Emerging Local Securities and Derivatives Markets [electronic resource] : Recent Developments and Policy Issues, Ramaswamy, Ramana.

Ramaswamy, Ramana.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2004.
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World Economic and Financial Surveys; World Economic and Financial Surveys
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Local subjects:
Access to bond markets.
Access to international capital.
Access to international capital markets.
Access to international financial markets.
Asian bond markets.
Asset markets.
Benchmark bond.
Benchmark bonds.
Bond contracts.
Bond financing.
Bond fund.
Bond future.
Bond futures.
Bond index.
Bond investors.
Bond issuance.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond market capitalization.
Bond market development.
Bond markets.
Bond placements.
Bond prices.
Bond purchase.
Bond rate.
Bond returns.
Bond spread.
Bond spreads.
Bond trading.
Bond yield.
Bond yield curve.
Bond yields.
Border capital flows.
Brady bonds.
Capital account liberalization.
Capital account transactions.
Capital accounts.
Capital adequacy.
Capital appreciation.
Capital controls.
Capital flow.
Capital flow reversals.
Capital flows.
Capital gains.
Capital inflows.
Capital market.
Capital market crises.
Capital market development.
Capital market integration.
Capital market law.
Capital market laws.
Capital market reforms.
Capital markets.
Capital markets developments.
Capital mobility.
Capital outflows.
Capital transactions.
Cash flows.
Consumer price index.
Convertible bonds.
Corporate bond.
Corporate bond issuance.
Corporate bond issues.
Corporate bond market.
Corporate bond market development.
Corporate bond markets.
Corporate bonds.
Corporate securities.
Credit derivative.
Credit derivatives.
Crowding out.
Currency derivatives.
Currency hedge.
Currency hedging.
Currency hedging instruments.
Currency mismatch.
Currency of denomination.
Debt-service obligations.
Demand for bonds.
Denominated bond.
Denominated bonds.
Deposit rate.
Deposit rates.
Derivative contract.
Derivative contracts.
Derivative instruments.
Derivative product.
Derivative products.
Derivatives exchange.
Derivatives exchanges.
Derivatives market.
Derivatives market activity.
Derivatives markets.
Derivatives trading.
Derivatives transactions.
Developing government bond.
Developing government bond markets.
Development of bond markets.
Development of corporate bond markets.
Dollar bond.
Dollar bond market.
Dollar bonds.
Domestic bond.
Domestic bond market.
Domestic bond markets.
Domestic bonds.
Domestic capital.
Domestic capital markets.
Domestic corporate bond.
Domestic credit.
Domestic equity.
Domestic financial institutions.
Domestic financial markets.
Domestic financial system.
Domestic financial systems.
Domestic government bond.
Domestic government bonds.
Domestic interest rates.
Domestic securities.
Efficient capital markets.
Emerging bond markets.
Emerging market derivatives.
Emerging market stock.
Emerging market stocks.
Emerging markets stock.
Emerging stock markets.
Equity capital.
Equity derivative.
Equity derivatives.
Equity finance.
Equity financing.
Equity funds.
Equity index futures.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity prices.
Equity returns.
Eurobond market.
Financial assets.
Financial contracts.
Financial corporations.
Financial derivatives.
Financial economics.
Financial fragility.
Financial globalization.
Financial instability.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial regulation.
Financial repression.
Financial sector.
Financial sector crises.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial structures.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Fixed interest rate bonds.
Flexible exchange rate.
Foreign capital.
Foreign capital flows.
Foreign capital inflows.
Foreign exchange derivatives.
Forward markets.
Futures contract.
Futures contracts.
Futures exchange.
Futures market.
Futures markets.
Global bond.
Global bond index.
Global bond market.
Global bond markets.
Global capital flows.
Global capital markets.
Global currency.
Global equity markets.
Government bond.
Government bond future.
Government bond futures.
Government bond market.
Government bond markets.
Government bond yield.
Government bond yields.
Government bonds.
Government securities.
Hedge fund.
Hedge funds.
Hedging instruments.
Index futures.
Index options.
Indexed bonds.
Indexed securities.
Inflation rate.
Interest rate derivatives.
Interest rate futures.
Interest rate risk.
Interest rate swaps.
International banks.
International bond.
International bonds.
International capital.
International capital flow.
International capital flows.
International capital markets.
International financial markets.
International financial statistics.
International financial system.
International reserves.
Issuance of bonds.
Levels of protection.
Liquid markets.
Liquidity support.
Local bond.
Local bond market.
Local bond markets.
Local bonds.
Local capital market.
Local capital markets.
Local corporate bond market.
Local corporate bond markets.
Local stock exchange.
Local stock exchanges.
Local stock market.
Local stock markets.
Management techniques.
Market asset.
Mature markets.
Money market.
Money markets.
Nonvoting stock.
Open interest.
Option contracts.
Outstanding bonds.
Outstanding stocks.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Private sector bond.
Public bond.
Put options.
Quality corporate bonds.
Rate bonds.
Regional bond market.
Reserve requirements.
Secondary bond market.
Securities contracts.
Securities laws.
Securities market.
Securities markets.
Share of government bonds.
Sovereign bond.
Sovereign bond market.
Sovereign bonds.
Speculative attacks.
Spot market.
Stable macroeconomic policies.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchange market.
Stock exchanges.
Stock futures.
Stock index.
Stock index futures.
Stock indexes.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock market index.
Stock market price.
Stock market reforms.
Stock markets.
Stock options.
Stock ownership.
Stock prices.
Stock returns.
Supply of bonds.
Swap transactions.
Systemic banking crises.
Tradable securities.
Treasury bond.
Treasury bond futures.
Treasury bonds.
Treasury securities.
Underwriters of securities.
Unsecured bonds.
Volatile capital.
Volatile capital flows.
Volatility of capital flows.
Volatility of capital inflows.
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.
Saint Lucia.
In response to the volatility of capital flows since the mid-1990s, many emerging market economies have taken a variety of steps designed to “selfinsure” against volatile capital flows. One such measure has been the development of local securities and derivatives markets as an alternative source of funding the public and corporate sectors. This paper examines this self-insurance policy, focusing on the extent to which emerging markets have developed local securities and derivatives, and what key policy issues have arisen as a result.
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Ilyina, Anna.
Mathieson, Donald J.
Ramaswamy, Ramana.
Roldos, Jorge.
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