Transition to Market [electronic resource] : Studies in Fiscal Reform, Tanzi, Vito.

Tanzi, Vito.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1993.
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Local subjects:
Account deficits.
Administrative classification of expenditures.
Aggregate demand.
Agricultural taxes.
Annual budget.
Asset valuation.
Average tax rate.
Basic necessities.
Benefits structure.
Border tax.
Budget balance.
Budget consolidation.
Budget constraint.
Budget constraints.
Budget covers.
Budget deficit.
Budget deficits.
Budget department.
Budget documents.
Budget execution.
Budget expenditures.
Budget law.
Budget management.
Budget management system.
Budget negotiations.
Budget preparation.
Budget process.
Budget proposal.
Budget proposals.
Budget revenues.
Budget support.
Budget surplus.
Budget system.
Budget systems.
Budgetary allocations.
Budgetary classification.
Budgetary constraints.
Budgetary expenditure.
Budgetary impact.
Budgetary implications.
Budgetary institutions.
Budgetary management.
Budgetary policies.
Budgetary procedures.
Budgetary process.
Budgetary revenues.
Budgetary systems.
Business income tax.
Capital accumulation.
Capital expenditure.
Capital expenditures.
Capital income taxation.
Capital spending.
Capital stock.
Capital tax.
Capital taxes.
Cash management.
Central bank.
Central fiscal.
Central government budget.
Central government expenditure.
Classification of expenditures.
Commodity bonds.
Company income tax.
Compensation payments.
Compensation scheme.
Composition of government expenditure.
Concentration of ownership.
Consumption tax.
Consumption taxes.
Control of budget execution.
Control of government expenditures.
Corporate income tax.
Corporate tax rates.
Corporate taxes.
Corporation income tax.
Corporation tax.
Currency debt.
Current account deficits.
Current expenditure.
Debt burden.
Debt service.
Decentralization of decision making.
Decentralization process.
Defense spending.
Deficit financing.
Denationalization of state.
Dependency ratios.
Direct tax.
Direct taxation.
Direct taxes.
Divestiture of state.
Divestiture of state assets.
Domestic currency.
Domestic debt.
Domestic indirect taxes.
Domestic taxes.
Double taxation.
Duty structure.
Early retirement.
Economic liberalization.
Economic reform program.
Education expenditures.
Effective tax rates.
Employee compensation.
Energy tax.
Energy taxation.
Energy taxes.
Enterprise autonomy.
Enterprise behavior.
Enterprise debt.
Enterprise efficiency.
Enterprise management.
Enterprise profitability.
Enterprise reforms.
Enterprise restructuring.
Enterprise sector.
Enterprise valuation.
Equity shares.
Estate taxation.
Estate taxes.
Excise duties.
Excise tax.
Excise taxes.
Expansionary fiscal.
Expansionary fiscal policies.
Expansionary fiscal policy.
Expenditure composition.
Expenditure control.
Expenditure cuts.
Expenditure issues.
Expenditure levels.
Expenditure monitoring.
Expenditure pattern.
Expenditure policies.
Expenditure policy.
Expenditure programs.
Expenditure responsibilities.
Expenditure restraint.
Explicit fiscal subsidies.
Export tax.
Export taxes.
External debt.
Family allowance.
Family allowances.
Federal fiscal policy.
Federal fiscal system.
Financial assets.
Financial balance sheet.
Financial management.
Financial systems.
Fiscal accounts.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal adjustments.
Fiscal affairs.
Fiscal affairs department.
Fiscal agents.
Fiscal analysis.
Fiscal arrangements.
Fiscal authority.
Fiscal autonomy.
Fiscal balance.
Fiscal budget.
Fiscal cadastres.
Fiscal competition.
Fiscal conditions.
Fiscal consequences.
Fiscal consolidation.
Fiscal constraints.
Fiscal control.
Fiscal coordination.
Fiscal cost.
Fiscal costs.
Fiscal decentralization.
Fiscal decisions.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal developments.
Fiscal difficulties.
Fiscal disequilibrium.
Fiscal effort.
Fiscal experts.
Fiscal federalism.
Fiscal framework.
Fiscal function.
Fiscal functions.
Fiscal gap.
Fiscal harmonization.
Fiscal imbalance.
Fiscal imbalances.
Fiscal impact.
Fiscal implications.
Fiscal indicators.
Fiscal institution.
Fiscal institutions.
Fiscal instrument.
Fiscal instruments.
Fiscal issues.
Fiscal monitoring.
Fiscal objectives.
Fiscal operations.
Fiscal outcome.
Fiscal outcomes.
Fiscal performance.
Fiscal planning.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal policy coordination.
Fiscal position.
Fiscal power.
Fiscal powers.
Fiscal problem.
Fiscal problems.
Fiscal program.
