Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Volume 2 [electronic resource]

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2003.
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Seminar Volumes; Vol. 2.
Seminar Volumes; Vol.
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Local subjects:
Access to capital markets.
Accession countries.
Account settlement.
Accounting period.
Accounting practices.
Accounting rules.
Accounting standards.
Accounting systems.
Adequate disclosure.
Adequate safeguards.
Adjustment lending.
Adjustment program.
Adjustment programs.
Administrative law.
Annual budget.
Anonymous accounts.
Assessment methodologies.
Assessment process.
Asset management company.
Asset markets.
Auditing practices.
Automated teller.
Automated teller machine.
Balance of payments.
Balance of payments crises.
Balance of payments crisis.
Balance of payments deficits.
Balance of payments difficulties.
Balance of payments need.
Balance of payments problem.
Balance of payments problems.
Bank account.
Bank accounts.
Bank acquisitions.
Bank act.
Bank activities.
Bank activity.
Bank acts.
Bank assets.
Bank assistance.
Bank balance sheets.
Bank behavior.
Bank board.
Bank business.
Bank capital.
Bank claims.
Bank closure.
Bank commitment.
Bank contract.
Bank credit.
Bank creditor.
Bank creditors.
Bank crisis.
Bank customers.
Bank data.
Bank deposit.
Bank deposit insurance.
Bank depositors.
Bank deposits.
Bank derivatives.
Bank directors.
Bank distress.
Bank examination.
Bank exposures.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank fraud.
Bank funding.
Bank governor.
Bank governors.
Bank group.
Bank holding.
Bank holding companies.
Bank holding company.
Bank independence.
Bank indonesia.
Bank insolvencies.
Bank insolvency.
Bank insolvency law.
Bank inspections.
Bank instrument.
Bank intermediation.
Bank intervention.
Bank investment.
Bank involvement.
Bank issues.
Bank law.
Bank laws.
Bank lending.
Bank liquidity.
Bank loans.
Bank losses.
Bank management.
Bank manager.
Bank managers.
Bank mergers.
Bank money.
Bank negara malaysia.
Bank objectives.
Bank of canada.
Bank of england.
Bank of greece.
Bank of japan.
Bank of portugal.
Bank office.
Bank offices.
Bank official.
Bank officials.
Bank operations.
Bank owners.
Bank payment.
Bank policies.
Bank policy.
Bank portfolio.
Bank profits.
Bank rating.
Bank records.
Bank regulation.
Bank regulator.
Bank regulators.
Bank rehabilitation.
Bank reserves.
Bank responsibility.
Bank restructuring.
Bank restructuring agencies.
Bank risk.
Bank runs.
Bank secrecy.
Bank secrecy laws.
Bank soundness.
Bank staff.
Bank statement.
Bank structure.
Bank subsidiaries.
Bank supervision.
Bank supervisor.
Bank supervisors.
Bank supervisory authorities.
Bank supervisory authority.
Bank takes.
Bank transactions.
Bank transfer.
Bankers association.
Banking activities.
Banking authorities.
Banking authority.
Banking business.
Banking community.
Banking crises.
Banking crises resolution.
Banking crisis.
Banking crisis resolution.
Banking industry.
Banking infrastructure.
Banking institution.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking laws.
Banking legislation.
Banking license.
Banking operations.
Banking policy.
Banking practice.
Banking practices.
Banking publications.
Banking reform.
Banking regulation.
Banking regulations.
Banking regulators.
Banking relationships.
Banking secrecy.
Banking sector.
Banking sector problems.
Banking services.
Banking structure.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervision framework.
Banking supervisor.
Banking supervisors.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Banking transactions.
Bankruptcy court.
Bankruptcy law.
Banks' balance sheets.
Basel accord.
Basket of currencies.
Beneficial interest.
Beneficial owners.
Bilateral exchange rate.
Bilateral links.
Bills of exchange.
