Coordinating Public Debt and Monetary Management [electronic resource]

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1997.
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Local subjects:
Amount of debt. (search)
Annual debt strategy. (search)
Aspects of debt management. (search)
Asset and liability management. (search)
Availability of funds. (search)
Balance of payment. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Bank loans. (search)
Benchmark bond. (search)
Benchmark bonds. (search)
Bid price. (search)
Bidder. (search)
Bidders. (search)
Bids. (search)
Bond. (search)
Bond auctions. (search)
Bond futures. (search)
Bond issuance. (search)
Bond issue. (search)
Bond issues. (search)
Bond market. (search)
Bond markets. (search)
Bond maturities. (search)
Bond portfolio. (search)
Bond sales. (search)
Bond trading. (search)
Bond yields. (search)
Bonds. (search)
Borrowing costs. (search)
Bourse. (search)
Budget balance. (search)
Budget expenditure. (search)
Budget law. (search)
Budget system. (search)
Call money. (search)
Capital accounts. (search)
Capital adequacy. (search)
Capital asset. (search)
Capital asset pricing. (search)
Capital asset pricing model. (search)
Capital market. (search)
Capital market instruments. (search)
Capital markets. (search)
Capital ownership. (search)
Capital requirement. (search)
Capital standards. (search)
Cash flow. (search)
Cash flows. (search)
Cash management. (search)
Central bank. (search)
Central bank monetary policy. (search)
Central banks. (search)
Central securities depository. (search)
Certified check. (search)
Certified checks. (search)
Clearinghouse. (search)
Collections. (search)
Commercial paper. (search)
Commercial paper programs. (search)
Competitive bidders. (search)
Competitive bidding. (search)
Competitive bids. (search)
Competitive tenders. (search)
Compulsory reserve requirements. (search)
Control framework. (search)
Conventional bonds. (search)
Convertible bonds. (search)
Coordination of debt management. (search)
Coupon bond. (search)
Coupon bonds. (search)
Credit ceilings. (search)
Credit institutions. (search)
Credit lines. (search)
Credit market. (search)
Credit rating. (search)
Credit rating agencies. (search)
Credit risk. (search)
Credit risks. (search)
Credit unions. (search)
Currency board. (search)
Currency composition. (search)
Currency crises. (search)
Currency crisis. (search)
Currency debt. (search)
Currency of denomination. (search)
Currency risk. (search)
Currency risks. (search)
Current account deficits. (search)
Current accounts. (search)
Dated government securities. (search)
Day-to-day debt management. (search)
Day-to-day debt management operations. (search)
Deadline for submission. (search)
Debt. (search)
Debt consolidation. (search)
Debt crisis. (search)
Debt finance. (search)
Debt financing. (search)
Debt instrument. (search)
Debt instruments. (search)
Debt issuance. (search)
Debt limit. (search)
Debt management. (search)
Debt management agencies. (search)
Debt management agency. (search)
Debt management authorities. (search)
Debt management authority. (search)
Debt management function. (search)
Debt management functions. (search)
Debt management issues. (search)
Debt management office. (search)
Debt management offices. (search)
Debt management operation. (search)
Debt management operations. (search)
Debt management policies. (search)
Debt management policy. (search)
Debt management practices. (search)
Debt management strategies. (search)
Debt management strategy. (search)
Debt management techniques. (search)
Debt manager. (search)
Debt managers. (search)
Debt market. (search)
Debt maturity. (search)
Debt office. (search)
Debt offices. (search)
Debt outstanding. (search)
Debt policies. (search)
Debt policy. (search)
Debt portfolio. (search)
Debt refinancing. (search)
Debt reporting. (search)
Debt requirements. (search)
Debt securities. (search)
Debt service. (search)
Debt stock. (search)
Debt stocks. (search)
Debt strategy. (search)
Debt structure. (search)
Debt structures. (search)
Debt system. (search)
Debts. (search)
Deficit financing. (search)
Deficits. (search)
Demand for government securities. (search)
Demand for money. (search)
Deposit insurance. (search)
Deposit interest. (search)
Deposit interest rates. (search)
Deposit rates. (search)
Derivative. (search)
Derivative markets. (search)
Derivative product. (search)
Derivative products. (search)
Derivative securities. (search)
Derivatives market. (search)
Discount pricing. (search)
Discount rate. (search)
Discount rates. (search)
Discounting. (search)
Domestic agents. (search)
