International Financial Statistics Yearbook, 2000 [electronic resource]

International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2000.
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International Financial Statistics; Volume 53, 2000.
International Financial Statistics; Volume 53, 2000
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Local subjects:
Agricultural credit. (search)
Average exchange rate. (search)
Average exchange rates. (search)
Bank bonds. (search)
Bank discount rates. (search)
Bank loans. (search)
Bank money market. (search)
Basket of currencies. (search)
Benchmark bond. (search)
Bond. (search)
Bond rate. (search)
Bond rates. (search)
Bond yield. (search)
Bond yields. (search)
Bonds. (search)
Car loans. (search)
Cash flow. (search)
Central bank discount. (search)
Claim. (search)
Claims. (search)
Commercial paper. (search)
Consumer loan companies. (search)
Cooperatives. (search)
Corporate bond. (search)
Credit bonds. (search)
Credit cooperatives. (search)
Credit institutions. (search)
Credit lines. (search)
Credit market. (search)
Credit tranches. (search)
Credit unions. (search)
Creditor. (search)
Currency boards. (search)
Currency units. (search)
Currency values. (search)
Current account balance. (search)
Current exchange rate. (search)
Daily exchange rates. (search)
Debt. (search)
Debt forgiveness. (search)
Debt instruments. (search)
Debt refinancing. (search)
Debt securities. (search)
Debt service. (search)
Debt service payments. (search)
Debts. (search)
Deficit finance. (search)
Deficits. (search)
Deposit money. (search)
Deposit money banks. (search)
Deposit rate. (search)
Deposit rates. (search)
Derivative. (search)
Discount rate. (search)
Discount rates. (search)
Documentary credit. (search)
Domestic debt. (search)
Domestic-currency. (search)
Effective exchange rate. (search)
Effective exchange rates. (search)
Equity capital. (search)
Equity securities. (search)
Exchange arrangements. (search)
Exchange market intervention. (search)
Exchange rate. (search)
Exchange rate arrangements. (search)
Exchange rate changes. (search)
Exchange rate index. (search)
Exchange rate indices. (search)
Exchange rate mechanism. (search)
Exchange rate systems. (search)
Exchange rates. (search)
Exchange reserves. (search)
Expenditures. (search)
Export unit. (search)
Exporting countries. (search)
Exports of goods. (search)
External debt. (search)
Financial assets. (search)
Financial derivative. (search)
Financial derivatives. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial intermediation. (search)
Financial markets. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Foreign borrowing. (search)
Foreign debt. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange holdings. (search)
Foreign exchange reserves. (search)
Foreign stock. (search)
Government bond. (search)
Government bond yield. (search)
Government bond yields. (search)
Government bonds. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Housing bond. (search)
Housing credit. (search)
Industrial countries. (search)
Industrial production. (search)
Industrial sector. (search)
Interest. (search)
International financial statistics. (search)
International interest rates. (search)
International reserves. (search)
Liabilities. (search)
Liquid liabilities. (search)
Loans. (search)
Market exchange rates. (search)
Money market. (search)
Money market fund. (search)
Money market funds. (search)
Money market instrument. (search)
Money market instruments. (search)
Money market rate. (search)
Money market rates. (search)
Mortgage bond. (search)
Multiple exchange rate. (search)
Multiple exchange rates. (search)
Nominal effective exchange rate. (search)
Nominal effective exchange rate index. (search)
Obligations. (search)
Oil exporting. (search)
Oil exporting countries. (search)
Outstanding debt. (search)
Overdrafts. (search)
Payments. (search)
Perpetual bond. (search)
Personal loans. (search)
Portfolio investment. (search)
Prime rate. (search)
Public finance. (search)
Real effective exchange rate. (search)
Real effective exchange rates. (search)
Rediscount. (search)
Rediscount rate. (search)
Rediscounts. (search)
Repayment. (search)
Restructuring. (search)
Revaluation account. (search)
Revaluation accounts. (search)
Rural credit. (search)
Savings deposits. (search)
Sinking funds. (search)
Stock exchange. (search)
Stock exchanges. (search)
Subordinated debt. (search)
Taxes. (search)
Term bond. (search)
Treasury bills. (search)
Treasury bond. (search)
Treasury bonds. (search)
Treasury notes. (search)
Underwriting. (search)
Unit labor costs. (search)
The International Financial Statistics Yearbook, usually published in September, contains available annual data covering 12 years for countries appearing in the monthly issues of IFS. The IFS service is the standard source of international financial statistics. Additional time series in country tables and some additional tables of area and world aggregates are included in the Yearbook.
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International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
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