International Trade Policies [electronic resource] : The Uruguay Round and Beyond Volume II: Background Papers, Uimonen, Peter.

Uimonen, Peter.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1995.
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Local subjects:
Adverse environmental consequences. (search)
Affected industries. (search)
Aggregate gains. (search)
Aggregate trade. (search)
Agreement on trade. (search)
Agricultural commodities. (search)
Agricultural exports. (search)
Agricultural imports. (search)
Agricultural trade. (search)
Agricultural trade liberalization. (search)
Andean pact. (search)
Anti-export bias. (search)
Anti-monopoly. (search)
Anticompetitive practices. (search)
Antidumping actions. (search)
Antidumping cases. (search)
Antidumping code. (search)
Antidumping duties. (search)
Antidumping duty. (search)
Antidumping laws. (search)
Antidumping legislation. (search)
Antidumping measures. (search)
Antidumping petitions. (search)
Antidumping policies. (search)
Antidumping policy. (search)
Antidumping process. (search)
Antidumping regulations. (search)
Antidumping rules. (search)
Antitrust. (search)
Antitrust authorities. (search)
Antitrust enforcement. (search)
Antitrust law. (search)
Antitrust laws. (search)
Antitrust policies. (search)
Antitrust policy. (search)
Apparel sector. (search)
Apparel trade. (search)
Area trade. (search)
Average import tariff. (search)
Average tariff. (search)
Average tariff levels. (search)
Average tariff rate. (search)
Average tariffs. (search)
Average trade. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Balance of payments crises. (search)
Bargaining power. (search)
Barriers to entry. (search)
Bilateral agreement. (search)
Bilateral agreements. (search)
Bilateral free trade. (search)
Bilateral free trade agreements. (search)
Bilateral trade. (search)
Bilateral trade agreements. (search)
Bilateral trade flows. (search)
Border trade. (search)
Capital mobility. (search)
Cartel. (search)
Cartels. (search)
Changes in trade. (search)
Closed economies. (search)
Commercial policy. (search)
Commercial presence. (search)
Commercial services. (search)
Commodity prices. (search)
Common market. (search)
Comparative advantage. (search)
Competition. (search)
Competition authorities. (search)
Competition law. (search)
Competition laws. (search)
Competition policies. (search)
Competition policy. (search)
Competition policy framework. (search)
Competition rules. (search)
Competitive advantage. (search)
Competitive effect. (search)
Competitive effects. (search)
Competitive market. (search)
Competitive position. (search)
Competitive pressures. (search)
Conformity assessment procedures. (search)
Conservation programs. (search)
Consumption abroad. (search)
Contingent protection. (search)
Control regulation. (search)
Country of origin. (search)
Country tariff. (search)
Cross-border supply. (search)
Cross-border trade. (search)
Cultural services. (search)
Current account balance. (search)
Customs administration. (search)
Direct investment. (search)
Discriminatory restrictions. (search)
Dispute resolution. (search)
Dispute resolution mechanism. (search)
Dispute settlement. (search)
Dispute settlement mechanisms. (search)
Dispute settlement procedure. (search)
Dispute settlement procedures. (search)
Dispute settlement process. (search)
Dispute settlement provisions. (search)
Diversion of exports. (search)
Domestic antidumping law. (search)
Domestic competition. (search)
Domestic consumers. (search)
Domestic consumption. (search)
Domestic demand. (search)
Domestic distortions. (search)
Domestic environmental policies. (search)
Domestic firms. (search)
Domestic industries. (search)
Domestic industry. (search)
Domestic market. (search)
Domestic measures. (search)
Domestic price. (search)
Domestic prices. (search)
Domestic producers. (search)
Domestic production. (search)
Domestic reforms. (search)
Domestic regulations. (search)
Domestic subsidies. (search)
Domestic tax system. (search)
Duty free. (search)
Duty-free access. (search)
Duty-free trade. (search)
Dynamic effects. (search)
Dynamic gains. (search)
Dynamic growth. (search)
Economic community. (search)
Economic cooperation. (search)
