Improving Tax Administration in Developing Countries [electronic resource] Bird, Richard Miller.

Bird, Richard Miller.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1992.
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Local subjects:
Administering taxes.
Administrative improvements.
Agricultural taxation.
Amount of tax.
Batch processing.
Behavior of taxpayers.
Benefits of tax reform.
Budget allocations.
Budget constraints.
Budget deficit.
Budget deficits.
Budgetary constraints.
Business income tax.
Business income taxes.
Capital investment.
Central government budget.
Central government tax.
Central processing units.
Chronic inflation.
Company income tax.
Compensation of employees.
Computer application.
Computer applications.
Computer center.
Computer equipment.
Computer installations.
Computer personnel.
Computer skills.
Computer specialists.
Computer system.
Computer technology.
Consumption tax.
Consumption taxes.
Corporate income tax.
Corporate income taxes.
Corporation tax.
Corporation tax rates.
Costs of taxation.
Current tax year.
Data entry.
Data processing.
Data source.
Data storage.
Debt-service burden.
Delinquent taxes.
Direct tax.
Direct taxation.
Direct taxes.
Disk storage.
Domestic indirect taxes.
Effects of inflation.
Effects of taxes.
Efficiency of tax administration.
Electronic data processing.
Electronic mail.
Employee compensation.
Estate taxes.
Excise duties.
Excise revenue.
Excise tax.
Excise taxes.
Exempt foreign income.
Expenditure cuts.
Expenditure programs.
Expenditure retrenchment.
Export taxes.
External audits.
Federal tax.
Filing tax returns.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal administration.
Fiscal affairs.
Fiscal affairs department.
Fiscal authorities.
Fiscal crisis.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal documentation.
Fiscal gap.
Fiscal imbalance.
Fiscal incentives.
Fiscal justice.
Fiscal law.
Fiscal loss.
Fiscal measures.
Fiscal needs.
Fiscal obligations.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal positions.
Fiscal problem.
Fiscal problems.
Fiscal program.
Fiscal reform.
Fiscal reforms.
Fiscal resources.
Fiscal surpluses.
Fiscal years.
Foreign currency.
Foreign tax.
Formal sector.
General price level.
General taxation.
Government budget.
Government budget deficit.
Government deficit.
Government expenditure.
Government spending.
High inflation.
High tax rates.
Higher interest rates.
Higher tax brackets.
Higher tax revenues.
Income groups.
Income scale.
Income tax deductions.
Income tax officers.
Income tax payments.
Income tax purposes.
Income tax rates.
Income tax revenues.
Income tax system.
Income tax withholding.
Income taxes.
Income taxpayers.
Increase tax collection.
Indirect tax.
Indirect tax system.
Indirect taxation.
Indirect taxes.
Individual income tax.
Individual income taxes.
Inflation rate.
Inflation rates.
Inflationary pressure.
Inflationary pressures.
Inflationary spiral.
Information processing.
Information service.
Information storage.
Information storage system.
Information structure.
Information systems.
Information technologies.
Information technology.
Input tax credit.
Input tax credits.
Integrated system.
Interest payments.
Internal revenue.
International tax.
Large taxpayer units.
Large taxpayers.
Level of taxation.
Local tax offices.
Lower tax rates.
Magnetic tape.
Mainframe computer.
Mainframe computers.
Major tax reform.
Marginal tax brackets.
Marginal tax rate.
Marginal tax rates.
Microcomputer systems.
Municipal taxes.
National tax journal.
National taxes.
Office automation.
Open systems.
Optical recognition.
Payroll tax.
Payroll taxes.
Personal computers.
Personal income tax.
Personal income tax system.
Personal income taxes.
Petroleum taxes.
Potential taxpayers.
Presumptive income tax.
Price level.
Processing speed.
Productive taxes.
Property tax.
Property tax administration.
Property tax assessment.
Property tax reform.
Property taxation.
Property taxes.
Public debt.
Public expenditure.
Public expenditures.
Public finance.
Public finances.
Public spending.
Purchasing power of money.
Raising tax rates.
