The Dominican Republic [electronic resource] : Stabilization, Structural Reform, and Economic Growth, Cardoso, Jaime.

Cardoso, Jaime.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2002.
IMF eLibrary
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 206.
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 206
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Local subjects:
Access to international capital.
Access to international capital markets.
Adjustment process.
Agricultural export.
Agricultural trade.
Anti-export bias.
Average import tariff.
Average tariff.
Average tariff rate.
Average tariffs.
Balance of payments.
Balance of payments crises.
Balance of payments crisis.
Bilateral agreements.
Bilateral creditors.
Bilateral loans.
Bilateral trade.
Brady bonds.
Budget deficit.
Budget management.
Budget process.
Budget revenues.
Capacity utilization.
Capital expenditure.
Capital formation.
Capital inflows.
Capital markets.
Capital outflows.
Capital spending.
Central bank.
Commercial creditors.
Commodity prices.
Common market.
Competitive advantage.
Competitive markets.
Concessional debt.
Constant term.
Consumption taxes.
Contractionary monetary policy.
Corporate income tax.
Corporate income taxes.
Cost of capital.
Credit rating.
Current account.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Customs administration.
Debt burden.
Debt burdens.
Debt management.
Debt management policies.
Debt obligations.
Debt outstanding.
Debt policy.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt relief packages.
Debt rescheduling.
Debt restructuring.
Debt service.
Debt situation.
Debt stock.
Debt-service obligations.
Demand for money.
Domestic demand.
Domestic distortions.
Domestic economy.
Domestic firms.
Domestic goods.
Domestic industries.
Domestic industry.
Domestic monetary conditions.
Domestic monetary policy.
Domestic money market.
Domestic prices.
Domestic producers.
Domestic savings.
Domestic taxes.
Double taxation.
Duty-free access.
Economic growth.
Economic integration.
Elasticity of substitution.
Estimation technique.
Excessive monetary expansion.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate depreciation.
Exchange rate flexibility.
Exchange rate movements.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Exchange rates.
Excise taxes.
Export base.
Export bias.
Export growth.
Export licensing.
Export performance.
Export prices.
Export products.
Export prohibitions.
Export receipts.
Export restrictions.
Export sector.
Export taxes.
Export value.
Exporting countries.
Exports of goods.
External borrowing.
External debt.
External debt burden.
External debt burdens.
External debt service.
External debt situation.
External financing.
External funding.
External loans.
External obligations.
External position.
External public debt.
External public sector debt.
External tariff.
External tariffs.
Factor accumulation.
Factor shares.
Finite sample.
Fiscal accounts.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal conditions.
Fiscal control.
Fiscal control mechanisms.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal discipline.
Fiscal losses.
Fiscal operations.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal reform.
Fiscal reforms.
Fiscal situation.
Fixed exchange rate.
Fixed exchange rate regime.
Floating exchange rates.
Foreign tax.
Foreign trade.
Forward market.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Free trade agreements.
Free trade area.
Free trade zones.
Free zones.
Freely floating exchange rates.
Gdp deflator.
Gdp growth.
Gdp growth rates.
Government deficit.
Government expenditure.
Government securities.
Government spending.
Gross exports.
Growth accounting.
Growth analysis.
Growth model.
Growth rate.
Growth rates.
High tariffs.
High trade barriers.
Imf repurchases.
Import duties.
Import items.
Import prices.
Import quotas.
Import tariff.
Import tariff structure.
Import tariffs.
Import taxes.
Imported intermediate.
Income tax rates.
Income taxes.
Increasing consumption.
Intellectual property.
Intellectual property rights.
Interest payments.
Intermediate goods.
Intermediate inputs.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International monetary economics.
International standards.
International trade.
Investment behavior.
Investment program.
Investment projects.
Investor confidence.
Large taxpayer units.
Long-term debt.
Loose monetary policy.
Maximum likelihood estimation.
Maximum likelihood estimator.
Maximum tariff.
Monetary aggregate.
Monetary aggregates.
Monetary approach.
Monetary authorities.
Monetary authority.
Monetary base.
Monetary conditions.
Monetary control.
Monetary economics.
Monetary expansion.
Monetary expansions.
Monetary framework.
Monetary frameworks.
Monetary fund.
Monetary indicator.
Monetary model.
Monetary models.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary program.
Monetary shock.
Monetary shocks.
Monetary theory.
Monetary transmission.
Monetary union.
Money balances.
Money demand.
Money market.
Money stock.
Money supply.
Multilateral creditors.
Multilateral organizations.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade negotiations.
National budget.
Net capital.
Net capital outflows.
Net export.
Net exports.
New securities.
Nominal exchange rate.
Nominal interest rate.
Nominal interest rates.
Nonconcessional debt.
Nontariff barriers.
Nontradable goods.
Number of variables.
Official creditors.
Official exchange rate.
Official reserves.
Oil prices.
Open economies.
Open economy.
Open market.
Open market operations.
Output elasticity.
Output growth.
Partner countries.
Payment arrears.
Penalties for late payment.
Perfect substitutes.
Personal income tax.
Petroleum taxation.
Poverty alleviation.
Preferential access.
Preferential provisions.
Preliminary assessment.
Price liberalization.
Principal in arrears.
Private debt.
Private investment.
Producer price index.
Prudential regulation.
Public debt.
Public debt management.
Public expenditure.
Public external debt.
Public finances.
Public investment.
Public investment program.
Public sector debt.
Random walks.
Real gdp.
Reduction in transfers.
Regional trade.
Regional trade agreements.
Regional trade arrangements.
Regulatory framework.
Relief packages.
Reserve holdings.
Reserve requirement.
Reserve requirements.
Revenue collection.
Sample bias.
Sample sizes.
Short-term debt.
Skilled labor.
Spending cuts.
Stock of debt.
Substantial debt.
Substantial debt relief.
Tariff barriers.
Tariff escalation.
Tariff levels.
Tariff lines.
Tariff protection.
Tariff rate.
Tariff rates.
Tariff reform.
Tariff schedule.
Tariff structure.
Tax administration.
Tax amnesty.
Tax audit.
Tax base.
Tax burden.
Tax collection.
Tax deductions.
Tax incentives.
Tax rates.
Tax reform.
Tax reform process.
Tax revenue.
Tax revenues.
Tax system.
Taxable income.
Taxes on income.
Taxes on international trade.
Taxes on property.
Taxpayer registration.
Taxpayer units.
Terms of debt.
Terms of trade.
Tight monetary policy.
Time series.
Total exports.
Total factor productivity.
Total tax revenue.
Trade agreement.
Trade agreements.
Trade area.
Trade arrangements.
Trade barriers.
Trade liberalization.
Trade negotiations.
Trade policies.
Trade policy issues.
Trade policy review.
Trade reform.
Trade reforms.
Trade regime.
Trade relations.
Trade restrictions.
Trade taxes.
Trade terms.
Transition countries.
Transitory shocks.
Treasury bonds.
Value of exports.
Value-added tax.
Vat rate.
Vertical integration.
World economy.
World market.
World markets.
World prices.
World trade.
World trade organization.
Zero tariff.
Dominican Republic.
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Cardoso, Jaime.
Young, Philip M.
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