The CFA Franc Zone [electronic resource] : Common Currency, Uncommon Challenges, Gulde, Anne Marie.

Gulde, Anne Marie.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2008.
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Local subjects:
Accelerating growth.
Access to capital market.
Access to technology.
Accession countries.
Accounting system.
Adjustment path.
Aggregate demand.
Agricultural trade.
Annual exchange rate.
Asymmetric shocks.
Average exchange rate.
Average inflation.
Average tariff.
Average tariff levels.
Average tariff rate.
Average tariff rates.
Average trade.
Balance of payments.
Bank branch.
Bank branches.
Bank capital.
Bank card.
Bank cards.
Bank closures.
Bank competition.
Bank credit.
Bank data.
Bank deposits.
Bank failures.
Bank groups.
Bank interest.
Bank interest rate.
Bank lending.
Bank lending rates.
Bank liquidity.
Bank networks.
Bank profitability.
Bank rating.
Bank restructuring.
Bank spreads.
Bank supervisor.
Banking assets.
Banking concentration.
Banking crisis.
Banking deposits.
Banking license.
Banking markets.
Banking operations.
Banking products.
Banking regulations.
Banking sector.
Banking sectors.
Banking services.
Banking supervision.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Banks assets.
Banks with assets.
Bilateral agreement.
Bilateral real exchange rate.
Black market premium.
Bloc trade.
Bond issuance.
Budget balance.
Budget deficits.
Business cycle.
Business cycle fluctuations.
Business cycle synchronization.
Business cycles.
Business cycles fluctuations.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital asset.
Capital asset ratio.
Capital controls.
Capital expenditure.
Capital market.
Capital market instruments.
Capital market integration.
Capital market investors.
Capital markets.
Capital requirement.
Cash management.
Central bank.
Central banking.
Central banks.
Classification of exchange rate.
Classification of goods.
Clearing system.
Cluster analysis.
Commodity prices.
Commodity trade.
Common external tariff.
Common market.
Common markets.
Common regulations.
Comparative statistics.
Competition policies.
Competition policy.
Competitive advantage.
Competitive advantages.
Competitive economies.
Competitive position.
Conditional convergence.
Conditional convergence hypothesis.
Constant elasticity of substitution.
Constant term.
Convergence analysis.
Correlation of business cycles.
Country of destination.
Country of origin.
Currency areas.
Currency boards.
Currency unions.
Current account.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Customs administration.
Customs data.
Customs documents.
Customs duties.
Customs duty.
Customs procedures.
Customs process.
Customs revenue.
Customs rules.
Customs union.
Customs union issue.
Customs valuation.
Data analysis.
Data matrix.
Debt crises.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt relief.
Debt relief initiative.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt sustainability.
Degree of competition.
Demand for money.
Discount rate.
Diverting trade.
Domestic banks.
Domestic capital markets.
Domestic consumption.
Domestic credit.
Domestic debt.
Domestic demand.
Domestic industries.
Domestic money market.
Domestic price.
Domestic prices.
Domestic producers.
Domestic production.
Domestic savings.
Dual exchange rate.
Dummy variable.
Dummy variables.
Economic community.
Economic convergence.
Economic cooperation.
Economic growth.
Economic integration.
Effective exchange rate.
Effective exchange rates.
Elasticity of substitution.
Endogenous growth.
Equal treatment.
Equilibrium equation.
Equilibrium exchange rate.
Equilibrium model.
Euro exchange rate.
Evidence of convergence.
Excess liquidity.
Exchange earnings.
Exchange operations.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate action.
Exchange rate adjustment.
Exchange rate appreciation.
Exchange rate arrangement.
Exchange rate arrangements.
Exchange rate behavior.
Exchange rate change.
Exchange rate changes.
Exchange rate depreciation.
Exchange rate developments.
Exchange rate deviations.
Exchange rate fluctuations.
Exchange rate indicators.
Exchange rate misalignment.
Exchange rate misalignments.
Exchange rate movements.
Exchange rate pass.
Exchange rate paths.
Exchange rate peg.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Exchange rate system.
Exchange rate systems.
Exchange rate variability.
Exchange rate variations.
Exchange rate volatility.
Exchange rates.
Exchange reserves.
Exempt from customs duty.
Expanding trade.
Export base.
Export basket.
Export competitiveness.
Export data.
Export developments.
Export diversification.
Export flows.
Export good.
Export growth.
Export industries.
