Albania [electronic resource] : From Isolation Toward Reform, Johnston, R. B..

Johnston, R. B.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1992.
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Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 98.
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 98
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Local subjects:
Adjustment process. (search)
Age structure. (search)
Aggregate demand. (search)
Agricultural bank. (search)
Agricultural commodities. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Bank accounts. (search)
Bank branches. (search)
Bank claims. (search)
Bank credit. (search)
Bank deposits. (search)
Bank financing. (search)
Bank interest. (search)
Bank lending. (search)
Bank loan. (search)
Banker. (search)
Banking. (search)
Banking activities. (search)
Banking system. (search)
Bilateral investment. (search)
Bilateral investment treaties. (search)
Birth. (search)
Birth rate. (search)
Capital expenditure. (search)
Central banking. (search)
Closed economy. (search)
Commodity composition. (search)
Consumer subsidies. (search)
Country comparison. (search)
Credit policy. (search)
Crude birth. (search)
Crude birth rate. (search)
Crude death rate. (search)
Current account balance. (search)
Current account deficit. (search)
Current expenditure. (search)
Current market price. (search)
Death rate. (search)
Direct investment. (search)
Domestic consumption. (search)
Domestic demand. (search)
Domestic economy. (search)
Domestic industry. (search)
Domestic price. (search)
Domestic prices. (search)
Domestic production. (search)
Economic community. (search)
Employment growth. (search)
Enterprise contributions. (search)
Enterprise income. (search)
Enterprise profitability. (search)
Enterprise sector. (search)
Enterprise subsidies. (search)
Equal treatment. (search)
Excess demand. (search)
Exchange rate. (search)
Exchange rate policies. (search)
Exchange rate policy. (search)
Exchange reserves. (search)
Export earnings. (search)
Export markets. (search)
Export prices. (search)
Export sector. (search)
Export value. (search)
Export volumes. (search)
External credit. (search)
External financing. (search)
External position. (search)
External trade. (search)
Factor markets. (search)
Fixed capital formation. (search)
Fixed investment. (search)
Food industry. (search)
Foreign asset. (search)
Foreign capital. (search)
Foreign direct investment. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange market. (search)
Foreign exchange reserves. (search)
Foreign investment. (search)
Foreign investments. (search)
Foreign trade. (search)
Global output. (search)
Government budget. (search)
Health services. (search)
Import prices. (search)
Import side. (search)
Imported goods. (search)
Imported inputs. (search)
Industrial enterprises. (search)
Infant mortality. (search)
Infant mortality rate. (search)
Intermediate goods. (search)
Intermediate inputs. (search)
Internal market. (search)
Internal trade. (search)
International standards. (search)
International trade. (search)
International trade operations. (search)
International trade policy. (search)
Investment decisions. (search)
Investment promotion. (search)
Investment treaties. (search)
Life expectancy. (search)
Life expectancy at birth. (search)
Macroeconomic stability. (search)
Mortality rate. (search)
Neighboring countries. (search)
Net exports. (search)
Oil shock. (search)
Output growth. (search)
Ownership of enterprises. (search)
Ownership rights. (search)
Partner countries. (search)
Per capita income. (search)
Population growth. (search)
Population growth rate. (search)
Price fluctuations. (search)
Price liberalization. (search)
Privatization agency. (search)
Public enterprises. (search)
Public utilities. (search)
Regional trade. (search)
Regional trade arrangements. (search)
Regulatory policies. (search)
Reserve account. (search)
Resource allocation. (search)
Salaries. (search)
Savings bank. (search)
Savings ratio. (search)
School-age children. (search)
Short-term debt. (search)
Social insurance. (search)
Social security. (search)
Social security system. (search)
Social services. (search)
Social unrest. (search)
Socialist countries. (search)
Socialist economies. (search)
Socialist economy. (search)
State assets. (search)
State bank. (search)
State budget. (search)
State control. (search)
State enterprise. (search)
State enterprises. (search)
State intervention. (search)
State monopoly. (search)
State ownership. (search)
State planning commission. (search)
State sector. (search)
Tax incentives. (search)
Terms of trade. (search)
Total population. (search)
Trade agreements. (search)
Trade arrangements. (search)
Trade classification. (search)
Trade deficit. (search)
Trade losses. (search)
Trade taxes. (search)
Trading activities. (search)
Trading partner. (search)
Trading partners. (search)
Transport equipment. (search)
Unemployment rate. (search)
Value of exports. (search)
Value-added tax. (search)
Vital statistics. (search)
Wage. (search)
Wage increases. (search)
Wage policy. (search)
Wages. (search)
Wholesale price. (search)
Working capital. (search)
Working population. (search)
World economy. (search)
World markets. (search)
World prices. (search)
Albania. (search)
This study reviews Albania's historical and political background, as well as economic developments in 1991. It describes the centrally planned economic system up to the onset of reform and analyzes economic performance in the 1980s.
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Bléjer, Mario I.
Hides, Richard.
Johnston, R. B.
Mecagni, Mauro.
Nagy, Piroska Mohácsi.
Pepper, Roy.
Sahay, Ratna.
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