The Caribbean [electronic resource] : From Vulnerability to Sustained Growth, Robinson, David O..

Robinson, David O.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2006.
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Access to credit.
Aggregate volatility.
Agreement on trade.
Agricultural commodities.
Agricultural exports.
Agricultural production.
Airport authorities.
Alternative exchange rate.
Alternative exchange rate regimes.
Analysis of remittances.
Asset classification.
Atlantic hurricane.
Average import tariff.
Average tariff.
Average tariff rates.
Balance of payments.
Balance of payments crises.
Balance of payments crisis.
Bank assets.
Bank branches.
Bank capital.
Bank credit.
Bank data.
Bank deposits.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank fragility.
Bank interest.
Bank lending.
Bank liquidity.
Bank loans.
Bank owners.
Bank ownership.
Bank performance.
Bank runs.
Bank spreads.
Bankable projects.
Banking crises.
Banking crisis.
Banking regulations.
Banking sector.
Banking sectors.
Banking services.
Banking supervision.
Banking system.
Banking system assets.
Banking system fragility.
Banking systems.
Bargaining power.
Border enforcement.
Borrowing costs.
Brain drain.
Budget constraints.
Budget process.
Business cycle.
Business cycle fluctuations.
Business cycles.
Business services.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital base.
Capital expenditures.
Capital flows.
Car rental.
Catastrophic disaster.
Catastrophic event.
Catastrophic events.
Central government expenditures.
Check clearing.
Classification of exchange rate.
Commercial credit.
Commercial paper.
Commodity prices.
Common market.
Common tariff.
Community tourism.
Comparative advantage.
Competition law.
Competition policy.
Competition rules.
Competitive advantage.
Competitive economies.
Competitive position.
Consistent estimate.
Consolidated supervision.
Constant term.
Consumer demand.
Consumer surplus.
Consumption expenditure.
Consumption tax.
Country comparison.
Country of origin.
Credit bureaus.
Credit cards.
Credit limits.
Credit market.
Credit risk.
Credit unions.
Cross-country variation.
Cruise passenger.
Cruise passengers.
Cruise tourism.
Cultural products.
Currency unions.
Current account deficit.
Current exchange rate.
Cyclical fiscal policy.
De facto exchange rate regime.
Debt burden.
Debt crises.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt level.
Debt management.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt repayment.
Debt restructuring.
Debt service.
Debt servicing.
Debt stocks.
Debt sustainability.
Deposit growth.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Deposit rate.
Deposit rates.
Direct investment.
Direct investment regime.
Disaster assistance.
Disaster emergency.
Disaster emergency response.
Disaster events.
Disaster funds.
Disaster insurance.
Disaster management.
Disaster mitigation.
Disaster mitigation initiatives.
Disaster mitigation measures.
Disaster mitigation projects.
Disaster preparedness.
Disaster prevention.
Disaster reconstruction.
Disaster relief.
Disaster response.
Disaster risk.
Disaster risk management.
Disaster risks.
Disaster shocks.
Disaster-prone countries.
Domestic banks.
Domestic debt.
Domestic firms.
Domestic industries.
Domestic investment.
Domestic market.
Domestic prices.
Domestic production.
Domestic public debt.
Dummy variable.
Duty-free access.
Dynamic impact.
Eastern caribbean central bank.
Economic convergence.
Economic cooperation.
Economic growth.
Economic integration.
Economic outcomes.
Eliminating tariffs.
Emergency assistance.
Emergency management.
Emergency recovery.
Emergency relief.
Emergency response.
Epidemiology of disasters.
European tourists.
Evidence of trade diversion.
Excess demand.
Excess liquidity.
Exchange arrangements.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate arrangements.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Exchange rate risk.
Exchange rate system.
Exchange rates.
Exchange reserves.
Exchange restrictions.
Expansionary fiscal.
Expansionary fiscal policies.
Expansionary fiscal policy.
Expenditure composition.
Expenditure growth.
Expenditure increases.
Explanatory power.
Export concentration.
Export dependence.
Export diversification.
Export earnings.
Export growth.
Export of goods.
Export performance.
Export price.
Export prices.
Export processing.
Export processing zones.
Export sector.
Exports of goods.
External debt.
External financing.
External funding.
External pressures.
