Global Financial Stability Report, September 2006 [electronic resource] : Market Developments and Issues.

International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2006.
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Global Financial Stability Report; Global Financial Stability Report.
Global Financial Stability Report; Global Financial Stability Report
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Local subjects:
Asset markets.
Asset valuation.
Bearer bonds.
Benchmark bond.
Bond financing.
Bond funds.
Bond index.
Bond indices.
Bond investments.
Bond investors.
Bond issuance.
Bond market.
Bond markets.
Bond portfolio.
Bond returns.
Bond spreads.
Bond yields.
Border capital flows.
Broker loans.
Call options.
Capital account liberalization.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital adequacy ratios.
Capital controls.
Capital flow.
Capital flow reversal.
Capital flow reversals.
Capital flows.
Capital inflows.
Capital injection.
Capital market.
Capital market access.
Capital market investors.
Capital markets.
Capital outflows.
Capital ratio.
Capital requirement.
Capital shortage.
Cash bond markets.
Commercial credits.
Commodities futures.
Commodity futures.
Commodity markets.
Commodity prices.
Consumer price index.
Corporate bond.
Corporate bond market.
Corporate bond markets.
Corporate bonds.
Corporate loans.
Cost of capital.
Credit derivative.
Credit derivatives.
Credit expansion.
Credit rating.
Credit rating agencies.
Currency crises.
Currency crisis.
Currency futures.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt-servicing costs.
Deposit growth.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit rate.
Derivative financial instruments.
Derivatives instruments.
Derivatives markets.
Derivatives transactions.
Domestic bonds.
Emerging market bond.
Equity derivatives.
Equity funds.
Equity inflows.
Equity investment.
Equity investments.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity prices.
Equity valuation.
External capital.
External capital flows.
Financial assets.
Financial futures.
Financial globalization.
Financial innovation.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intermediation.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial market development.
Financial markets.
Financial regulation.
Financial sector.
Financial sector development.
Financial securities.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial statements.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Financial volatility.
Foreign asset stocks.
Foreign bond.
Foreign bonds.
Foreign capital.
Foreign capital inflows.
Foreign equity.
Foreign investment capital.
Foreign stocks.
Futures contract.
Futures contracts.
Futures exchanges.
Futures position.
Futures positions.
Futures trading.
Global bonds.
Global capital flows.
Global currency.
Global current account.
Global equity markets.
Global Financial Stability Report.
Government bond.
Government bond yields.
Government bonds.
Government securities.
Gross bond issuance.
Hedge fund.
Hedge funds.
Index bond.
Index futures.
Index options.
Inflation rate.
Interest rate futures.
Interest rate risk.
International capital.
International capital flows.
International capital markets.
International finance.
International finance corporation.
International financial markets.
International financial statistics.
International reserves.
International securities.
Investor confidence.
Issuance of bonds.
Liberalization of capital.
Liquid markets.
Liquidity crisis.
Local bond.
Local bond markets.
Local capital markets.
Management techniques.
Market asset.
Market bond.
Mature markets.
Moral hazard.
Mortgage bonds.
Net capital.
Net capital flows.
Oil futures.
Option contracts.
Option markets.
Portfolio capital inflows.
Portfolio investment.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Private flows.
Private investors.
Public stock.
Real appreciation.
Real effective exchange rate.
Risk aversion.
Securities firms.
Securities markets.
Securities ownership.
Security markets.
Short-term capital.
Short-term capital inflows.
Sovereign bond.
Sovereign bond market.
Stabilization policies.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchange listing.
Stock indices.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock market index.
Stock market volatility.
Stock markets.
Stock of debt.
Stock returns.
Trade futures.
Treasury bond.
Treasury bonds.
Treasury securities.
Volatility of capital flows.
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.
Korea, Republic of.
Saint Lucia.
United States.
The Global Financial Stability Report (GSFR), published twice a year by the IMF, provides timely analysis of developments in mature and emerging market countries and seeks to identify potential fault lines in the global financial system that could lead to crisis. The GFSR aims to deepen its readers’ understanding of global capital flows, which play a critical role as an engine of world economic growth. Along with the IMF’s semiannual World Economic Outlook, the GFSR is a key vehicle for the IMF’s multilateral surveillance. The Global Financial Stability Report was created to provide a more frequent assessment of global financial markets and to address emerging market financing in a global context. The report focuses on current conditions in global financial markets, highlighting issues of financial imbalances, and of a structural nature, that could pose risks to financial market stability and sustained market access by emerging market borrowers. The GFSR focuses on relevant contemporary issues, not attempting to be a comprehensive survey of all potential risks. It also draws out the financial ramifications of economic imbalances highlighted by the IMF’s World Economic Outlook. It regularly contains, as a special feature, articles on structural or systemic issues relevant to international financial stability.
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International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
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