Rate of tax.
Real interest rate.
Real interest rates.
Real tax revenues.
Real value.
Reduction in tax.
Regional tax.
Retail sales tax.
Revenue collection.
Revenue elasticity.
Sales tax.
Sales taxation.
Sales taxes.
Software applications.
Software maintenance.
Software package.
Software packages.
Software programs.
Software systems.
Spending cuts.
Stamp taxes.
Structural adjustment.
Structural adjustment policies.
Systems analysts.
Tariff structure.
Tax administration.
Tax administration activities.
Tax administration authorities.
Tax administration measures.
Tax administration reform.
Tax administration reforms.
Tax administration system.
Tax administration systems.
Tax administrations.
Tax administrators.
Tax advisors.
Tax agency.
Tax amnesties.
Tax amnesty.
Tax analysis.
Tax arbitrage.
Tax area.
Tax arrears.
Tax assessment.
Tax assessments.
Tax audit.
Tax auditors.
Tax audits.
Tax authorities.
Tax authority.
Tax avoidance.
Tax base.
Tax bases.
Tax burden.
Tax burdens.
Tax changes.
Tax collection.
Tax collections.
Tax collectors.
Tax commission.
Tax compliance.
Tax consultants.
Tax credit.
Tax credits.
Tax culture.
Tax deductions.
Tax department.
Tax departments.
Tax design.
Tax effort.
Tax elasticity.
Tax enforcement.
Tax evaders.
Tax evasion.
Tax expenditure.
Tax expenditures.
Tax field.
Tax forms.
Tax haven.
Tax identification number.
Tax incentives.
Tax increase.
Tax increases.
Tax inspectors.
Tax journal.
Tax law review.
Tax lawyers.
Tax legislation.
Tax liabilities.
Tax liability.
Tax measures.
Tax mix.
Tax obligations.
Tax office.
Tax officers.
Tax offices.
Tax officials.
Tax on capital.
Tax on capital gains.
Tax on dividends.
Tax on property.
Tax on wages.
Tax payment.
Tax payments.
Tax penalties.
Tax performance.
Tax planning.
Tax policy.
Tax policy analysis.
Tax policy reform.
Tax preferences.
Tax preparers.
Tax purposes.
Tax rates.
Tax ratio.
Tax rebates.
Tax receipts.
Tax reform.
Tax reform program.
Tax reform proposals.
Tax reforms.
Tax refunds.
Tax regulations.
Tax return.
Tax returns.
Tax revenue.
Tax revenues.
Tax rolls.
Tax savings.
Tax service.
Tax services.
Tax simplification.
Tax statutes.
Tax structure.
Tax structure reform.
Tax structures.
Tax system.
Tax systems.
Tax treatment.
Tax type.
Tax withholders.
Tax withholding.
Taxable business income.
Taxable capacity.
Taxable income.
Taxable profits.
Taxation of business.
Taxation of income.
Taxes on business.
Taxes on domestic.
Taxes on income.
Taxes on international trade.
Taxpayer accounting.
Taxpayer assistance.
Taxpayer attitudes.
Taxpayer compliance.
Taxpayer education.
Taxpayer groups.
Taxpayer identification.
Taxpayer identification numbering.
Taxpayer identification numbers.
Taxpayer information.
Taxpayer registration.
Taxpayer services.
Taxpayer units.
Taxpayers rights.
Taxpaying population.
Technological advances.
Technological innovations.
Technological progress.
Theory of taxation.
Total tax revenue.
Uniform tax.
Value-added taxes.
Vat rate.
Vat receipts.
Vat structure.
Vat system.
Videotex system.
Wealth taxes.
Trinidad and Tobago.
Taxation, like politics, is the art of the possible--yet most public finance texts ignore the critical role played by tax administration in restoring macroeconomic balance and promoting equity and efficiency. This volume, edited by Richard M. Bird and Milka Casanegra de Jantscher, fills a gap in the literature by linking tax policy and tax administration reform and exploring ways to improve taxpayer compliance.
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Bird, Richard Miller.
Casanegra de Jantscher, Milka.
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