Fiscal reform.
Fiscal reform program.
Fiscal reforms.
Fiscal relations.
Fiscal resources.
Fiscal responsibilities.
Fiscal restraint.
Fiscal revenues.
Fiscal rule.
Fiscal rules.
Fiscal situation.
Fiscal solvency.
Fiscal sphere.
Fiscal stability.
Fiscal stance.
Fiscal stances.
Fiscal statistics.
Fiscal strategy.
Fiscal structure.
Fiscal subsidies.
Fiscal surpluses.
Fiscal system.
Fiscal systems.
Fiscal targets.
Fiscal theory.
Fiscal transfers.
Flat rates.
Flat tax.
Flow of tax revenue.
Food stamps.
Foreign borrowing.
Foreign capital.
Foreign currency.
Foreign currency debt.
Foreign debt.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign indebtedness.
Foreign tax.
Foreign-source income.
Form of taxation.
Fringe benefits.
General budget.
General budget revenues.
General government expenditure.
Government accounting.
Government budget.
Government budget deficit.
Government budget deficits.
Government budgets.
Government decentralization.
Government deficit.
Government expenditure.
Government expenditure policy.
Government expenditures.
Government finance.
Government finance statistics.
Government revenue.
Government spending.
Government's privatization program.
Gradual fiscal reform.
High tax rates.
Higher income.
Higher interest rates.
Holding companies.
Import taxes.
Income groups.
Income tax net.
Income tax system.
Income taxes.
Indirect tax.
Indirect taxation.
Indirect taxes.
Individual income tax.
Individual income taxes.
Industrial enterprises.
Inefficient enterprises.
Inefficient state enterprise.
Inflation rate.
Inflation rates.
Inflationary pressure.
Inflationary pressures.
Inheritance tax.
Input tax credits.
Interest payments.
Intergovernmental fiscal.
Intergovernmental fiscal arrangements.
Intergovernmental fiscal relations.
Intergovernmental fiscal transfers.
Intergovernmental transfer.
Intergovernmental transfers.
International trade taxes.
Investment expenditures.
Investment privatization.
Investment privatization funds.
Land taxation.
Large budget deficits.
Large-scale privatization.
Level of expenditures.
Level of indebtedness.
Level of public spending.
Level of taxation.
Liberalization of prices.
Liquidity crisis.
Local budgets.
Local expenditures.
Local fiscal autonomy.
Local fiscal relations.
Local government budget.
Local government budgets.
Local revenue.
Local tax offices.
Local taxes.
Long-run fiscal stance.
Low rate of inflation.
Macroeconomic stability.
Major tax reform.
Manufacturers sales tax.
Marginal subsidies.
Marginal tax rate.
Marginal tax rates.
Market structure.
Mass privatization.
Mass privatization program.
Mass privatization programs.
Maternity benefits.
Maternity leave.
Method of privatization.
Methods of privatization.
Minimum wage.
Minimum wages.
Ministries of privatization.
Ministry of privatization.
Model of privatization.
Monetary policy.
Money supply.
National accounting.
National budget.
National property.
National taxes.
National treasury.
Net debt.
Net present value.
Nominal interest rates.
Nonviable enterprises.
Old age.
Old people.
Ownership rights.
Ownership structure.
Partial privatizations.
Payroll tax.
Payroll taxes.
Percent tax rate.
Personal income tax.
Personal income taxes.
Present value.
Presumptive taxation.
Presumptive taxes.
Price liberalization.
Primary deficit.
Private ownership.
Privatization agencies.
Privatization agency.
Privatization experience.
Privatization funds.
Privatization ministries.
Privatization objectives.
Privatization of enterprises.
Privatization of property.
Privatization of state.
Privatization operations.
Privatization plans.
Privatization policies.
Privatization policy.
Privatization procedures.
Privatization proceeds.
Privatization process.
Privatization program.
Privatization programs.
Privatization proposals.
Privatization scheme.
Privatization schemes.
Proceeds from privatization.
Process of privatization.
Product tax.
Product taxes.
Progressive tax.
Progressive taxation.
Property tax.
Property tax assessment.
Property taxation.
Property taxes.
Public administration.
Public debt.
Public enterprise.
Public enterprises.
Public expenditure.
Public expenditure policies.
Public expenditures.
Public finance.
Public finance management.
Public finances.
Public goods.
Public investment.
Public investment program.
Public offerings.
Public sector expenditures.
Public share offering.
Public spending.
Quasi-fiscal deficit.
Quasi-fiscal deficits.
Raising tax rates.
Rate of inflation.
Rate of tax.
Real rate of interest.
Real rates.
Real value of tax revenue.
Real wages.
Reductions in public spending.
Regional tax.
Relative price.
Relative prices.
Retirement benefits.
Retirement pensions.
