Maldives [electronic resource] : Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2008.
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IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 08/26

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Access to education. (search)
Access to essential services. (search)
Access to services. (search)
Alternative care. (search)
Birth registration. (search)
Child abuse. (search)
Child care. (search)
Child care facilities. (search)
Child education. (search)
Child feeding. (search)
Child labour. (search)
Child mortality. (search)
Child nutrition. (search)
Child protection. (search)
Child rights. (search)
Childhood care. (search)
Childhood diseases. (search)
Children with disabilities. (search)
Civil rights. (search)
Civil society. (search)
Community schools. (search)
Convention against torture. (search)
Convention on the rights of the child. (search)
Crime prevention. (search)
Criminal activities. (search)
Criminal justice. (search)
Criminal justice system. (search)
Degrading treatment. (search)
Development financing. (search)
Development plans. (search)
Domestic law. (search)
Domestic violence. (search)
Drug abuse. (search)
Drug problem. (search)
Drug rehabilitation. (search)
Drug use. (search)
Due regard. (search)
Early childhood. (search)
Early childhood care. (search)
Educational institutions. (search)
Family life. (search)
Family members. (search)
Food security. (search)
Formal education. (search)
Forms of abuse. (search)
Governance. (search)
Hazardous substances. (search)
Human rights. (search)
Human rights violations. (search)
Infant mortality. (search)
Infant mortality rate. (search)
Infrastructure. (search)
Institutional arrangements. (search)
Institutional care. (search)
International cooperation. (search)
International efforts. (search)
International human rights standards. (search)
International organizations. (search)
International standards. (search)
Justice system. (search)
Juvenile. (search)
Juvenile cases. (search)
Juvenile justice. (search)
Juvenile justice system. (search)
Legal aid. (search)
Legal rights. (search)
Life expectancy at birth. (search)
Life skills. (search)
Living conditions. (search)
Living standards. (search)
Management information system. (search)
Medical care. (search)
Millennium Development Goals. (search)
Monitoring progress. (search)
Nutritional status. (search)
Out of school youth. (search)
Police officers. (search)
Police stations. (search)
Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers. (search)
Preventive measures. (search)
Primary schools. (search)
Protective measures. (search)
Psychosocial support. (search)
Public administration. (search)
Public awareness. (search)
Public officials. (search)
Repeat offenders. (search)
Right of the child. (search)
Rights of children. (search)
Rights of the child. (search)
Safe water. (search)
Safety nets. (search)
School children. (search)
Secondary education. (search)
Services for children. (search)
Skills development. (search)
Social assistance. (search)
Social issues. (search)
Social protection. (search)
Social rights. (search)
Social services. (search)
Special needs. (search)
Substance abuse. (search)
Urban centres. (search)
Violence against children. (search)
Vocational training. (search)
Vulnerable children. (search)
Vulnerable groups. (search)
Young child. (search)
Young people. (search)
Youth centres. (search)
Youth policy. (search)
Youth programs. (search)
Youth services. (search)
Youth unemployment. (search)
Youth work. (search)
Maldives. (search)
The Seventh National Development Plan of the Maldives envisages sustainable development with economic growth, social equity, environment protection, and good governance. The report assesses the policies and strategies needed to achieve the goals as well as the agencies responsible to implement the policies. It also summarizes the principles, vision, and goals of the National Development Plan (NDP) and assesses the economic, spatial, social development, and governing factors of the plan. It discusses the priorities, responsibilities, and accountabilities for development, and assessed that monitoring and evaluation is necessary for higher performance and greater accountability.
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