Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Volume 4 [electronic resource]

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2008.
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Seminar Volumes; Vol. 4.
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Local subjects:
Access to credit.
Accounting firms.
Accounting standard.
Accounting standards.
Accounting treatment.
Act of terrorism.
Acts of terrorism.
Administrative cost.
Aggregate demand.
Alternative dispute resolution.
Alternative remittance.
Alternative remittance systems.
Anti money laundering.
Anti-money laundering.
Anti-money laundering measures.
Appellate courts.
Arbitration proceedings.
Assessing compliance.
Assessment methodology.
Assessment procedure.
Assessment process.
Asset disposition.
Asset liquidation.
Asset management.
Automated clearing house.
Automated teller.
Automated teller machine.
Automated teller machines.
Autonomous monetary policy.
Balance of payments.
Bank account.
Bank accounting.
Bank accounts.
Bank acquisitions.
Bank act.
Bank activities.
Bank acts.
Bank asset.
Bank assets.
Bank assistance.
Bank behavior.
Bank board.
Bank branches.
Bank business.
Bank capital.
Bank charter.
Bank check.
Bank closure.
Bank closures.
Bank compliance.
Bank credibility.
Bank credit.
Bank creditors.
Bank debt.
Bank depositors.
Bank deposits.
Bank distress.
Bank examinations.
Bank examiners.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank governance.
Bank governor.
Bank governors.
Bank group.
Bank groups.
Bank guarantee.
Bank guarantees.
Bank holding.
Bank holding companies.
Bank holding company.
Bank independence.
Bank indonesia.
Bank insolvencies.
Bank insolvency.
Bank insolvency initiative.
Bank insolvency laws.
Bank insolvency proceedings.
Bank investment.
Bank investments.
Bank involvement.
Bank law.
Bank laws.
Bank lenders.
Bank lending.
Bank license.
Bank licenses.
Bank loan.
Bank loans.
Bank management.
Bank managers.
Bank objectives.
Bank of botswana.
Bank of canada.
Bank of england.
Bank of indonesia.
Bank of international settlements.
Bank of japan.
Bank of korea.
Bank office.
Bank officers.
Bank officials.
Bank operations.
Bank performance.
Bank personnel.
Bank policy.
Bank portfolio.
Bank procedure.
Bank rates.
Bank records.
Bank reform.
Bank reforms.
Bank regulation.
Bank regulations.
Bank regulator.
Bank regulators.
Bank restructuring.
Bank risk.
Bank run.
Bank runs.
Bank secrecy.
Bank secrecy act.
Bank securities.
Bank shareholders.
Bank size.
Bank solvency.
Bank stability.
Bank staff.
Bank stocks.
Bank structure.
Bank structures.
Bank syndicate.
Bank systems.
Bank to bank transactions.
Bank transactions.
Bank transparency.
Bankers association.
Bankers trust company.
Banking activities.
Banking assets.
Banking authority.
Banking business.
Banking businesses.
Banking crises.
Banking crisis.
Banking firm.
Banking industry.
Banking institution.
Banking institutions.
Banking investment.
Banking law.
Banking legislation.
Banking license.
Banking networks.
Banking panic.
Banking panics.
Banking personnel.
Banking policy.
Banking practices.
Banking publications.
Banking reforms.
Banking regulation.
Banking regulators.
Banking relationship.
Banking relationships.
Banking rules.
Banking sector.
Banking sector assets.
Banking sector problems.
Banking service.
Banking services.
Banking stability.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervisor.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Bankrupt company.
Bankruptcy court.
Bankruptcy courts.
Bankruptcy law.
Bankruptcy laws.
Bankruptcy petitions.
Bankruptcy procedure.
Bankruptcy procedures.
Bankruptcy reform.
Bankruptcy reorganization.
Banks with assets.
Bilateral creditor.
Bilateral creditors.
Bilateral debt.
Binding effect.
Bond buyers.
Bond defaults.
Bond issuance.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond offerings.
Bond portfolios.
Bond restructuring.
Bonds to investors.
Border transactions.
Borrowing arrangements.
Borrowing costs.
Budget deficits.
Budgetary policies.
Budgetary position.
Budgetary process.
Business development.
Business law.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy directive.
Capital mobility.
Capital movements.
Capital regulation.
Capital requirement.
Cash transaction.
Central bank.
Central bank credibility.
Central banking.
Central banking legislation.
Central banks.
Check cashing service.
Check clearing.
Check processing.
Civil aviation.
Civil courts.
Civilian persons in time of war.
Clearing house.
Combat money laundering.
Combating money.
Combating money laundering.
Commercial bank loans.
Commercial borrowing.
Commercial court.
