The Mongolian People's Republic [electronic resource] : Toward a Market Economy, Sukachevin, Padej.

Sukachevin, Padej.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1991.
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Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 79.
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 79
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Local subjects:
Adjustment process.
Balance of payments.
Bank accounts.
Bank acts.
Bank borrowing.
Bank branches.
Bank credit.
Bank data.
Bank debt.
Bank finances.
Bank issues.
Bank loans.
Bank notes.
Bank supervision.
Banking activities.
Banking law.
Banking operations.
Banking reform.
Banking sector.
Banking services.
Banking structure.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Banking units.
Bargaining power.
Bilateral agreement.
Bilateral arrangements.
Bilateral contracts.
Bilateral trade.
Bilateral trade flows.
Border trade.
Central banking.
Changes in trade.
Check clearing.
Clearing system.
Commodity composition.
Commodity prices.
Cooperative bank.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current expenditure.
Domestic consumption.
Domestic demand.
Domestic economy.
Domestic market.
Domestic prices.
Domestic producers.
Domestic production.
Domestic reforms.
Economic cooperation.
Employment growth.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Export earnings.
Export markets.
Export price.
Export prices.
Export subsidies.
Export taxes.
Export volumes.
External indebtedness.
External position.
External shocks.
External trade.
Fixed capital formation.
Fixed investment.
Food industry.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign trade.
Gross capital formation.
Imperfect competition.
Import price.
Import prices.
Imported good.
Imported goods.
Imported inputs.
Income distribution.
Increasing trade.
Independent bank.
Industrial bank.
Internal distribution.
Internal market.
International reserve.
International trade.
International trade policy.
Investment bank.
Investment flows.
Investment spending.
Monetary union.
Most-favored-nation agreements.
Multilateral agreement.
National bank.
Oil prices.
Per capita income.
Price liberalization.
Price support.
Property transfer.
Reserve holdings.
Resource allocation.
Retained earnings.
Sales taxes.
Savings ratio.
State bank.
State enterprise.
Terms of trade.
Trade agreements.
Trade arrangements.
Trade data.
Trade deficit.
Trade flows.
Trade imbalances.
Trade partners.
Trade patterns.
Trade policy issues.
Trade relations.
Trade taxes.
Trading arrangements.
Trading partner.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Transition period.
Transport costs.
Unemployment rate.
Value of exports.
Value of imports.
Volume of trade.
Wholesale price.
Wholesale price index.
World economy.
World market.
World market price.
World prices.
This paper is based on an IMF staff report prepared in connection with the application of the Mongolian People's Republic (Mongolia) for membership in the International Monetary Fund. It reviews Mongolia's political and economic history, highlighting its changing economic structure following World War II and its recent efforts to introduce market mechanisms.
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Leimone, John Edward.
Milne, Elizabeth.
Rozwadowski, F.
Sukachevin, Padej.
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