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IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 10/293.
IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 10/293
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Agricultural exports. (search)
Banking sector. (search)
Budget management. (search)
Commodity prices. (search)
Common market. (search)
Current account balance. (search)
Current account deficit. (search)
Cyclical fiscal policies. (search)
Debt sustainability. (search)
Discretionary fiscal policies. (search)
Discretionary fiscal policy. (search)
Domestic consumption. (search)
Domestic demand. (search)
Domestic economy. (search)
Exchange rate policies. (search)
Expansionary fiscal. (search)
Export markets. (search)
Export prices. (search)
Export sectors. (search)
Export volumes. (search)
Exporting countries. (search)
External financing. (search)
External shocks. (search)
External tariff. (search)
Fiscal accounts. (search)
Fiscal adjustment. (search)
Fiscal balance. (search)
Fiscal balances. (search)
Fiscal consolidation. (search)
Fiscal consolidation effort. (search)
Fiscal consolidation efforts. (search)
Fiscal cost. (search)
Fiscal costs. (search)
Fiscal deficit. (search)
Fiscal discipline. (search)
Fiscal effort. (search)
Fiscal framework. (search)
Fiscal frameworks. (search)
Fiscal impulse. (search)
Fiscal impulses. (search)
Fiscal indicators. (search)
Fiscal performance. (search)
Fiscal policies. (search)
Fiscal policy. (search)
Fiscal policy framework. (search)
Fiscal policy response. (search)
Fiscal position. (search)
Fiscal positions. (search)
Fiscal responsibility. (search)
Fiscal responsibility law. (search)
Fiscal responsibility laws. (search)
Fiscal revenue. (search)
Fiscal revenues. (search)
Fiscal rule. (search)
Fiscal rules. (search)
Fiscal savings. (search)
Fiscal space. (search)
Fiscal stance. (search)
Fiscal strategy. (search)
Fiscal tightening. (search)
Fiscal transparency. (search)
Global Financial Crisis -- 2008-2009. (search)
Global standards. (search)
Gross exports. (search)
Import prices. (search)
Medium-term fiscal framework. (search)
Medium-term fiscal frameworks. (search)
Medium-term fiscal strategy. (search)
Member country. (search)
Monetary union. (search)
Net exports. (search)
Oil prices. (search)
Open market. (search)
Output elasticity. (search)
Output growth. (search)
Preference erosion. (search)
Preferential access. (search)
Preferential agreements. (search)
Preferential trade. (search)
Preferential trade agreement. (search)
Primary expenditure. (search)
Prudent fiscal policies. (search)
Prudent fiscal policy. (search)
Public debt. (search)
Public finances. (search)
Selected issues. (search)
Structural fiscal. (search)
Sugar. (search)
Tariff rate. (search)
Tax collections. (search)
Tax revenue. (search)
Tax revenues. (search)
Trade agreement. (search)
Trade preferences. (search)
Trading partners. (search)
World growth. (search)
World market. (search)
World market price. (search)
World prices. (search)
Guyana. (search)
The aim is to analyze the main channels of transmission for shocks from the global economy to Guyana and assess their specific spillover magnitudes. The paper documents the transmission channels of external shocks to the real economy and the financial sector, citing magnitudes and risks. It then describes the policy response, including recent directions of monetary and fiscal policies to weather the spillover of external shocks on the domestic economy through the real and trade channel, and provides an outlook for the envisaged recovery of the global economy.
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