Staff Studies for the World Economic Outlook [electronic resource]

International Monetary Fund.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1995.
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World Economic and Financial Surveys; World Economic and Financial Surveys.
World Economic and Financial Surveys; World Economic and Financial Surveys

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Local subjects:
Active labor. (search)
Active labor market. (search)
Active labor market policies. (search)
Active labor market policy. (search)
Active labor market programs. (search)
Active labor policies. (search)
Active labour. (search)
Active labour market. (search)
Active labour market policy. (search)
Actual inflation. (search)
Adaptive expectations. (search)
Adult employment. (search)
Aggregate consumption. (search)
Aggregate demand. (search)
Aggregate employment. (search)
Aggregate income. (search)
Aggregate spending. (search)
Aggregate unemployment. (search)
Aging populations. (search)
Annual inflation. (search)
Annual inflation rate. (search)
Approximate price stability. (search)
Average duration of unemployment. (search)
Average wages. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Bargaining. (search)
Bargaining agreements. (search)
Bargaining institutions. (search)
Bargaining power. (search)
Bargaining system. (search)
Bargaining systems. (search)
Benefit levels. (search)
Beveridge curve. (search)
Capital accumulation. (search)
Capital consumption. (search)
Capital expenditure. (search)
Central bank. (search)
Changes in output. (search)
Collective bargaining. (search)
Combating unemployment. (search)
Competitive labor markets. (search)
Conditions of employment. (search)
Consumer durables. (search)
Consumer price index. (search)
Consumption decisions. (search)
Consumption function. (search)
Consumption functions. (search)
Consumption growth. (search)
Consumption models. (search)
Consumption paths. (search)
Consumption smoothing. (search)
Contributions to retirement plans. (search)
Cost of employment. (search)
Counseling. (search)
Credit policies. (search)
Current expenditures. (search)
Current income. (search)
Cyclical unemployment. (search)
Data collection. (search)
Defined benefit. (search)
Defined benefit plans. (search)
Dependency ratio. (search)
Dependency ratios. (search)
Determinants of consumption. (search)
Direct foreign investment. (search)
Direct investment. (search)
Direct investment inflows. (search)
Direct investment policy. (search)
Direct investments. (search)
Direct job creation. (search)
Disinvestment. (search)
Domestic competitors. (search)
Domestic investment. (search)
Domestic prices. (search)
Domestic production. (search)
Domestic saving. (search)
Duration of unemployment. (search)
Earnings inequality. (search)
Economic analysis. (search)
Economic cooperation. (search)
Effect on employment. (search)
Effects on employment. (search)
Employability. (search)
Employer participation. (search)
Employment. (search)
Employment adjustment. (search)
Employment adjustments. (search)
Employment bonus. (search)
Employment categories. (search)
Employment effect. (search)
Employment effects. (search)
Employment growth. (search)
Employment impact. (search)
Employment impacts. (search)
Employment level. (search)
Employment levels. (search)
Employment loss. (search)
Employment losses. (search)
Employment measures. (search)
Employment opportunities. (search)
Employment outcome. (search)
Employment outlook. (search)
Employment policies. (search)
Employment prospects. (search)
Employment protection. (search)
Employment protection legislation. (search)
Employment relationship. (search)
Employment relationships. (search)
Employment security. (search)
Employment services. (search)
Employment subsidies. (search)
Equilibrium unemployment. (search)
Equilibrium unemployment rate. (search)
Equity flows. (search)
Estimation of production. (search)
Expropriation. (search)
External trade. (search)
Financial system. (search)
Fixed investment. (search)
Foreign affiliates. (search)
Foreign direct investment. (search)
Foreign direct investments. (search)
Foreign direct investors. (search)
Foreign investment. (search)
Foreign investor. (search)
Foreign trade. (search)
Foreign-owned firms. (search)
Free trade agreement. (search)
Frictional unemployment. (search)