External shocks.
External tariff.
External trade.
Extreme weather.
Factor market integration.
Factor markets.
Factor price.
Financial institutions.
Financial intermediation.
Financial repression.
Financial sector.
Financial sector development.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial statistics.
Financial system.
Fiscal accounts.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal authorities.
Fiscal balance.
Fiscal balances.
Fiscal behavior.
Fiscal consolidation.
Fiscal constraints.
Fiscal costs.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal discipline.
Fiscal effort.
Fiscal efforts.
Fiscal expansion.
Fiscal expenditure.
Fiscal imbalances.
Fiscal incentives.
Fiscal losses.
Fiscal management.
Fiscal outcomes.
Fiscal performance.
Fiscal planning.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal policy coordination.
Fiscal policy decisions.
Fiscal positions.
Fiscal profligacy.
Fiscal reforms.
Fiscal relations.
Fiscal revenue.
Fiscal revenues.
Fiscal rules.
Fiscal spending.
Fiscal stance.
Fiscal stances.
Fiscal surplus.
Fiscal surpluses.
Fiscal transparency.
Fixed exchange rate.
Fixed exchange rate regime.
Fixed exchange rate regimes.
Fixed exchange rates.
Flexible exchange rate.
Flexible exchange rate regime.
Flexible exchange rate regimes.
Flexible exchange rates.
Flow of remittances.
Food shortage.
Foreign direct investment.
Foreign direct investment incentives.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange reserves.
Foreign investment.
Foreign investment advisory service.
Foreign investments.
Foreign investor.
Foreign investors.
Free flow.
Free movement of labor.
Free riding.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Free trade area.
Gdp growth.
Gdp per capita.
Global integration.
Global market.
Global shocks.
Government expenditures.
Government revenue.
Government securities.
Government services.
Gross domestic product.
Growth cycles.
Growth rate.
Growth rates.
Health services.
High tariffs.
History of exchange rate.
Hospitality industries.
Hotel rooms.
Hypothesis testing.
Illegal immigration.
Import demand.
Import duties.
Import duty.
Import price.
Import prices.
Import substitution.
Import tariff.
Import value.
Importance of remittances.
Imported goods.
Imports of goods.
Imports of goods and services.
Increasing competitiveness.
Indirect tax.
Instrumental variable.
Insurance services.
Interbank market.
Interbank money market.
Interest costs.
Interest expense.
Interest rate risk.
Intergovernmental fiscal.
Intergovernmental fiscal relations.
Intermediate inputs.
Internal market.
International financial statistics.
International integration.
International markets.
International money market.
International standards.
International trade.
Investment climate.
Investment flows.
Investment incentives.
Investment regime.
Labor demand.
Labor force.
Labor forces.
Labor market.
Labor market outcomes.
Labor markets.
Labor share.
Labor shares.
Labor supply.
Least squares regression.
Liberal trade.
Liberal trade policies.
Liberalization of trade.
Liberalization of trade in goods.
Liquidity management.
Loan loss provision.
Loan maturity.
Local labor.
Local labor markets.
Macroeconomic stability.
Market fragmentation.
Market integration.
Market liquidity.
Market segmentation.
Market trends.
Mass media.
Measurement of remittances.
Measures of integration.
Measures of volatility.
Member country.
Meteorological organization.
Monetary union.
Money market.
Money market rates.
Monte carlo simulations.
Mortgage lending.
Mortgage loans.
Multilateral level.
Multilateral liberalization.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade liberalization.
Multinational firms.
Multiple sources.
National emergency.
National laws.
National tourism.
Natural disaster.
Natural disaster insurance.
Natural disaster management.
Natural disaster reconstruction.
Natural disasters.
Natural hazard.
Natural hazards.
Nature of business cycle.
Negotiating position.
Neighboring countries.
Net interest margin.
New tourism development.
Nominal exchange rate.
Nonparametric statistic.
Nonperforming loan.
Nontariff barriers.
Normal distribution.
Official remittances.
Oil imports.
Oil prices.
Oil shock.
Open economies.
Output growth.
Output volatility.
Payment arrangements.
Payments systems.
Per capita income.
Persistent fiscal deficits.
Personal loans.
Political economy.
Preferential access.
Preferential access to markets.