Domestic bond. (search)
Domestic bond markets. (search)
Domestic borrowing. (search)
Domestic borrowings. (search)
Domestic currencies. (search)
Domestic currency. (search)
Domestic current account. (search)
Domestic debt. (search)
Domestic debt management. (search)
Domestic debt market. (search)
Domestic debt markets. (search)
Domestic financing. (search)
Domestic investors. (search)
Domestic money markets. (search)
Domestic saving. (search)
Equity markets. (search)
European monetary system. (search)
Excess demand. (search)
Excess supply. (search)
Excessive borrowing. (search)
Excessive volatility. (search)
Expenditures. (search)
External borrowing. (search)
External borrowings. (search)
External debt. (search)
External finance. (search)
External indebtedness. (search)
External shock. (search)
Federal bond. (search)
Financial assets. (search)
Financial futures. (search)
Financial futures exchange. (search)
Financial futures market. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial instruments. (search)
Financial intermediaries. (search)
Financial market. (search)
Financial markets. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Financial sector liberalization. (search)
Financial structure. (search)
Financial system. (search)
Fiscal deficits. (search)
Fiscal gap. (search)
Fiscal policy. (search)
Fixed income securities. (search)
Fixed rate loans. (search)
Fixed rate securities. (search)
Foreign borrowing. (search)
Foreign currency. (search)
Foreign currency debt. (search)
Foreign debt. (search)
Foreign loans. (search)
Foreign securities. (search)
Full disclosure. (search)
Futures contracts. (search)
Futures exchange. (search)
Futures market. (search)
Futures markets. (search)
Futures trading. (search)
Global equity markets. (search)
Gold reserves. (search)
Government bond. (search)
Government bond futures. (search)
Government bond markets. (search)
Government bond yields. (search)
Government bonds. (search)
Government borrowing needs. (search)
Government debt. (search)
Government deficit. (search)
Government deficits. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Government securities holdings. (search)
Government securities market. (search)
Government securities markets. (search)
Government securities yields. (search)
Government security. (search)
Hedge. (search)
Hedging. (search)
Holdings of government securities. (search)
Indebted countries. (search)
Individual bond. (search)
Inflation. (search)
Institutional arrangements for debt management. (search)
Institutional investors. (search)
Interest. (search)
Interest costs. (search)
Interest rate expectations. (search)
Interest rate risk. (search)
Interest rate swaps. (search)
Interest rates on government securities. (search)
International capital. (search)
International capital markets. (search)
International capital movements. (search)
International financial futures. (search)
Investment in government securities. (search)
Issuance of government securities. (search)
Joint stock. (search)
Joint stock companies. (search)
Liabilities. (search)
Liability management. (search)
Liberalization of capital movements. (search)
Liberalization of financial markets. (search)
Line of credit. (search)
Liquidity injection. (search)
Liquidity management. (search)
Liquidity ratio. (search)
Loan administration. (search)
Loans. (search)
Long-term bonds. (search)
Long-term debt. (search)
Long-term government debt. (search)
Long-term government securities. (search)
Long-term interest rates. (search)
Market debt. (search)
Market for government securities. (search)
Market liquidity. (search)
Market trends. (search)
Marketable bonds. (search)
Marketable securities. (search)
Minimum capital requirement. (search)
Monetary aggregates. (search)
Monetary arrangements. (search)
Monetary authorities. (search)
Monetary authority. (search)
Monetary base. (search)
Monetary conditions. (search)
Monetary control. (search)
Monetary controls. (search)
Monetary coordination. (search)
Monetary expansion. (search)
Monetary financing. (search)
Monetary fund. (search)
Monetary growth. (search)
Monetary institutions. (search)
Monetary instrument. (search)
Monetary instruments. (search)
Monetary integration. (search)
Monetary management. (search)
Monetary objective. (search)
Monetary objectives. (search)
Monetary policies. (search)
Monetary policy. (search)
Monetary policy decisions. (search)
Monetary policy framework. (search)
Monetary policy implementation. (search)
Monetary policy independence. (search)
Monetary policy instrument. (search)
Monetary policy instruments. (search)
Monetary policy objectives. (search)
