funds.
Encryption technology.
Enforcement authorities.
Enforcement powers.
Environmental analysis.
Environmental assessment.
Environmental assessments.
Environmental concerns.
Environmental conventions.
Environmental department.
Environmental effects.
Environmental impact.
Environmental impacts.
Environmental issues.
Environmental performance.
Environmental projects.
Environmental quality.
Environmental research.
Environmental review.
Environmental risks.
Environmental sensitivity.
Equity investment.
Excess demand.
Exchange agreements.
Exchange markets.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rates.
Exchange transactions.
Export credit.
External debt.
Federal deposit insurance.
Financial conglomerates.
Financial crises.
Financial deregulation.
Financial institutions.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial markets.
Financial privacy.
Financial records.
Financial risk.
Financial sector.
Financial services.
Financial soundness.
Financial strength.
Financial system.
Financial transaction.
Foreign authorities.
Foreign authority.
Foreign bank.
Foreign banks.
Foreign capital.
Foreign competition.
Foreign debt.
Foreign direct investment.
Foreign direct investments.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange agreements.
Foreign exchange contracts.
Foreign exchange exposure.
Foreign exchange market.
Foreign exchange markets.
Foreign exchange settlement risk.
Foreign exchange settlement risks.
Foreign exchange transactions.
Foreign investment.
Foreign jurisdictions.
Foreign ownership.
Foreign suppliers.
Free riding.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Full disclosure.
Futures exchanges.
Futures markets.
Futures trading.
General insolvency law.
General resources account.
Global environmental facility.
Global environmental issues.
Global marketplace.
Going concern.
Gold reserves.
Government finance.
Government guarantee.
Government securities.
Governmental services.
Holding company.
Home banking.
Identification procedures.
Imminent insolvency.
Improved market access.
Income statement.
Indebted countries.
Independent bank.
Independent service suppliers.
Information exchange.
Insolvency law.
Insolvency laws.
Insolvency proceeding.
Insolvent banks.
Institutional investors.
Insurance companies.
Insurance company.
Insurance supervisors.
Integrated system.
Integrated systems.
Interbank market.
Interest charges.
Interest rate risk.
Interest rate swaps.
Internal audit.
Internal control.
Internal control systems.
Internal controls.
Internal debt.
Internal models approach.
International accounting standards.
International banking law.
International banks.
International check.
International clearing.
International debt.
International finance.
International financial system.
International markets.
International monetary cooperation.
International monetary system.
International standards.
International trade.
International transactions.
International transactions in services.
Investment bank.
Joint stock bank.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement authorities.
Law enforcement investigations.
Legal consequences.
Legal entities.
Legal framework.
Letters of credit.
Level playing field.
Liberalization commitments.
Line of credit.
Liquid asset.
Loan concentration.
Loan loss reserve.
Loan review.
Local environmental impacts.
Local law.
Macroeconomic policies.
Macroeconomic stability.
Management information system.
Market access.
Market access commitments.
Market forces.
Market liquidity.
Market participants.
Market trends.
Merchandise trade.
Modes of supply.
Monetary authority.
Monetary cooperation.
Monetary fund.
Monetary standard.
Monetary system.
Money center bank.
Moral hazard.
Mortgage securities.
Movement of natural persons.
Multilateral context.
Multilateral debt.
Multilateral development bank.
Multilateral disciplines.
Multilateral negotiations.
Multilateral process.
Multilateral trading system.
National bank.
National borders.
National treatment.
National treatment obligation.
Nationalized bank.
Natural persons.
Negotiable instrument.
Non-discriminatory measures.
Nongovernmental organizations.
Note payable.
Open systems.
Overdue charges.
Overdue obligations.
Payment arrangements.
Payment system.
Payment systems.
Payment versus payment.
Payments systems.
Potential exposure.
Precommitment approach.
Preferential arrangements.
Prepaid cards.
Presence of natural persons.
Present value.
Principal amount.
Private bank.
Private capital.
Private companies.
Private company.
Private debt.
Private enterprise.
Problem bank.
Professional secrecy.
Professional services.
Progressive liberalization.
Project sponsor.
Project sponsors.
Promissory notes.
Prudential regulation.
Prudential requirement.
Prudential supervision.
Public debt.
Public finance.
Real estate loan.
Real time.
Reciprocal treatment.
Regional bank.
Regulatory approach.
Regulatory authorities.
Regulatory regimes.
Regulatory requirements.
Replacement cost risk.
Reporting requirements.
Reserve asset.
Reserve assets.
Reserve positions.
Reserve requirements.
Reserve tranche.
Resource allocation.
Resource mobilization.
Retail bank.
Retail banking.
Return on equity.
Risk categories.
Risk management.
Risk profile.
Savings bank.
Sdr allocations.
Sdr holdings.
Secrecy law.
Secrecy laws.
Secrecy provisions.
Securities firms.
Securities regulators.
Service activities.
Service sectors.
Service supplier.
Service suppliers.
Service transactions.
Services activities.
Services agreement.
Services context.
Services industries.
Services industry.
Services markets.
Services negotiations.
Services negotiators.
Services providers.
Services regimes.
Services sector.
Services sectors.
Services suppliers.
Services trade.
Services transactions.
Settlement risk.
Settlement system.
Share information.
Small bank.
Small businesses.
Small enterprises.
Small firms.
Smart cards.
Social services.
Sovereign debt.
Sovereign risk.
State bank.
State banking.
Storage device.
Storage devices.
Stored value card.
Structural adjustment.
Subordinated debt.
Supervisory agencies.
Supervisory agency.
Supervisory approach.
Supervisory arrangements.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory environment.
Supervisory framework.
Supervisory principles.
Supervisory process.
Supervisory regime.
Supplementary capital.
Suppliers credits.
Syndicated loans.
Systemic bank crisis.
Systemic bank restructuring.
Systemic banking crises.
Systemic crisis.
Systemic risk.
Tax avoidance.
Tax evasion.
Tax havens.
Tax revenues.
Technological advances.
Technological development.
Technological developments.
Third parties.
Tier 1 capital.
Tier 2 capital.
Trade agreement.
Trade in services.
Trade liberalization.
Trading system.
Transition economies.
Transport services.
Treasury bonds.
Universal banking.
Unsecured credit.
Var model.
World debt tables.
World trade.
World trade organization.
United States.
This volume, edited by Robert C. Effros, focuses on how technology is affecting the world of banking and finance in an era of increasing globalization. The advent of electronic money, stored value cards, and internet transactions are discussed, as well as the impact of technology on cross-border banking and its implications for central banks. Other issues examined are the legal and regulatory frameworks for risk management of banks, sovereign debt, the international laws of bank secrecy, and financial services within the context of the GATT Agreement on Trade Services.
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Effros, Robert C.
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