Bond contracts.
Bond debt.
Bond instruments.
Bond market.
Bond markets.
Bond obligations.
Bond offering.
Bond offerings.
Bond pools.
Bond restructuring.
Brady bond.
Brady bonds.
Budget approval.
Budget control.
Budget deficits.
Budget document.
Budget documentation.
Budget estimates.
Budget law.
Budget measures.
Budget preparation.
Budget support.
Budget transactions.
Budget year.
Budgetary activities.
Budgetary process.
Burden of proof.
Business community.
Business ethics.
Business integrity.
Capital account.
Capital account liberalization.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital base.
Capital control.
Capital controls.
Capital flow.
Capital flows.
Capital inflow.
Capital inflows.
Capital market.
Capital market financing.
Capital markets.
Capital mobility.
Capital movements.
Capital outflow.
Capital outflows.
Capital transactions.
Cash management.
Cash management services.
Central bank.
Central bank function.
Central banking.
Central banking legislation.
Central banks.
Check clearing.
Check collection.
Check processing.
Checking accounts.
Clearing bank.
Clearing banks.
Clearing house.
Clearing system.
Clearing systems.
Closely held corporations.
Collateralized bond obligations.
Collective bargaining.
Commercial banks.
Commercial contracts.
Commodity futures.
Common market.
Community bank.
Competitive advantage.
Competitive advantages.
Computer hackers.
Computer monitor.
Concessional lending.
Connected lending.
Consolidated supervision.
Contingent liabilities.
Contingent liability.
Contractual obligations.
Contractual provisions.
Core worker rights.
Corporate accountability.
Corporate bond.
Corporate bond markets.
Corporate control.
Corporate culture.
Corporate cultures.
Corporate disclosure.
Corporate governance.
Corporate governance practices.
Corporate governance principle.
Corporate governance principles.
Corporate law.
Corporate laws.
Corporate responsibilities.
Corporate scandals.
Corporate strategies.
Corporate structures.
Cost of capital.
Credit control.
Credit derivatives.
Credit risk.
Credit risk management.
Credit tranche.
Credit tranches.
Credit transfer.
Credit transfers.
Credit unions.
Criminal activities.
Criminal activity.
Criminal behavior.
Criminal investigations.
Criminal justice.
Criminal law.
Criminal laws.
Criminal liability.
Criminal prosecution.
Criminal sanctions.
Crisis countries.
Crisis country.
Crisis prevention.
Cross exchange rates.
Currency board.
Currency boards.
Currency budget.
Currency crises.
Currency crisis.
Currency depreciation.
Currency exchange.
Currency exchange rates.
Currency fluctuation.
Currency risk.
Currency units.
Current account.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Current account imbalances.
Current accounts.
Current replacement cost.
Data integrity.
Data security.
Data sharing.
Debt policies.
Debt restructuring.
Debt servicing.
Deferred income.
Deficit financing.
Denominated bonds.
Department of finance.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Derivative contracts.
Derivative product.
Derivative products.
Derivatives exchanges.
Derivatives market.
Derivatives markets.
Derivatives trading.
Derivatives transaction.
Derivatives transactions.
Digital certificates.
Digital signatures.
Disclosure of information.
Discretionary monetary policy.
Discriminatory currency practices.
Domestic borrowing.
Domestic currency.
Domestic equity.
Domestic financial institutions.
Domestic financing.
Domestic liquidity.
Domestic monetary policy.
Domestic money market.
Domestic money supply.
Domestic savings.
Double taxation.
Drug trafficking.
Due diligence.
Eastern caribbean central bank.
Economic integration.
Electronic banking.
Electronic communication.
Electronic communications.
Electronic form.
Electronic fund.
Electronic money.
Emerging markets.
Enforcement powers.
Enterprise development.
Equity indexes.
Equity investment.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity prices.
European contract law.
European monetary system.
European monetary union.