Monetary policy operations. (search)
Monetary program. (search)
Monetary reforms. (search)
Monetary reserves. (search)
Monetary restraint. (search)
Monetary stability. (search)
Monetary stabilization. (search)
Monetary stance. (search)
Monetary system. (search)
Monetary targets. (search)
Monetary union. (search)
Monetary unions. (search)
Monetary units. (search)
Money balances. (search)
Money brokers. (search)
Money laundering. (search)
Money management. (search)
Money market. (search)
Money market interest rates. (search)
Money market rates. (search)
Money markets. (search)
Money supply. (search)
Money transfer. (search)
National bank. (search)
National debt. (search)
National debt management. (search)
National debt office. (search)
Net capital. (search)
New securities. (search)
New york stock exchange. (search)
Noncompetitive bids. (search)
Obligations. (search)
Official reserves. (search)
Open market operations. (search)
Options markets. (search)
Options on futures. (search)
Outstanding bonds. (search)
Outstanding debt. (search)
Outstanding debt stock. (search)
Outstanding government securities. (search)
Overall debt management. (search)
Overdrafts. (search)
Payments. (search)
Personal loans. (search)
Potential bidders. (search)
Present value. (search)
Primary dealer. (search)
Primary dealers. (search)
Primary markets. (search)
Principal amount. (search)
Principal repayment. (search)
Private investors. (search)
Private sector borrowing. (search)
Promissory notes. (search)
Public debt. (search)
Public debt management. (search)
Public finance. (search)
Public finances. (search)
Public sector borrowing. (search)
Public sector debt. (search)
Public subscription. (search)
Rediscount. (search)
Rediscount rate. (search)
Refinance. (search)
Refinancing risk. (search)
Registration of securities. (search)
Rejection of bids. (search)
Repayment. (search)
Repayments. (search)
Repurchases. (search)
Reserve assets. (search)
Reserve bank. (search)
Reserve banks. (search)
Reserve holdings. (search)
Reserve management. (search)
Reserve ratios. (search)
Reserve requirement. (search)
Reserve requirements. (search)
Restructuring. (search)
Risk premium. (search)
Sale of government securities. (search)
Savings bond. (search)
Savings bonds. (search)
Secondary market in government securities. (search)
Secondary markets. (search)
Securities auctions. (search)
Securities clearing. (search)
Securities commissions. (search)
Securities dealers. (search)
Securities depository. (search)
Securities exchange. (search)
Securities firms. (search)
Securities industry. (search)
Securities issues. (search)
Securities market. (search)
Securities markets. (search)
Securities prices. (search)
Securities trade. (search)
Securities traders. (search)
Securities trading. (search)
Securities transactions. (search)
Share of government securities. (search)
Short interest. (search)
Short-term debt. (search)
Short-term government securities. (search)
Solvency. (search)
Sovereign borrower. (search)
Sovereign borrowers. (search)
Stock exchange. (search)
Stock exchange members. (search)
Stock exchanges. (search)
Stock market. (search)
Stock of debt. (search)
Stockbrokers. (search)
Strategic debt management. (search)
Strip bond. (search)
Strip bonds. (search)
Strips. (search)
Sustainability of debt. (search)
Tap sales. (search)
Tax collection. (search)
Tax deduction. (search)
Tax evasion. (search)
Tax revenues. (search)
Taxes. (search)
Taxpayers. (search)
Tenders. (search)
Term bonds. (search)
Total debt stock. (search)
Tradable securities. (search)
Trading of securities. (search)
Transmission of monetary policy. (search)
Treasury bills. (search)
Treasury bond. (search)
Treasury bond auctions. (search)
Treasury bonds. (search)
Treasury notes. (search)
Treasury operations. (search)
Treasury securities. (search)
Underwriting. (search)
Variable rate bonds. (search)
Winning bid. (search)
Yield curve. (search)
Zero coupon bonds. (search)
Canada. (search)
Grenada. (search)
Italy. (search)
Spain. (search)
United Kingdom. (search)
United States. (search)
Edited by V. Sundararajan, Peter Dattels, and Hans Blommestein, this volume outlines strategies for managing public debt, developing government securities markets, and coordinating those activities with monetary management through legal, administrative, and operational arrangements. Both transition and market economies are surveyed. The analysis draws partly on the literature on the microstructure of markets and auction systems and on selected country experiences.
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