Economic efficiency. (search)
Economic implications. (search)
Economic integration. (search)
Economic union. (search)
Economic welfare. (search)
Effects of trade liberalization. (search)
Elimination of tariffs. (search)
Enforcement of competition laws. (search)
Enhanced competition. (search)
Environment. (search)
Environmental accident. (search)
Environmental affairs. (search)
Environmental agreements. (search)
Environmental benefits. (search)
Environmental charges. (search)
Environmental commitments. (search)
Environmental concerns. (search)
Environmental consequences. (search)
Environmental control. (search)
Environmental cooperation. (search)
Environmental costs. (search)
Environmental damage. (search)
Environmental effects. (search)
Environmental externalities. (search)
Environmental factors. (search)
Environmental impact. (search)
Environmental impacts. (search)
Environmental implications. (search)
Environmental laws. (search)
Environmental measure. (search)
Environmental measures. (search)
Environmental objectives. (search)
Environmental policies. (search)
Environmental policy. (search)
Environmental priorities. (search)
Environmental problems. (search)
Environmental protection. (search)
Environmental quality. (search)
Environmental regulation. (search)
Environmental regulations. (search)
Environmental requirements. (search)
Environmental resources. (search)
Environmental standards. (search)
Environmentally friendly products. (search)
Environmentally sensitive. (search)
Equilibrium assessments. (search)
Establishing free trade. (search)
European free trade association. (search)
Exchange rate fluctuations. (search)
Exchange rate mechanism. (search)
Exchange rate policies. (search)
Exchange rate policy. (search)
Exchange rates. (search)
Exclusive dealing. (search)
Expanding trade. (search)
Export and domestic subsidies. (search)
Export bans. (search)
Export bias. (search)
Export cartel. (search)
Export cartels. (search)
Export declarations. (search)
Export earnings. (search)
Export growth. (search)
Export incentives. (search)
Export licenses. (search)
Export licensing. (search)
Export market. (search)
Export marketing. (search)
Export markets. (search)
Export opportunities. (search)
Export performance. (search)
Export price. (search)
Export prices. (search)
Export prohibitions. (search)
Export quotas. (search)
Export structure. (search)
Export subsidies. (search)
Export taxes. (search)
Export trade. (search)
Export-processing zones. (search)
Exporters. (search)
Exporting countries. (search)
External barriers. (search)
External financing. (search)
External liberalization. (search)
External position. (search)
External tariff. (search)
External tariffs. (search)
External trade. (search)
External trade barriers. (search)
Extra-regional trade. (search)
Factor endowments. (search)
Factor markets. (search)
Factor mobility. (search)
Factor price. (search)
Fair trade. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Financial services. (search)
Financial stability. (search)
Financial transfers. (search)
Foreign bank. (search)
Foreign banks. (search)
Foreign capital. (search)
Foreign competition. (search)
Foreign investment. (search)
Foreign markets. (search)
Foreign ownership. (search)
Foreign participation. (search)
Foreign supplier. (search)
Foreign suppliers. (search)
Foreign trade. (search)
Free competition. (search)
Free movement of factors. (search)
Free trade. (search)
Free trade agreement. (search)
Free trade agreements. (search)
Free trade area. (search)
Free trade areas. (search)
Free trade in goods. (search)
Free trade zone. (search)
Freer trade. (search)
Full liberalization. (search)
Geographic proximity. (search)
Global environmental problems. (search)
Global exports. (search)
Global free trade. (search)
Global production. (search)
Global trade. (search)
Global trade liberalization. (search)
Global trading. (search)
Global welfare. (search)
Guarantees of market access. (search)
High tariffs. (search)
High trade barriers. (search)
Human capital. (search)
Impact of trade. (search)
Impact of trade liberalization. (search)
Imperfect competition. (search)
Import bans. (search)
Import competition. (search)