Commercial court judges.
Commercial courts.
Commercial loan.
Commercial loans.
Commercial paper.
Competent authorities.
Competent jurisdiction.
Complete originator information.
Compliance program.
Concurrent insolvency.
Confidential information.
Conflict of interest.
Conflict of interests.
Conflicts of interest.
Consolidated supervision.
Consulting firm.
Consulting firms.
Consulting services.
Consumer credit.
Contractual obligations.
Contractual provisions.
Corporate bankruptcy.
Corporate bond.
Corporate bond issues.
Corporate bonds.
Corporate debt.
Corporate governance.
Corporate insolvencies.
Counter money laundering.
Counterfeiting currency.
Counterterrorism efforts.
Coupon bond.
Court agreements.
Court appointments.
Court decisions.
Court having jurisdiction.
Court judges.
Court negotiations.
Court orders.
Court process.
Credit bureaus.
Credit cards.
Credit institutions.
Credit lines.
Credit rating.
Credit rating agencies.
Credit risk.
Credit risks.
Creditor collection.
Criminal cases.
Criminal groups.
Criminal investigation.
Criminal law.
Criminal law enforcement.
Criminal laws.
Criminal organizations.
Criminal sanctions.
Crisis country.
Cross-border insolvency.
Currency board.
Currency crises.
Currency crisis.
Currency depreciation.
Currency transactions.
Currency values.
Current insolvency laws.
Customer identification.
Customs of war on land.
Debit cards.
Debt burden.
Debt burdens.
Debt collection.
Debt contract.
Debt contracts.
Debt crises.
Debt crisis.
Debt defaults.
Debt dynamics.
Debt exchange.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt holders.
Debt instruments.
Debt management.
Debt market.
Debt obligation.
Debt obligations.
Debt overhang.
Debt problems.
Debt profile.
Debt ratios.
Debt reduction.
Debt reductions.
Debt relief.
Debt repayment.
Debt rescheduling.
Debt resolution.
Debt restructuring.
Debt restructuring procedure.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt structure.
Debt structures.
Debt sustainability.
Debtor countries.
Debtor country.
Declaration of insolvency.
Default rates.
Deposit banking.
Deposit guarantee.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Deposit rates.
Detecting terrorist financing.
Diplomatic relations.
Direct investment.
Direct investments.
Dirty money.
Disclosure rules.
Discount rate.
Dispute resolution.
Dispute settlement.
Dollar bond.
Domestic bond.
Domestic bonds.
Domestic corporate bond.
Domestic corporate bonds.
Domestic creditors.
Domestic currency.
Domestic debt.
Drug trafficking.
Due diligence.
Due regard.
Economic condition.
Economics of insolvency.
Effective bank insolvency.
Effective exchange rate.
Effective insolvency.
Effective insolvency laws.
Effective insolvency system.
Effective insolvency systems.
Electronic cash.
Electronic money.
Emigrant remittances.
Enforcement of judgments.
Enforcement powers.
Entry into force.
Entry of judgment.
Environment for remittances.
Equity capital.
Equity finance.
Equity investment.
Equity market.
Equity securities.
Eurobond market.
European monetary institute.
European monetary union.
Event of insolvency.
Exceptional circumstances.
Exchange arrangements.
Exchange auctions.
Exchange control.
Exchange control measures.
Exchange control regulations.
Exchange controls.
Exchange earnings.
Exchange guarantees.
Exchange market intervention.
Exchange markets.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate appreciation.
Exchange rate band.
Exchange rate depreciation.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate stability.
Exchange rate system.
Exchange rates.
Exchange reserves.
Exchange restrictions.
Exchange risk.
Exchange risks.
Exchange transactions.
Expansionary fiscal.
Expansionary fiscal policy.
Expansionary monetary policy.
Expenditure levels.
Export credit.
External debt.
External financing.
External funds.
External indebtedness.
Face value.
Failure resolution.
Federal deposit insurance.
Fighting terrorism.
Final judgment.
Financial abuse.
Financial activity.
Financial assets.
Financial conglomerates.
Financial crime.
Financial crimes.
Financial derivatives.
Financial economics.
Financial fraud.
Financial information.
Financial innovation.
Financial instability.
Financial institution.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intelligence unit.
Financial intelligence units.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial law.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial regulation.
Financial regulations.
Financial sector.
Financial sector standards.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial strength.
Financial structure.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Financial transaction.
Financial transactions.
Financing of terrorism.
Fiscal authorities.
Fiscal consolidation.
Fiscal contractions.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal discipline.
Fiscal expansion.
Fiscal framework.
Fiscal frameworks.
Fiscal needs.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal policy coordination.