Export market.
Export market share.
Export market shares.
Export markets.
Export patterns.
Export performance.
Export price.
Export price index.
Export prices.
Export products.
Export receipts.
Export regime.
Export sector.
Export sectors.
Export service.
Export shares.
Export structure.
Export taxes.
Export volumes.
Exported good.
External debt.
External debt service.
External liabilities.
External liberalization.
External payment.
External payments.
External payments arrears.
External shocks.
External tariff.
External tariffs.
External trade.
Factor accumulation.
Factor analysis.
Factor endowments.
Factor markets.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal authorities.
Fiscal balance.
Fiscal convergence.
Fiscal convergence criteria.
Fiscal discipline.
Fiscal effort.
Fiscal efforts.
Fiscal framework.
Fiscal outcomes.
Fiscal performance.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal prudence.
Fiscal reaction.
Fiscal reaction functions.
Fiscal revenues.
Fiscal rules.
Fiscal space.
Fiscal stance.
Fixed exchange rate.
Fixed exchange rate regime.
Fixed exchange rate regimes.
Fixed exchange rate system.
Fixed exchange rate systems.
Fixed exchange rates.
Fixed nominal exchange rate.
Flexible exchange rate.
Flexible exchange rate regimes.
Flexible exchange rates.
Floating exchange rates.
Foreign currency.
Foreign debt.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange earnings.
Foreign exchange operations.
Foreign exchange reserves.
Foreign ownership.
Formal trade.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Free trade area.
Free trade zones.
Full liberalization.
Fuzzy set.
Fuzzy sets.
Gdp growth.
Gdp growth rates.
Gdp per capita.
General level of prices.
Global competitiveness.
Global markets.
Global trade.
Global trade liberalization.
Global trading.
Government bonds.
Government expenditures.
Government securities.
Gross capital formation.
Growth model.
Growth rate.
Growth rates.
Growth theories.
Hierarchical clustering.
High inflation.
High levels of concentration.
Horizontal axis.
Hypothesis testing.
Impact of trade.
Impact of trade liberalization.
Import barriers.
Import demand.
Import duties.
Import duty.
Import liberalization.
Import price.
Import prices.
Import products.
Import side.
Import structure.
Import tariff.
Import tariffs.
Import tax.
Import value.
Imported goods.
Improving policy credibility.
Income statement.
Increased export.
Increased trade.
Increasing growth.
Indirect tax.
Indirect taxes.
Inflation dynamics.
Inflation equation.
Inflation rate.
Inflation rates.
Inflationary impact.
Inflationary pressures.
Integrated markets.
Integration efforts.
Interbank market.
Interbank money market.
Internal trade.
International markets.
International standards.
International trade.
Intraregional exports.
Investment bank.
Investor confidence.
Investor protection.
Large public enterprises.
Liberal rules.
Liberalization of trade.
Liberalizing trade.
Liquidity management.
Long-term debt.
Low trade.
Macroeconomic performance.
Market integration.
Market liberalization.
Market opening.
Market segment.
Market segmentation.
Measure of trade.
Member country.
Merchandise exports.
Mfn tariffs.
Monetary aggregate.
Monetary aggregates.
Monetary agreements.
Monetary authority.
Monetary base.
Monetary community.
Monetary cooperation.
Monetary expansion.
Monetary fund.
Monetary growth.
Monetary integration.
Monetary model.
Monetary phenomenon.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy framework.
Monetary policy implementation.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary reserves.
Monetary survey.
Monetary union.
Monetary unions.
Money demand.
Money growth.
Money market.
Money stock.
Money supply.
Monopolistic competition.
Multilateral debt.
Multilateral debt relief.
Multilateral liberalization.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade liberalization.
Multilateral trade reform.
Multivariate analysis.
National borders.
National income.
National markets.
National policies.
National treatment.
Neighboring countries.
Net exporters.
Net exports.
Nominal effective exchange rate.
Nominal exchange rate.
Nominal exchange rate arrangements.
Nominal interest rate.
Nominal interest rates.
Nondiscrimination principle.
Nondiscriminatory basis.
Nonmember countries.
Nontariff barriers.
Nontradable goods.
Number of variables.
Oil export.
Oil exporter.
Oil exporters.
Oil exports.
Oil importers.
Oil prices.
Oil revenues.
Open economies.
Open economy.
Open market.
Optimal exchange rate regime.
Optimum currency areas.
Output growth.
