French Public Finances [electronic resource] : Modeling Long-Term Prospects and Reform Options, Habermeier, Karl Friedrich.

Habermeier, Karl Friedrich.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1998.
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IMF Working Papers; Working Paper No. 98/12.
IMF Working Papers; Working Paper No. 98/12
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Local subjects:
Aging population.
Aging populations.
Basic pensions.
Benefit indexation.
Budget deficit.
Contribution period.
Contribution rate.
Contribution rates.
Dependency ratio.
Dependency ratios.
Domestic saving.
Earlier retirement.
Early retirement.
Expenditure adjustment.
Expenditure increases.
Expenditure ratio.
Expenditure restraint.
Fiscal accounts.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal balance.
Fiscal burden.
Fiscal consequences.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal developments.
Fiscal incentives.
Fiscal outcomes.
Fiscal outlook.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal policy rules.
Fiscal problems.
Fiscal scenarios.
Fiscal side.
Fiscal stance.
Fiscal sustainability.
Fiscal variable.
Fiscal variables.
Flat rate income.
Flat tax.
General government expenditure.
Government deficit.
Government expenditure.
Government revenue.
Government revenue ratio.
Government spending.
Gross wage.
Gross wages.
Health care.
Inflation indexation.
Investment function.
Labor force.
Labor force participation.
Labor income.
Labor input.
Life expectancy.
Moral hazard.
Moral hazard problem.
Net pension liabilities.
Net pension liability.
Net wage.
Net wages.
Older people.
Older persons.
Pay-as-you-go pension systems.
Pension base.
Pension debt.
Pension entitlements.
Pension expenditure.
Pension fund.
Pension liabilities.
Pension liability.
Pension program.
Pension reform.
Pension schemes.
Pension spending.
Pension system.
Pension systems.
Price indexation.
Primary expenditure.
Public debt.
Public deficits.
Public expenditure.
Public finance.
Public finances.
Public pension.
Public pension fund.
Public pension systems.
Public pensions.
Public sector pension system.
Public spending.
Replacement rate.
Replacement rates.
Retirement age.
Retirement ages.
Retirement savings.
Revenue adjustment.
Share of public spending.
Social security spending.
Supplementary pension.
Tax base.
Tax burden.
Tax increases.
Tax rate.
Tax rates.
Tax ratios.
Tax system.
Tax wedge.
Taxes on labor.
Transfer payments.
Types of pension.
Unfunded pension.
Unfunded pension liability.
Value of pension.
Over the coming decades, demographic developments will lead to a significant increase in public outlays on pensions and health care, relative to national income. This study extends earlier work by considering the adverse effects of taxation on the determinants of economic growth -- in particular, investment, productivity growth, and labor force participation. Available empirical evidence suggests that these adverse effects could well be sizable, and that conventional estimates of the adverse effects of population aging probably severely underestimate their impact on the public finances and economic performance. The paper uses stochastic simulations to examine the robustness of the results to changes in parameter values. It also provides quantitative simulations of various reform options, including mainly an increase in the effective retirement age and flanking labor market measures.
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Habermeier, Karl Friedrich.
Lenseigne, Fabrice.
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