Preferential agreements.
Preferential trade.
Preferential trade agreements.
Preferential trade arrangements.
Preferential trading.
Preferential trading agreements.
Preferential trading arrangements.
Preferential treatment.
Primary expenditure.
Primary fiscal balance.
Primary fiscal deficits.
Principal amount.
Properties of business cycles.
Provision of services.
Prudential requirement.
Public borrowing.
Public debt.
Public expenditure.
Public tourism.
Public tourism organizations.
Quantitative restrictions.
Random coefficient.
Random variable.
Random walk.
Real business cycles.
Real gdp.
Recipient of remittances.
Regional integration.
Regional tourism.
Regional trade.
Regression analysis.
Regulatory barriers.
Regulatory environment.
Regulatory framework.
Remittance flows.
Reserve requirement.
Reserve requirements.
Retail trade.
Return on assets.
Risk assessment.
Risk exposure.
Risk premium.
Risk reduction.
Rules of origin.
Sample size.
Savings deposits.
Savings rate.
Service exports.
Service provider.
Services trade.
Short-term debt.
Skilled labor.
Skilled workers.
Social disruptions.
Social services.
Social unrest.
Sovereign credit ratings.
Sovereign debt.
Standard deviation.
Standard deviations.
Standard errors.
State monopolies.
Sustainable tourism.
Sustainable tourism development.
Systemic banking crisis.
Tariff rate.
Tariff rates.
Tariff reductions.
Tariff revenues.
Tax avoidance.
Tax concessions.
Tax exemptions.
Tax expenditure.
Tax incentive.
Tax incentives.
Tax revenues.
Tax systems.
Technology transfer.
Telecommunications services.
Terms of trade.
Terms of trade effects.
Terms of trade shocks.
Time deposit.
Time series.
Total exports.
Tourism demand.
Tourism destinations.
Tourism development.
Tourism developments.
Tourism education.
Tourism enterprises.
Tourism impact.
Tourism industry.
Tourism information.
Tourism investment.
Tourism market.
Tourism niche.
Tourism operations.
Tourism organization.
Tourism organizations.
Tourism receipts.
Tourism research.
Tourism satellite account.
Tourism sector.
Tourism services.
Tourist accommodation.
Tourist accommodations.
Tourist arrivals.
Tourist market.
Trade agreement.
Trade agreements.
Trade area.
Trade arrangements.
Trade bloc.
Trade blocs.
Trade creating.
Trade data.
Trade diversion.
Trade effects.
Trade flows.
Trade imbalances.
Trade in services.
Trade integration.
Trade liberalization.
Trade negotiations.
Trade openness.
Trade policies.
Trade preferences.
Trade reforms.
Trade regime.
Trade regimes.
Trade restrictions.
Trade shocks.
Trade taxes.
Trading agreements.
Trading arrangements.
Trading partners.
Transition economies.
Transmission of business cycles.
Transmission of technology.
Transnational corporations.
Transport costs.
Travel costs.
Treasury bills.
Tropical storm.
Unemployment rate.
Unskilled labor.
Value of exports.
Value-added tax.
Value-added taxes.
Visitor arrivals.
Volume of trade.
Vulnerability to natural disasters.
Wage differentials.
Wind speed.
Worker protection.
Worker remittances.
Workers remittances.
World economy.
World investment.
World market.
World prices.
World tourism.
World tourism organization.
World trade.
World trade organization.
Antigua and Barbuda.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
This book sets out the economic challenges facing the island nations of the Caribbean and presents policy options to ameliorate external shocks and embark firmly on a sustained growth path. While the countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union that are the focus of the book have enjoyed a sustained period of price and exchange rate stability, they have been buffeted in recent years by adverse shocks, including the erosion of trade preferences, declines in official foreign assistance, and frequent natural disasters. Strengthening their growth performance will require design of a multifaceted strategy that integrates the Caribbean with the global economy, facilitates an economic transformation from agriculture to tourism, fosters greater regional cooperation, and preserves macroeconomic stability. This volume examines the critical issues that are part of that process, including fiscal and financial sector policy, management of external flows, trade integration and tourism, macroeconomic cycles and volatility, and the economic implications of natural disasters.
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Cashin, Paul.
Robinson, David O.
Sahay, Ratna.
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