Full employment. (search)
Full-time employment. (search)
Future consumption. (search)
Future income. (search)
Future pensions. (search)
Gdp deflator. (search)
General theory of employment. (search)
Government employment. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Government spending. (search)
Growing unemployment. (search)
Handicapped. (search)
Handicapped people. (search)
Health care. (search)
High inflation. (search)
High interest rates. (search)
High unemployment. (search)
Host countries. (search)
Host country. (search)
Household consumption. (search)
Household income. (search)
Household welfare. (search)
Housing subsidies. (search)
Income effect. (search)
Income growth. (search)
Income losses. (search)
Increase in inflation. (search)
Industrial countries. (search)
Industrial country. (search)
Industrial economies. (search)
Industrial employment. (search)
Inflation. (search)
Inflation performance. (search)
Inflation rate. (search)
Inflation rates. (search)
Inflation target. (search)
Inflationary pressures. (search)
Intangible assets. (search)
Interest differentials. (search)
Intergenerational transfers. (search)
Intermediate goods. (search)
International finance. (search)
International investment. (search)
International investments. (search)
International investor. (search)
International trade. (search)
Intertemporal consumption. (search)
Investment agreement. (search)
Investment disputes. (search)
Investment flows. (search)
Investment goods. (search)
Investment growth. (search)
Investment guarantee agency. (search)
Investment incentives. (search)
Investment insurance. (search)
Investment policy. (search)
Investment restrictions. (search)
Investment rules. (search)
Investment trusts. (search)
Investor protection. (search)
Investors. (search)
Involuntary unemployment. (search)
Inward foreign direct investment. (search)
Job creation. (search)
Job loss. (search)
Job offers. (search)
Job search. (search)
Job security. (search)
Job security provisions. (search)
Job seeker. (search)
Job training. (search)
Job vacancies. (search)
Jobless. (search)
Jobs. (search)
Keynesian consumption. (search)
Labor adjustment. (search)
Labor costs. (search)
Labor demand. (search)
Labor force. (search)
Labor force entrants. (search)
Labor force growth. (search)
Labor force participation. (search)
Labor income. (search)
Labor market. (search)
Labor market adjustments. (search)
Labor market behavior. (search)
Labor market institutions. (search)
Labor market interventions. (search)
Labor market outcomes. (search)
Labor market performance. (search)
Labor market policies. (search)
Labor market policy. (search)
Labor market problems. (search)
Labor market programs. (search)
Labor market regulations. (search)
Labor market rigidities. (search)
Labor market structure. (search)
Labor market training. (search)
Labor market transitions. (search)
Labor markets. (search)
Labor mobility. (search)
Labor policies. (search)
Labor reallocation. (search)
Labor relations. (search)
Labor unions. (search)
Labour. (search)
Labour market. (search)
Labour market policy. (search)
Labour markets. (search)
Life expectancy. (search)
Life insurance. (search)
Lifetime consumption. (search)
Living standards. (search)
Long-term unemployment. (search)
Low employment. (search)
Low inflation. (search)
Low unemployment. (search)
Low unemployment rates. (search)
Lower inflation. (search)
Macroeconomic performance. (search)
Manufacturing sector. (search)
Marginal utility of consumption. (search)
Market structure. (search)
Measure of inflation. (search)
Minority shareholders. (search)
Moderate inflation. (search)
Monetary aggregate. (search)
Monetary aggregates. (search)
Monetary authorities. (search)
Monetary base. (search)
Monetary conditions. (search)
Monetary economics. (search)
Monetary fund. (search)
Monetary growth. (search)
Monetary growth rate. (search)
Monetary indicator. (search)
Monetary indicators. (search)
Monetary policies. (search)
Monetary policy. (search)
Monetary policy objectives. (search)
Monetary policy rule. (search)
Monetary stance. (search)
Monetary statistics. (search)
Money demand. (search)
Money growth. (search)
Money supply. (search)
Multilateral agreement on investment. (search)
Multilateral investment guarantee agency. (search)
Multinational enterprise. (search)
Multinational enterprises. (search)
