The Caribbean [electronic resource] : Enhancing Economic Integration, Panth, Sanjaya.

Panth, Sanjaya.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2008.
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Departmental Papers / Policy Papers; Departmental Paper No. 08/02.
Departmental Papers / Policy Papers; Departmental Paper No. 08/02
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Local subjects:
Access to capital markets.
Adjustment process.
Annual budget.
Applied tariff.
Average tariff.
Average tariff rate.
Balance of payments.
Bargaining power.
Bond fund.
Bond market.
Bond markets.
Capital account liberalization.
Capital adequacy.
Capital base.
Capital controls.
Capital expenditure.
Capital flows.
Capital market.
Capital market integration.
Capital market securities.
Capital markets.
Capital mobility.
Capital movements.
Capital transactions.
Cash flow.
Central securities depository.
Commodity exporters.
Commodity prices.
Competitive price.
Cost of capital.
Country of origin.
Credit rating.
Currency risk.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Customs administration.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit rates.
Direct foreign investment.
Direct investment.
Direct investments.
Domestic economy.
Domestic prices.
Domestic producers.
Domestic savings.
Duty free.
Dynamic effects.
Economic community.
Economic integration.
Electronic bond.
Equilibrium model.
Equity markets.
Equity prices.
Exchange rate regimes.
Expenditure cuts.
Expenditure restraint.
Export crops.
Export earnings.
Export losses.
Export market.
Export markets.
Export of goods.
Export price.
Export prices.
Export proceeds.
Export processing.
Export processing zones.
Export production.
Export products.
Export receipts.
Export revenue.
Export revenues.
Export sectors.
Export subsidies.
Export supply.
Export taxes.
Export unit.
Export values.
Export volume.
Export volumes.
Exporting company.
Exporting countries.
Exporting country.
External financing.
External shocks.
External tariff.
Factor endowments.
Fair trade.
Financial assets.
Financial conglomerates.
Financial dependence.
Financial derivatives.
Financial economics.
Financial institutions.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial sector.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial structure.
Financial system.
Financial vulnerabilities.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal authorities.
Fiscal balances.
Fiscal consolidation.
Fiscal constraints.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal developments.
Fiscal documentation.
Fiscal effort.
Fiscal incentives.
Fiscal incentives for investment.
Fiscal indicators.
Fiscal measures.
Fiscal outcomes.
Fiscal paradise.
Fiscal policy.
Fixed income securities.
Foreign assets.
Foreign bank.
Foreign banks.
Foreign capital.
Foreign currency.
Foreign direct investment.
Foreign direct investments.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign investment.
Foreign investment advisory service.
Foreign investment flows.
Foreign investments.
Foreign investor.
Foreign investors.
Foreign issuers.
Foreign liabilities.
Foreign markets.
Foreign ownership.
Foreign securities.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Free trade agreements.
Free trade zones.
Global capital markets.
Global integration.
Global trade.
Government bond.
Government bond markets.
Government deficit.
Government securities.
Harmonizing regulations.
Hedge funds.
Host country.
Host economy.
Impact of trade.
Import demand.
Import duties.
Import duty.
Import price.
Import tariffs.
Import taxes.
Increasing integration.
Increasing investment.
Indirect tax.
Indirect taxes.
Industrial countries.
Integrated markets.
Integration efforts.
Internal trade.
Internal trade barriers.
International accounting standards.
International capital.
International capital mobility.
International investment.
International investors.
International standards.
International trade.
Investment climate.
Investment decisions.
Investment flows.
Investment goods.
Investment incentives.
Investment policy.
Investment restrictions.
Local taxes.
Macroeconomic stability.
Market access.
Market integration.
Market segment.
Market segmentation.
Market size.
Market structures.
Merchandise export.
Merchandise exports.
Mfn tariffs.
Money market.
Money market fund.
Money market funds.
Movement of capital.
Movement of export.
Multilateral liberalization.
Multinational corporations.
Multinational firms.
Mutual funds.
National sovereignty.
National stock exchanges.
Neighboring countries.
Oil prices.
Open economies.
Open economy.
Open market.
Output growth.
Overseas investments.
Partial equilibrium.
Political economy.
Poverty consequences.
Preference erosion.
Preference schemes.
Preference-granting country.
Preferential access.
Preferential agreements.
Preferential arrangements.
Preferential market access.
Preferential tariff.
Preferential tariffs.
Preferential trade.
Preferential trade agreements.
Preferential trade arrangements.
Preferential trading.
Preferential trading arrangements.
Product differentiation.
Public debt.
Public finance.
Regional bond market.
Regional integration.
Regional trade.
Regulatory barriers.
Revenue collection.
Rural population.
Secondary bond markets.
Securities dealers.
Securities depository.
Securities exchange.
Securities exchanges.
Securities firms.
Securities market.
Securities markets.
Securities transactions.
Share capital.
Share of exports.
Skilled labor.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchanges.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock markets.
Stock ownership.
Stock price.
Stock prices.
Tariff equivalent.
Tariff levels.
Tariff preferences.
Tariff protection.
Tariff rate.
Tariff rates.
Tariff reductions.
Tax administration.
Tax authorities.
Tax base.
Tax bases.
Tax burden.
Tax changes.
Tax collection.
Tax collections.
Tax compliance.
Tax concessions.
Tax credit.
Tax credits.
Tax incentive.
Tax incentives.
Tax incentives policy.
Tax income.
Tax liability.
Tax policy.
Tax rates.
Tax reform.
Tax reforms.
Tax revenue.
Tax revenues.
Tax system.
Tax systems.
Taxable income.
Terms of trade.
Total export.
Total exports.
Trade agreement.
Trade agreements.
Trade arrangements.
Trade barriers.
Trade exports.
Trade flows.
Trade in services.
Trade integration.
Trade liberalization.
Trade losses.
Trade policies.
Trade preferences.
Trade regime.
Trade regimes.
Trade shock.
Trade taxes.
Trade war.
Trade-weighted average.
Trading arrangements.
Trading costs.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Transaction value.
Transition economies.
Transitional costs.
Value-added taxes.
Volatility of capital flows.
World economy.
World investment.
World market.
World market price.
World markets.
World price.
World prices.
World trade.
World trade organization.
Dominican Republic.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Trinidad and Tobago.
The Caribbean has made substantial progress in recent years in implementing economic reforms, both at the national and regional level. The Caribbean: Enhancing Economic Integration examines the product of the efforts made by Caribbean policymakers to strengthen regional cooperation and integration, which has yielded economic transformation and tighter integration with the global economy. This volume discusses regional financial integration as a means of deepening financial systems and raising regional growth; the relationship between tax incentives and investment, where harmonized regional action is important in seeking to overcome collective actions problems; and the consequences for the Caribbean of the erosion of trade preferences in key export markets. The book is based on empirical research carried out as part of the IMF's regional surveillance work in the Caribbean.
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Bauer, W. Andreas.
Cashin, Paul.
Panth, Sanjaya.
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