Fiscal policy objectives.
Fiscal rules.
Fiscal sustainability.
Fiscal transparency.
Floating exchange rate.
Floating exchange rate regime.
Foreign banks.
Foreign bonds.
Foreign capital.
Foreign company.
Foreign currencies.
Foreign currency.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange auctions.
Foreign exchange budget.
Foreign exchange earnings.
Foreign exchange exposure.
Foreign exchange market.
Foreign exchange markets.
Foreign exchange payments.
Foreign exchange reserves.
Foreign exchange restrictions.
Foreign exchange transactions.
Foreign insolvency.
Foreign insolvency proceedings.
Foreign intelligence.
Foreign loan.
Foreign markets.
Foreign terrorist.
Foreign trade.
Formal organization.
Formal remittance.
Formal transfer systems.
Funds transfers.
Futures exchanges.
General insolvency law.
General insolvency laws.
Global bank insolvency.
Global remittances.
Government agency.
Government bonds.
Government budgets.
Government securities.
Government spending.
Hard budget constraint.
Hedge fund.
Holding companies.
Holding company.
Household debt.
Illegal activities.
Illegal activity.
Illegal proceeds.
Illegal transactions.
Industrial revenue bonds.
Informal money transfer systems.
Informal remittance.
Informal remittance system.
Informal remittance systems.
Informal remittances.
Information asymmetry.
Initial public offerings.
Injunctive relief.
Insolvency administrators.
Insolvency cases.
Insolvency law.
Insolvency laws.
Insolvency legal systems.
Insolvency matter.
Insolvency policies.
Insolvency procedures.
Insolvency proceeding.
Insolvency proceedings.
Insolvency process.
Insolvency processes.
Insolvency regimes.
Insolvency regulation.
Insolvency regulations.
Insolvency system.
Insolvency systems.
Installment credit.
Institutional investors.
Intelligence community.
Intelligence information.
Intelligence units.
Intermediate monetary target.
Internal audit.
Internal control.
Internal controls.
Internal rules.
International accounting standards.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International civil aviation.
International community.
International cooperation.
International court of justice.
International debt.
International debts.
International financial markets.
International financial system.
International insolvency.
International insolvency law.
International law.
International legal relations.
International organizations.
International standards.
International terrorism.
International terrorist.
International terrorists.
International trade.
International trade law.
Investment bank.
Investment banker.
Investment bankers.
Investment banking.
Investment banks.
Judgment creditor.
Judicial decisions.
Judicial enforcement.
Judicial framework.
Judicial incompetence.
Judicial institutions.
Judicial orders.
Judicial reform.
Judicial reform program.
Judicial system.
Judicial systems.
Large volume of remittance.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement actions.
Law enforcement agencies.
Law enforcement areas.
Law enforcement personnel.
Law on cross-border insolvency.
Legal education.
Legal entities.
Legal framework.
Legal framework governing.
Legal frameworks.
Legal impediments.
Legal obligation.
Legal profession.
Legal reform.
Legal reforms.
Legal systems.
Letters of credit.
Level playing field.
Liability management.
Liquidity crises.
Liquidity crisis.
Liquidity management.
Liquidity ratio.
Loan documentation.
Long-term debt.
Long-term interest rates.
Low debt.
Macroeconomic stability.
Market access.
Market debt.
Market for government securities.
Market liquidity.
Market participants.
Marketable debt securities.
Mass destruction.
Medium-term fiscal framework.
Medium-term fiscal frameworks.
Microcredit loan.
Microcredit loans.
Microfinance industry.
Microfinance institution.
Microfinance institutions.
Microfinance loan.
Microfinance regulation.
Microfinance sector.
Model law on cross-border insolvency.
Model legislation.
Monetary aggregate.
Monetary aggregate targets.
Monetary anchor.
Monetary anchors.
Monetary arrangements.
Monetary authorities.
Monetary authority.
Monetary control.
Monetary economics.
Monetary financing.
Monetary fund.
Monetary institutions.
Monetary instruments.
Monetary integration.
Monetary liabilities.
Monetary objective.
Monetary phenomenon.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy decision.
Monetary policy decisions.
Monetary policy framework.
Monetary policy frameworks.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary policy objectives.
Monetary policy operations.
Monetary policy strategy.
Monetary reform.
Monetary regime.
Monetary regimes.
Monetary stability.
Monetary system.
Monetary systems.
Monetary target.
Monetary targeting.
Monetary theory.
Monetary union.
Money demands.
Money launderers.
Money laundering.
Money laundering laws.
Money laundering measures.
Money market.
Money orders.
Money remittances.
Money supply.
Money transfer.
Money transfer mechanisms.
