Systemic Bank Restructuring and Macroeconomic Policy [electronic resource] Alexander, William E..

Alexander, William E.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1997.
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Local subjects:
Accounting framework.
Accounting period.
Accounting practice.
Accounting standards.
Accounting system.
Accrual accounting.
Aggregate demand.
Agricultural bank.
Agricultural development bank.
Asset management.
Asset management companies.
Asset management company.
Bad debt.
Bad debt provision.
Balance sheet effect.
Balance sheet growth.
Bank act.
Bank activities.
Bank activity.
Bank asset.
Bank assets.
Bank assistance.
Bank audits.
Bank balance sheet.
Bank balance sheets.
Bank behavior.
Bank board.
Bank borrowers.
Bank branches.
Bank capital.
Bank capitalization.
Bank charters.
Bank claims.
Bank closure.
Bank closures.
Bank credit.
Bank creditors.
Bank crisis.
Bank customers.
Bank debt.
Bank debtors.
Bank deposit.
Bank deposit rates.
Bank deposits.
Bank discount rate.
Bank distress.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank financing.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank governance.
Bank insolvencies.
Bank insolvency.
Bank instruments.
Bank insurance.
Bank insurance fund.
Bank interest.
Bank interest rates.
Bank investments.
Bank involvement.
Bank issues.
Bank lending.
Bank lending rate.
Bank liabilities.
Bank liquidation.
Bank liquidity.
Bank loan.
Bank loans.
Bank losses.
Bank management.
Bank managers.
Bank merger.
Bank of england.
Bank of latvia.
Bank of spain.
Bank operations.
Bank owners.
Bank ownership.
Bank performance.
Bank policies.
Bank portfolios.
Bank privatization.
Bank problems.
Bank profitability.
Bank recapitalization.
Bank rediscount.
Bank rediscount rate.
Bank reform.
Bank regulation.
Bank regulations.
Bank regulators.
Bank rehabilitation.
Bank rehabilitation agency.
Bank reserves.
Bank restructuring.
Bank runs.
Bank soundness.
Bank staff.
Bank stock.
Bank structure.
Bank supervision.
Bank supervisor.
Bank supervisors.
Bank supervisory authorities.
Bank takes.
Bank transfers.
Bank weakness.
Banking activities.
Banking assets.
Banking communities.
Banking community.
Banking crises.
Banking crisis.
Banking distress.
Banking industries.
Banking industry.
Banking law.
Banking legislation.
Banking market.
Banking practices.
Banking reform.
Banking regulation.
Banking regulations.
Banking regulators.
Banking risks.
Banking sector.
Banking sector distress.
Banking sector problems.
Banking sectors.
Banking services.
Banking structure.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervisor.
Banking system.
Banking system assets.
Banking system distress.
Banking systems.
Bankrupt companies.
Bankruptcy law.
Banks asset.
Banks assets.
Banks balance sheet.
Banks balance sheets.
Banks loan.
Banks solvency.
Blanket deposit insurance.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy directive.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital base.
Capital expenditure.
Capital mobility.
Capital requirement.
Cash accounting.
Central bank.
Central bank liquidity.
Central bank role.
Central banking.
Clearing system.
Closed banks.
Contingent liabilities.
Corporate income tax.
Corporate income tax base.
Corporate income taxation.
Corporate income taxes.
Credit concentration.
Crisis management.
Currency crisis.
Debt crisis.
Debt servicing.
Deficient bank management.
Deposit guarantee.
Deposit guarantees.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance coverage.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Deposit transfers.
Discount rate.
Early warning system.
Economic recessions.
Exchange rate crisis.
Failure resolution.
Federal deposit insurance.
Financial crises.
Financial crisis.
Financial distress.
Financial institutions reform.
Financial liberalization.
Financial restructuring.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange crisis.
Foreign exchange exposure.
Government finance.
Holding company.
Impaired asset.
Income statement.
Income taxes.
Industrial bank.
Insider lending.
Insolvent banks.
Interbank market.
Interbank money market.
Internal control.
International accounting standards.
International debt crisis.
Investment banking.
Limited deposit insurance.
Liquidation of bank.
Liquidity crisis.
Liquidity management.
Loan classification.
Loss allocation.
Macroeconomic policies.
Macroeconomic stability.
Macroeconomic stabilization.
Management control.
Monetary conditions.
Monetary framework.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary policy objectives.
Monetary union.
Money market.
National bank.
Nonperforming loan.
Performance analysis.
Political interference.
Present value.
Problem bank.
Prudential regulation.
Prudential supervision.
Regional recessions.
Regulatory forbearance.
Reserve ratio.
Reserve requirements.
Restructuring agencies.
Retained earnings.
Risk of bank failure.
Runs on banks.
Savings bank.
Settlement risk.
Severe recession.
State bank.
State banking.
State banking system.
State intervention.
Structural adjustment.
Subordinated debt.
Supplementary capital.
Systemic bank restructuring.
Systemic banking crisis.
Systemic financial crises.
Systemic risk.
Tax accounting.
Tax administration.
Tax administrations.
Tax arbitrage.
Tax audits.
Tax authorities.
Tax authority.
Tax avoidance.
Tax concessions.
Tax deductible.
Tax deduction.
Tax deductions.
Tax legislation.
Tax liabilities.
Tax liability.
Tax planning.
Tax purposes.
Tax regulations.
Tax system.
Tax systems.
Tax treatment.
Taxable profits.
Thrift institution.
Tier 1 capital.
Tier 2 capital.
Treasury bonds.
Working capital.
United States.
Edited by William Alexander, Jeffrey M. Davis, Liam P. Ebrill, and Carl-Johan Lindgren, this volume discusses cross-country restructuring experiences building on the foundation laid by its predecessor Band Soundness and Macroeconomic Policy. It discusses broad principles and actions to guide policy makers in restructuring their banking systems.
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Alexander, William E.
Davis, Jeffrey M.
Ebrill, Liam P.
Lindgren, Carl-Johan.
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