Excess liquidity.
Exchange arrangements.
Exchange control.
Exchange control regulations.
Exchange information.
Exchange market intervention.
Exchange markets.
Exchange of information.
Exchange operations.
Exchange policy.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate anchor.
Exchange rate arrangement.
Exchange rate arrangements.
Exchange rate bands.
Exchange rate flexibility.
Exchange rate fluctuations.
Exchange rate mechanism.
Exchange rate misalignment.
Exchange rate misalignments.
Exchange rate movements.
Exchange rate peg.
Exchange rate pegs.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate realignment.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Exchange rate revaluations.
Exchange rate rule.
Exchange rate system.
Exchange rate volatility.
Exchange rates.
Exchange reserves.
Exchange restrictions.
Exchange transactions.
External borrowing.
External borrowings.
External debt.
External financing.
External liquidity.
External obligations.
External position.
External shock.
External shocks.
Extrabudgetary funds.
Face value.
Federal deposit insurance.
Federal tax.
Financial assets.
Financial claims.
Financial conglomerates.
Financial contagion.
Financial contracts.
Financial derivatives.
Financial fragility.
Financial innovation.
Financial instability.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial management.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial organizations.
Financial policies.
Financial reform.
Financial regulation.
Financial resources.
Financial risk.
Financial safety net.
Financial sector.
Financial sector assessments.
Financial sector crises.
Financial sector regulation.
Financial sector supervision.
Financial sector supervisors.
Financial services.
Financial soundness.
Financial stability.
Financial standards.
Financial statements.
Financial structure.
Financial structures.
Financial supervision.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Financial volatility.
Fiscal activities.
Fiscal activity.
Fiscal affairs.
Fiscal affairs department.
Fiscal conditions.
Fiscal crisis.
Fiscal discipline.
Fiscal economist.
Fiscal illusions.
Fiscal information.
Fiscal instruments.
Fiscal management.
Fiscal management system.
Fiscal objectives.
Fiscal operations.
Fiscal outcomes.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal policy framework.
Fiscal policy objectives.
Fiscal policy response.
Fiscal policy statements.
Fiscal position.
Fiscal projections.
Fiscal reporting.
Fiscal responsibility.
Fiscal responsibility act.
Fiscal risk.
Fiscal risks.
Fiscal rules.
Fiscal sustainability.
Fiscal targets.
Fiscal transparency.
Fiscal transparency assessment.
Fiscal vulnerability.
Fixed exchange rate.
Fixed exchange rate system.
Fixed nominal exchange rate.
Floating exchange rate.
Floating exchange rate regime.
Floating exchange rate system.
Foreign asset.
Foreign assets.
Foreign authorities.
Foreign banks.
Foreign capital.
Foreign currency.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange exposure.
Foreign exchange holdings.
Foreign exchange market.
Foreign exchange operations.
Foreign exchange policy.
Foreign exchange rate.
Foreign exchange rate policy.
Foreign exchange reserves.
Foreign exchange restrictions.
Foreign exchange transactions.
Foreign investment.
Foreign investors.
Foreign jurisdiction.
Foreign tax.
Foreign tax credit.
Freedom of association.
Freely floating exchange rate.
Freely usable currencies.
Funds transfers.
Futures contracts.
Futures exchange.
Futures markets.
Futures trading.
General resources account.
General shareholders.
General shareholders meetings.
Global corporate governance.
Global financial system.
Global money.
Gold reserves.
Good corporate governance.
Government accounts.
Government bonds.
Government debt.
Government finance.
Government guarantees.
Government liabilities.
Government ownership.
Government securities.
Harmful tax.
Harmful tax competition.
Hedge accounting.
Hedge fund.
Hedge funds.
High inflation.
Holding company.
Home country.
Home currency.
Human capital.
Import bank.
Importance of tax havens.
Independent bank.
Independent central bank.
Independent monetary policy.