Import costs. (search)
Import demand. (search)
Import duties. (search)
Import duty. (search)
Import license. (search)
Import penetration. (search)
Import prices. (search)
Import quota. (search)
Import quotas. (search)
Import restraints. (search)
Import restrictions. (search)
Import side. (search)
Import substitution. (search)
Import tariff. (search)
Import tariffs. (search)
Import taxes. (search)
Import value. (search)
Import-competing firms. (search)
Import-competing industry. (search)
Import-competing producers. (search)
Import-substitution industrialization. (search)
Imported goods. (search)
Imported inputs. (search)
Importing countries. (search)
Importing country. (search)
Imports of goods. (search)
Improved market access. (search)
Improving customs. (search)
Income distribution. (search)
Increased competition. (search)
Increased trade. (search)
Increasing integration. (search)
Increasing investment. (search)
Indirect taxes. (search)
Industrial pollution. (search)
Industry trade. (search)
Insurance companies. (search)
Insurance company. (search)
Insurance services. (search)
Intellectual property. (search)
Intellectual property rights. (search)
Interest groups. (search)
Intermediate inputs. (search)
Internal liberalization. (search)
Internal market. (search)
Internal tariffs. (search)
International competition. (search)
International economic relations. (search)
International environmental affairs. (search)
International environmental agreements. (search)
International standards. (search)
International trade. (search)
International trade policies. (search)
International trade policy. (search)
International trading. (search)
International transactions. (search)
International transactions in services. (search)
Interregional trade. (search)
Intra-apec trade. (search)
Intra-asean trade. (search)
Intra-eu trade. (search)
Intraindustry trade. (search)
Intraregional trade. (search)
Intraregional trade barriers. (search)
Investment flows. (search)
Investment incentives. (search)
Investment protection. (search)
Investment restrictions. (search)
Liberal rules. (search)
Liberal trade. (search)
Liberalization commitments. (search)
Liberalization efforts. (search)
Liberalization of trade. (search)
Liberalized trade. (search)
Limited access. (search)
Local content. (search)
Low standards. (search)
Low tariffs. (search)
Market access. (search)
Market access issues. (search)
Market entry. (search)
Market liberalization. (search)
Market opening. (search)
Market segmentation. (search)
Market structure. (search)
Member country. (search)
Merchandise trade. (search)
Merger. (search)
Merger case. (search)
Mergers. (search)
Metal products. (search)
Mfn tariffs. (search)
Modeling trade policy. (search)
Modes of supply. (search)
Monetary union. (search)
Monetary unions. (search)
Monopolistic market. (search)
Monopoly. (search)
Monopoly power. (search)
Most-favored-nation. (search)
Most-favored-nation tariffs. (search)
Movement of natural persons. (search)
Multilateral agreements. (search)
Multilateral commitments. (search)
Multilateral cooperation. (search)
Multilateral framework. (search)
Multilateral initiatives. (search)
Multilateral level. (search)
Multilateral liberalization. (search)
Multilateral negotiating. (search)
Multilateral rules. (search)
Multilateral trade. (search)
Multilateral trade liberalization. (search)
Multilateral trade negotiations. (search)
Multilateral trading system. (search)
Multilateralism. (search)
Multinational corporations. (search)
Multinational enterprises. (search)
Mutual recognition. (search)
Mutual recognition of standards. (search)
National borders. (search)
National competition. (search)
National competition policies. (search)
National law. (search)
National laws. (search)
National legislation. (search)
National regulations. (search)
National security. (search)
National treatment. (search)
National treatment rule. (search)
National welfare. (search)
Natural persons. (search)
Negative relationship. (search)
Negotiating positions. (search)
Negotiation process. (search)
Neighboring countries. (search)
Net exports. (search)
Net trade creation. (search)
Non-economic objectives. (search)