Revenue assignment.
Revenue collection.
Revenue elasticity.
Revenue forecast.
Revenue sharing.
Sale of enterprises.
Sales tax.
Sales taxation.
Sales taxes.
Savings deposits.
Separation of ownership.
Severance pay.
Share of employment.
Share of output.
Share ownership.
Sick leave.
Social assistance.
Social assistance programs.
Social benefits.
Social expenditure.
Social expenditures.
Social insurance.
Social insurance fund.
Social pension.
Social programs.
Social protection.
Social protection instruments.
Social protection system.
Social safety net.
Social safety nets.
Social security.
Social security benefits.
Social security system.
Social security systems.
Social security taxes.
Social services.
Socialist economies.
Socialist economy.
Spending cuts.
Stamp taxes.
State assets.
State budget.
State budgets.
State corporation income tax.
State council.
State enterprise.
State enterprise sector.
State enterprises.
State holding.
State ownership.
State property.
State sector.
State treasury.
State-owned enterprise.
State-owned enterprises.
Structural adjustment.
Structural fiscal.
Structural fiscal reform.
Subnational authorities.
Subnational budgets.
Subnational government.
Subnational government finances.
Subnational governments.
Subnational jurisdictions.
Subnational levels.
Substitution effect.
Successful privatization.
Supervisory board.
Tariff classification.
Tariff reform.
Tariff structure.
Tax adjustment.
Tax administration.
Tax administration reforms.
Tax administrations.
Tax administrators.
Tax advisors.
Tax area.
Tax arrears.
Tax assessment.
Tax assessments.
Tax assignment.
Tax audits.
Tax authorities.
Tax avoidance.
Tax base.
Tax bases.
Tax burden.
Tax categories.
Tax changes.
Tax collection.
Tax collections.
Tax collector.
Tax collectors.
Tax compliance.
Tax concessions.
Tax credit.
Tax credits.
Tax deductible.
Tax department.
Tax departments.
Tax design.
Tax enforcement.
Tax evasion.
Tax exemptions.
Tax field.
Tax harmonization.
Tax incentives.
Tax incomes.
Tax increases.
Tax individual.
Tax inspectorates.
Tax inspectors.
Tax instruments.
Tax lawyers.
Tax legislation.
Tax liabilities.
Tax liability.
Tax measures.
Tax money.
Tax obligations.
Tax office.
Tax officers.
Tax offices.
Tax officials.
Tax on dividends.
Tax on wages.
Tax payment.
Tax payments.
Tax policy.
Tax policy design.
Tax powers.
Tax preferences.
Tax processing.
Tax profits.
Tax purposes.
Tax rate structure.
Tax rates.
Tax ratio.
Tax receipts.
Tax reductions.
Tax reform.
Tax reform efforts.
Tax reform process.
Tax reforms.
Tax refunds.
Tax returns.
Tax revenue.
Tax revenue/gdp.
Tax revenues.
Tax separation.
Tax service.
Tax services.
Tax share.
Tax sharing.
Tax statutes.
Tax structure.
Tax structures.
Tax system.
Tax systems.
Tax treatment.
Tax-by-tax basis.
Tax-gdp ratio.
Taxable income.
Taxable profits.
Taxation of business.
Taxation of foreign investors.
Taxes on domestic.
Taxes on income.
Taxes on international trade.
Taxes on labor.
Taxes on property.
Taxing powers.
Taxpayer assistance.
Taxpayer attitudes.
Taxpayer compliance.
Taxpayer identification.
Taxpayer identification numbering.
Taxpayer identification numbers.
Taxpayer information.
Terms of trade.
Terms of trade shock.
Tight fiscal policy.
Total expenditure.
Total expenditures.
Total tax burden.
Total tax revenue.
Trade taxation.
Trade taxes.
Unemployment benefits.
Unemployment compensation.
Unemployment insurance.
Unemployment rate.
Unemployment statistics.
Uniform tax.
Unprofitable state enterprises.
Value-added taxes.
Vat rate.
Vat system.
Vertical fiscal imbalance.
Voucher privatization.
Wage adjustment.
Wage increase.
Wage increases.
Wage indexation.
Wage inflation.
Wage level.
Wage levels.
Wage policy.
Wage restraint.
Wage subsidies.
Wage subsidy.
Wage tax.
Wage taxes.
Wave of privatization.
The IMF has been a major participant in the challenge of transforming many African, Asian, and European countries from centrally planned to market economies. The authors of this book, mainly staff members of the IMF, have distilled their firsthand experience with fiscal reform in transition economies into 15 case studies of these countries. In doing so they analyze issues of privatization, fiscal federalism, social safety nets, and the net worth of the Soviet Union. The editor of the volume is Vito Tanzi, Director of the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department.
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Tanzi, Vito.
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