Inflation rate.
Inflation rates.
Inflation targeting.
Information exchange.
Insolvent banks.
Institutional shareholders.
Insurance business.
Insurance policies.
Insurance premium.
Insurance supervisors.
Intangible asset.
Interactive medium.
Interbank market.
Interest rate arbitrage.
Interest rate risk.
Interested party.
Intermediate monetary target.
Internal audit.
Internal control.
Internal controls.
Internal market.
Internal organization.
Internal revenue.
International accounting standards.
International accounting standards committee.
International bonds.
International capital.
International capital flows.
International capital markets.
International capital movements.
International cases.
International commercial contracts.
International convention.
International cooperation.
International finance.
International financial.
International financial architecture.
International financial community.
International financial contagion.
International financial institutions.
International financial markets.
International financial stability.
International financial system.
International law.
International lending.
International markets.
International mergers.
International monetary system.
International reserve.
International reserves.
International standards.
International tax.
International taxation.
International trade.
Internet transaction.
Internet transactions.
Internet users.
Investee companies.
Investment bank.
Investment banking.
Investment climate.
Investment officers.
Judicial authority.
Judicial proceeding.
Judicial review.
Labor laws.
Labor market.
Labor market flexibility.
Labor market flexibility measures.
Labor market intervention.
Laundering legislation.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement agencies.
Legal assistance.
Legal assistance treaties.
Legal claims.
Legal entities.
Legal frameworks.
Legal infrastructure.
Legal protection.
Legal system.
Level playing field.
Liberalization of capital.
Liberalization of capital movements.
Licensing process.
Life insurance.
Life insurance policies.
Limitation period.
Liquid markets.
Liquidity crises.
Liquidity management.
Listed companies.
Loan financing.
Loss of confidence.
Low-tax jurisdictions.
Macroeconomic stability.
Macroeconomic stabilization.
Management control.
Market debt.
Market exchange rate.
Market infrastructure.
Market participants.
Mass media.
Medium-term budget.
Member country.
Merchant banking.
Minority shareholders.
Model law on international credit transfers.
Model of privatization.
Moderate inflation.
Monetary arrangement.
Monetary arrangements.
Monetary authorities.
Monetary authority.
Monetary base.
Monetary community.
Monetary conditions.
Monetary discipline.
Monetary expansion.
Monetary fund.
Monetary impact.
Monetary institutions.
Monetary instruments.
Monetary integration.
Monetary law.
Monetary liabilities.
Monetary management.
Monetary measures.
Monetary operations.
Monetary phenomenon.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy decisions.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary policy strategy.
Monetary restraint.
Monetary stability.
Monetary system.
Monetary systems.
Monetary target.
Monetary transactions.
Monetary union.
Monetary unions.
Monetary unit.
Money demand.
Money laundering.
Money laundering laws.
Money laundering purposes.
Money market.
Money markets.
Money supply.
Moral hazard.
Multilateral liberalization.
Multilateral system.
Multinational enterprises.
National bank.
National enterprises.
National law.
National laws.
National legislation.
Negotiable instruments.
New york stock exchange.
Nominal exchange rate.
Nominal variables.
Off balance sheet.
Open budget preparation.
Open capital markets.
Open market operations.
Open system.
Paper documents.
Paper money.
Payment system.
Payment systems.
Payments finality.
Pension funds.
Personal computer.
Pledge of assets.
Point of sale.
Portfolio return.
Potential exposure.
Poverty alleviation.
Predicate crime.
Predicate crimes.
Present value.
Price level.
Price stability.
Private bank.
Private banks.
Private bond.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Private commercial bank.
Private companies.
Private creditors.
Private debt.
Private sector enterprise.
Private sector investment.
Privatization investment.
Privatization of state.
Probability of default.
Procedural rules.
Process of privatization.
Property interests.
Property rights.
Proprietary positions.
Protection of minority shareholders.