Non-tariff barriers. (search)
Nonbinding investment principles. (search)
Nondiscrimination principle. (search)
Noneconomic objectives. (search)
Nonfactor services. (search)
Nonmember countries. (search)
Nonmember trading partners. (search)
Nontariff barriers. (search)
Nontariff measures. (search)
Open markets. (search)
Open regionalism. (search)
Open trade. (search)
Open trade regime. (search)
Open trade regimes. (search)
Optimal tariffs. (search)
Outward-oriented growth. (search)
Partial equilibrium. (search)
Partner countries. (search)
Partner country. (search)
Patent protection. (search)
Per capita income. (search)
Plurilateral trade agreements. (search)
Policy harmonization. (search)
Political economy. (search)
Pollution control. (search)
Postal services. (search)
Predatory pricing. (search)
Preference erosion. (search)
Preferential access. (search)
Preferential agreements. (search)
Preferential arrangements. (search)
Preferential imports. (search)
Preferential liberalization. (search)
Preferential margin. (search)
Preferential margins. (search)
Preferential removal. (search)
Preferential rules. (search)
Preferential rules of origin. (search)
Preferential tariff. (search)
Preferential tariff scheme. (search)
Preferential tariff treatment. (search)
Preferential tariffs. (search)
Preferential trade. (search)
Preferential trade agreement. (search)
Preferential trade agreements. (search)
Preferential trade area. (search)
Preferential trade arrangements. (search)
Preferential trade liberalization. (search)
Preferential trading. (search)
Preferential trading arrangements. (search)
Preferential treatment. (search)
Presence of natural persons. (search)
Price discrimination. (search)
Price fixing. (search)
Price liberalization. (search)
Price supports. (search)
Process of integration. (search)
Product differentiation. (search)
Professional services. (search)
Progressive liberalization. (search)
Promotion of competition. (search)
Protection levels. (search)
Protection measures. (search)
Protection of intellectual property rights. (search)
Protectionist devices. (search)
Protectionist pressures. (search)
Protective effects. (search)
Prudential supervision. (search)
Public monopolies. (search)
Quantitative import restrictions. (search)
Quantitative restrictions. (search)
Recent liberalization. (search)
Reducing protection. (search)
Reducing tariffs. (search)
Reducing trade barriers. (search)
Reduction in tariffs. (search)
Reduction of barriers. (search)
Regional arrangement. (search)
Regional arrangements. (search)
Regional cooperation. (search)
Regional development. (search)
Regional free trade. (search)
Regional grouping. (search)
Regional groupings. (search)
Regional growth. (search)
Regional initiatives. (search)
Regional integration. (search)
Regional integration agreements. (search)
Regional integration schemes. (search)
Regional level. (search)
Regional liberalization. (search)
Regional market. (search)
Regional markets. (search)
Regional partners. (search)
Regional preferences. (search)
Regional trade. (search)
Regional trade arrangements. (search)
Regional trade liberalization. (search)
Regional trade shares. (search)
Regional trading arrangements. (search)
Regionalism. (search)
Regulatory policies. (search)
Removing tariffs. (search)
Restrictive business practices. (search)
Round agreement. (search)
Rules of origin. (search)
Rules on subsidies. (search)
Safeguard actions. (search)
Safeguard clause. (search)
Safeguard measures. (search)
Sales taxes. (search)
Service provider. (search)
Service sectors. (search)
Service suppliers. (search)
Services imports. (search)
Services liberalization. (search)
Services sector. (search)
Services sectors. (search)
Services takes. (search)
Services trade. (search)
Skilled workers. (search)
Tariff barriers. (search)
Tariff concessions. (search)
Tariff cut. (search)
Tariff cuts. (search)
Tariff equivalents. (search)
Tariff escalation. (search)
Tariff heading. (search)
Tariff increases. (search)
Tariff levels. (search)
Tariff liberalization. (search)
Tariff lines. (search)
Tariff peaks. (search)
Tariff policy. (search)
Tariff preferences. (search)
Tariff protection. (search)