Multinational firms. (search)
National accounts. (search)
National income. (search)
National saving. (search)
Natural rate of unemployment. (search)
Negotiations. (search)
Net exports. (search)
Net increase in employment. (search)
Nominal interest rate. (search)
Nominal interest rates. (search)
Nominal rate of return. (search)
Number of employees. (search)
On-the-job training. (search)
Open market sale. (search)
Output growth. (search)
Outstanding debt. (search)
Overemployment. (search)
Overseas investments. (search)
Pay-as-you-go system. (search)
Pension. (search)
Pension contributions. (search)
Pension funding. (search)
Pension plans. (search)
Pensions. (search)
Per capita income. (search)
Permanent income. (search)
Permanent income hypothesis. (search)
Portfolio investment. (search)
Portfolio investments. (search)
Price elasticity. (search)
Price inflation. (search)
Price level. (search)
Price liberalization. (search)
Price stability. (search)
Private employment. (search)
Private pension. (search)
Private saving. (search)
Productive capital. (search)
Public employment. (search)
Public employment services. (search)
Public pension. (search)
Public pensions. (search)
Quality of employment. (search)
Rate of inflation. (search)
Rate of return. (search)
Rate of unemployment. (search)
Rates of inflation. (search)
Rates of return. (search)
Rational expectations. (search)
Re-employment. (search)
Re-employment bonus. (search)
Real exchange rates. (search)
Real interest rate. (search)
Real interest rates. (search)
Real money. (search)
Real output. (search)
Real rates. (search)
Real value. (search)
Real wages. (search)
Reemployment. (search)
Reemployment bonus. (search)
Regional unemployment. (search)
Relative price. (search)
Relative prices. (search)
Rent control. (search)
Reserve requirement. (search)
Reserve requirements. (search)
Retail price inflation. (search)
Retained earnings. (search)
Retirement. (search)
Retirement age. (search)
Retirement plans. (search)
Severance. (search)
Skilled labor. (search)
Social provision. (search)
Social safety net. (search)
Social welfare. (search)
Statistical agency. (search)
Statistical office. (search)
Statistical offices. (search)
Stock market crash. (search)
Structural unemployment. (search)
Structural unemployment problems. (search)
Structure of labor markets. (search)
Substitution effect. (search)
Technology transfer. (search)
Teenage employment. (search)
Temporary employment. (search)
Terms of trade. (search)
Terms of trade shocks. (search)
Tight monetary policy. (search)
Total labor force. (search)
Trade flows. (search)
Trading activities. (search)
Trading arrangements. (search)
Training policies. (search)
Training programs. (search)
Transition economies. (search)
Underemployment. (search)
Unemployed. (search)
Unemployed people. (search)
Unemployed person. (search)
Unemployed workers. (search)
Unemployment. (search)
Unemployment assistance. (search)
Unemployment benefit. (search)
Unemployment benefit system. (search)
Unemployment benefit systems. (search)
Unemployment benefits. (search)
Unemployment compensation. (search)
Unemployment duration. (search)
Unemployment durations. (search)
Unemployment experience. (search)
Unemployment insurance. (search)
Unemployment insurance benefits. (search)
Unemployment insurance system. (search)
Unemployment insurance systems. (search)
Unemployment policies. (search)
Unemployment policy. (search)
Unemployment problem. (search)
Unemployment problems. (search)
Unemployment rate. (search)
Unemployment rates. (search)
Unemployment register. (search)
Unemployment spells. (search)
Variable inflation. (search)
Voluntary unemployment. (search)
Wage inflation. (search)
Wage-price. (search)
Weekly unemployment insurance. (search)
Welfare benefits. (search)
Welfare state. (search)
Welfare states. (search)
Work patterns. (search)
World Economic Outlook. (search)
World prices. (search)
Youth employment. (search)
United States. (search)
These studies, prepared by the staff of the International Monetary Fund, comprise supporting material for the analyses and scenarios in the World Economic Outlook and provide a more detailed examination of the theory and evidence on some major issues affecting the global economy, commodity prices, and individual countries.
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