Prudent fiscal policy.
Prudential regulation.
Prudential risks.
Prudential supervision.
Public debt.
Public finance.
Public finances.
Public financial institutions.
Public interest.
Purchase and assumption transaction.
Quasi-fiscal activities.
Quota increases.
Rate of inflation.
Rate of tax.
Rate of time preference.
Real exchange rate.
Real exchange rate misalignment.
Real exchange rate misalignments.
Real exchange rates.
Real time gross settlement.
Real value.
Real wages.
Regulatory authorities.
Regulatory authority.
Regulatory bodies.
Regulatory forbearance.
Regulatory objective.
Regulatory objectives.
Regulatory requirements.
Regulatory standards.
Relative prices.
Repatriation of capital.
Reporting requirements.
Repurchase agreement.
Reserve assets.
Reserve bank.
Reserve currencies.
Reserve requirement.
Reserve requirements.
Resource allocation.
Responsible business.
Responsible business behavior.
Restructuring agencies.
Retail banking.
Retail payments.
Right of shareholders.
Rights of shareholders.
Risk management.
Risk management systems.
Risk premium.
Risk profile.
Risk taking.
Rosc modules.
Rules of evidence.
Safe deposit box.
Savings bank.
Savings institution.
Secrecy laws.
Securities markets.
Securities regulation.
Securities regulators.
Securities sectors.
Settlement facilities.
Settlement risk.
Settlement system.
Settlement systems.
Share information.
Shareholder activism.
Shareholder agreements.
Shareholder rights.
Shareholder value.
Shareholder voting.
Shareholders meetings.
Short-term capital.
Short-term capital inflows.
Sovereign bonds.
Sovereign borrowers.
Sovereign debt.
Sovereign risk.
Stable prices.
Stakeholder participation.
Standard setting.
Standards and codes.
State bank.
Stock exchange.
Stock futures.
Stock market.
Stress testing.
Structural adjustment.
Structural adjustment facility.
Structural adjustment lending.
Structural adjustment loans.
Structural adjustment programs.
Structural adjustment reforms.
Supervisory agencies.
Supervisory agency.
Supervisory approach.
Supervisory arrangements.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authorities must.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory bodies.
Supervisory body.
Supervisory framework.
Supervisory practice.
Supervisory regime.
Supervisory responsibilities.
Supervisory standards.
Supervisory systems.
Supplemental reserve.
Surveillance over exchange rate policies.
Systemic bank restructuring.
Systemic banking crisis.
Systemic risk.
Target system.
Tax administration.
Tax administrations.
Tax analysts.
Tax authorities.
Tax avoidance.
Tax benefits.
Tax competition.
Tax competition initiative.
Tax compliance.
Tax cooperation.
Tax deferral.
Tax evasion.
Tax havens.
Tax legislation.
Tax liability.
Tax minimization.
Tax on capital.
Tax planning.
Tax prosecution.
Tax purposes.
Tax rates.
Tax return.
Tax sanctions.
Tax system.
Tax systems.
Tax treatment.
Terms of trade.
Terrorist attacks.
Third parties.
Treasury bonds.
Universal banking.
Venture capital.
Worker rights.
Working capital.
World capital markets.
World trade.
World trade organization.
World wide web.
Yankee bond.
United Kingdom.
United States.
The papers published in this volume are based on an IMF seminar held in 2000 that covered a broad range of topics on monetary and financial law, such as the liberalization of capital movements, data dissemination, responsibilities of central banks, and the IMF’s goals in financial surveillance and architecture. Participants addressed recent issues in the financial sector, including those related to payment systems and supervision of financial institutions. Updates dealt with Internet banking, bank secrecy, and currency arrangements-including dollarization. Participants discussed the recent activities of the other international financial institutions, which included the European Central Bank and the International Finance Corporation. Prevention of financial crises was also discussed, with reference to the distinct roles of the IMF and the private sector.
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