Tariff rate. (search)
Tariff rates. (search)
Tariff reduction. (search)
Tariff reductions. (search)
Tariff reform. (search)
Tariff reforms. (search)
Tariff revenue. (search)
Tariff schedule. (search)
Tariff schedules. (search)
Tariff structure. (search)
Tariff structures. (search)
Technical standards. (search)
Terms of trade. (search)
Terms of trade effects. (search)
Trade agreement. (search)
Trade agreements. (search)
Trade area. (search)
Trade areas. (search)
Trade arrangements. (search)
Trade barriers. (search)
Trade changes. (search)
Trade creating. (search)
Trade creation. (search)
Trade deficits. (search)
Trade diversion. (search)
Trade effect. (search)
Trade effects. (search)
Trade expansion. (search)
Trade facilitation. (search)
Trade facilitation initiatives. (search)
Trade figures. (search)
Trade flows. (search)
Trade impact. (search)
Trade in services. (search)
Trade law. (search)
Trade laws. (search)
Trade liberalization. (search)
Trade liberalization measures. (search)
Trade losses. (search)
Trade negotiations. (search)
Trade objectives. (search)
Trade pattern. (search)
Trade patterns. (search)
Trade policies. (search)
Trade policy action. (search)
Trade policy instruments. (search)
Trade policy issues. (search)
Trade policy objectives. (search)
Trade policy reform. (search)
Trade policy review. (search)
Trade policy stance. (search)
Trade preferences. (search)
Trade problems. (search)
Trade promotion. (search)
Trade protection. (search)
Trade reform. (search)
Trade reforms. (search)
Trade regime. (search)
Trade regimes. (search)
Trade relations. (search)
Trade restriction. (search)
Trade restrictions. (search)
Trade rules. (search)
Trade shock. (search)
Trade stance. (search)
Trade structure. (search)
Trade taxes. (search)
Trade theory. (search)
Trade-balancing requirements. (search)
Trade-inhibiting effect. (search)
Trade-related intellectual property rights. (search)
Trade-related investment. (search)
Trade-related investment measures. (search)
Trademark. (search)
Trading agreement. (search)
Trading arrangement. (search)
Trading arrangements. (search)
Trading blocs. (search)
Trading opportunities. (search)
Trading partner. (search)
Trading partners. (search)
Trading system. (search)
Transaction value. (search)
Transactions costs. (search)
Transfer of technology. (search)
Transition countries. (search)
Transition economies. (search)
Transition economy. (search)
Transition period. (search)
Transitional costs. (search)
Transport equipment. (search)
Transport sector. (search)
Transport services. (search)
Trips agreement. (search)
Uniform tariffs. (search)
Unilateral action. (search)
Unilateral liberalization. (search)
Unilateral preferences. (search)
Unilateral reforms. (search)
Unilateral trade. (search)
Unilateral trade liberalization. (search)
Unskilled labor. (search)
Uruguay round. (search)
Uruguay round agreement on safeguards. (search)
Value of imports. (search)
Value-added tax. (search)
Vertical integration. (search)
Voluntary export restraints. (search)
Workers rights. (search)
World competition. (search)
World economy. (search)
World exports. (search)
World market. (search)
World market price. (search)
World markets. (search)
World prices. (search)
World trade. (search)
World trade organization. (search)
World trading system. (search)
Zero tariff. (search)
Zero tariffs. (search)
Japan. (search)
Mexico. (search)
United States. (search)
Uruguay. (search)
This study reviews major issues and developments in trade and their implications for the work of the IMF. Volume I, The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Principal Issues, gives an overview of the issues and developments in the world trading system. Volume II, The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Background Papers, presents detailed background papers on selected trade and trade-related issues. This study updates previous studies published under the title Issues and Development in International Trade Policy.
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Calika, Nur.
Harmsen, Richard T.
Kirmani, Naheed.
Leidy, Michael P.
Subramanian, Arvind.
Uimonen, Peter.
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