Money transfer services.
Money transfer systems.
Money transfers.
Moral hazard.
Mortgage lending.
Mortgage loans.
Multilateral debt.
Multiple currency practices.
Municipal bonds.
Mutual evaluations.
Mutual funds.
National bank.
National insolvency.
National insolvency system.
National insolvency systems.
National monetary policy.
National security.
New york stock exchange.
Nominal exchange rate.
Noncompetitive bids.
Nongovernmental organizations.
Ofc assessments.
Ofc program.
Official creditors.
Official remittances.
Open market operations.
Organized crime.
Original agreement.
Out-of-court workouts.
Outstanding debt.
Overdue obligations.
Parent companies.
Parent company.
Payment system.
Payment systems.
Payments systems.
Political goals.
Positive interest rates.
Precious metals.
Predicate crimes.
Prepaid cards.
Prepaid debit card.
Present value.
Privacy of individuals.
Private banking.
Private creditors.
Private debt.
Private sector debt.
Procedural rules.
Provision of information.
Prudential Regulation.
Prudential supervision.
Public accounting.
Public debt.
Public finance.
Public finances.
Public international law.
Public utility bonds.
Railroad bonds.
Rate of return.
Real exchange rate.
Real exchange rate appreciation.
Record keeping requirements.
Record keeping standards.
Regulation on insolvency.
Regulatory approach.
Regulatory environment.
Regulatory forbearance.
Regulatory frameworks.
Regulatory objectives.
Regulatory reform.
Regulatory requirements.
Remittance activities.
Remittance business.
Remittance businesses.
Remittance channel.
Remittance channels.
Remittance companies.
Remittance corridor.
Remittance distribution.
Remittance distribution network.
Remittance institutions.
Remittance sector.
Remittance service.
Remittance service providers.
Remittance services.
Remittance system.
Remittance systems.
Remittance transaction.
Remittance transactions.
Reporting forms.
Reporting requirements.
Reserve bank.
Retail payments.
Retained earnings.
Return on assets.
Return on equity.
Revenue bonds.
Risk customers.
Risk premium.
Rosc process.
Rules of procedure.
Savings association.
Secondary markets.
Secured creditors.
Securities firms.
Securities markets.
Securities underwriting.
Sensitive information.
Serious moral hazard.
Settlement system.
Settlement systems.
Shell banks.
Short-term debt.
Small bank.
Smart cards.
Sovereign bond.
Sovereign bonds.
Sovereign borrower.
Sovereign borrowers.
Sovereign debt.
Sovereign debt crises.
Sovereign debt crisis.
Sovereign debt restructuring.
Sovereign debtor.
Sovereign debtors.
Sovereign default.
Sovereign defaults.
Sponsors of terrorism.
Spot exchange rates.
Stable prices.
State bank.
State banking.
Stock exchange.
Stock investments.
Stock market.
Stock market bubble.
Stock market crash.
Stock market crashes.
Stock market crisis.
Stock markets.
Stock of debt.
Stock portfolios.
Stock price.
Stock prices.
Subordinated debt.
Supervisory agencies.
Supervisory approach.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory environment.
Supervisory regime.
Supervisory regimes.
Supervisory standards.
Supplementary capital.
Supreme court.
Suspicious activity.
Suspicious activity reports.
Suspicious transaction.
Suspicious transaction reporting.
Suspicious transactions.
Suspicious transactions reporting.
Syndicated loans.
Systemic banking crisis.
Systemic risk.
Tax collection.
Tax deduction.
Tax evasion.
Territorial waters.
Terrorism financing.
Terrorism standards.
Terrorist act.
Terrorist activity.
Terrorist acts.
Terrorist attacks.
Terrorist finance.
Terrorist financing.
Terrorist financing measures.
Terrorist financing purposes.
Terrorist group.
Terrorist groups.
Terrorist organization.
Terrorist organizations.
Terrorist plot.
Terrorist support.
Terrorist threat.
Terrorist threats.
Third parties.
Tier 1 capital.
Transaction reporting.
Transaction reporting requirements.
Transaction reports.
Transferring funds.
Transitional government.
Treasury bills.
Universal bank.
Universal banking.
Unsecured debt.
Value transfer.
Value transfer system.
Volume of remittance.
War bonds.
Weak judicial system.
Wire transfers.
United States.
The Legal Department and the Institute of the IMF held their ninth biennial seminar for legal advisors of IMF member countries’ central banks, and the papers published in this volume are based on presentations made by officials attending this seminar. The seminar covered a broad range of topics, including sovereign debt restructuring, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, financial system and banking supervision, conflicts of interest and market discipline in the financial sector, insolvency, and other issues related to central banking.
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