Output volatility.
Overvalued exchange rate.
Partial equilibrium.
Partner countries.
Partner country.
Pattern analysis.
Per capita income.
Per capita incomes.
Perfect competition.
Political economy.
Poverty alleviation.
Preference erosion.
Preferential access.
Preferential agreements.
Preferential market access.
Preferential tariff.
Preferential tariff treatment.
Preferential tariffs.
Preferential trade.
Preferential trade agreements.
Preferential trade arrangements.
Price fluctuations.
Price level.
Price of imports.
Price stability.
Primary fiscal balance.
Principal components analysis.
Private banking.
Pro-poor growth.
Process of convergence.
Protectionist bias.
Prudential regulation.
Public borrowing.
Public debt.
Public expenditure.
Public sector debt.
Quantitative restrictions.
Quantity theory.
Quantity theory of money.
Quota-free access.
Random walks.
Rate of change.
Real effective exchange rate.
Real effective exchange rates.
Real exchange rate.
Real exchange rate fluctuations.
Real exchange rate misalignments.
Real exchange rate paths.
Real exchange rate series.
Real exchange rate volatility.
Real exchange rates.
Real gdp.
Real money.
Real per capita income.
Reducing tariffs.
Regional integration.
Regional trade.
Regional trade arrangements.
Regional trade integration.
Regulatory framework.
Rent-seeking behavior.
Reserve accumulation.
Reserve assets.
Reserve holding.
Reserve holdings.
Reserve requirement.
Reserve requirements.
Restrictive rules of origin.
Retail bank.
Retail banking.
Return on assets.
Return on equity.
Rules of origin.
Safeguard measures.
Securities exchange.
Securities market.
Securities markets.
Set theory.
Settlement system.
Share of exports.
Short-term debt.
Significance level.
Standard deviation.
Statistical analysis.
Statistical methodology.
Statistical significance.
Stock exchange.
Stock market.
Structural adjustment.
Tariff barriers.
Tariff cuts.
Tariff escalation.
Tariff levels.
Tariff lines.
Tariff policy.
Tariff preferences.
Tariff rate.
Tariff rates.
Tariff reduction.
Tariff reductions.
Tariff reform.
Tariff revenue.
Tariff revenue losses.
Tariff revenues.
Tariff schedule.
Tariff structure.
Tariff-free access.
Tariffs on trade.
Tax base.
Tax concessions.
Tax revenue.
Tax revenues.
Terms of trade.
Terms of trade effects.
Terms of trade improvement.
Terms of trade shocks.
Theory of money.
Time series.
Total exports.
Tradable goods.
Trade agreement.
Trade agreements.
Trade area.
Trade arrangements.
Trade barriers.
Trade changes.
Trade creation.
Trade data.
Trade deficit.
Trade determinants.
Trade diversion.
Trade effect.
Trade effects.
Trade facilitation.
Trade facilitation measures.
Trade flows.
Trade growth.
Trade integration.
Trade intensity.
Trade liberalisation.
Trade liberalization.
Trade openness.
Trade partner.
Trade partners.
Trade patterns.
Trade performance.
Trade policy review.
Trade preferences.
Trade reform.
Trade regime.
Trade relations.
Trade restrictions.
Trade routes.
Trade rules.
Trade shock.
Trade shocks.
Trade surplus.
Trade tax revenue.
Trade taxes.
Trade volumes.
Trade-weighted average.
Trading activities.
Trading partner.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Transactions costs.
Transitory shocks.
Transport costs.
Unit labor costs.
Value of trade.
Value-added tax.
Venture capital.
Volume of trade.
Welfare-reducing trade diversion.
World economy.
World exports.
World market.
World markets.
World prices.
World trade.
World trade organization.
Burkina Faso.
Central African Republic.
Congo, Democratic Republic of the.
Equatorial Guinea.
About one-third of countries covered by the IMF's African Department are members of the CFA franc zone. With most other countries moving away from fixed exchange rates, the issue of an adequate policy framework to ensure the sustainability of the CFA franc zone is clearly of interest to policymakers and academics. However, little academic research exists in the public domain. This book aims to fill this void by bringing together work undertaken in the context of intensified regional surveillance and highlighting the current challenges and the main policy requirements if the arrangements are to be carried forward. The book is based on empirical research by a broad group of IMF economists, with contributions from several outside experts.
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Gulde, Anne Marie.
Tsangarides, Charalambos G.
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