The European Monetary System [electronic resource] : The Experience, 1979-1982, Nyberg, Peter.

Nyberg, Peter.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1983.
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Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 19.
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 19
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Adjustable exchange rates. (search)
Average exchange rate. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Basket of currencies. (search)
Bilateral exchange rate. (search)
Bilateral exchange rates. (search)
Bilateral real exchange rate. (search)
Central bank. (search)
Central banks. (search)
Currency exchange. (search)
Currency exchange rates. (search)
Currency units. (search)
Discount rate. (search)
Dollar exchange rate. (search)
Domestic monetary policy. (search)
Effective exchange rate. (search)
Effective exchange rates. (search)
Equilibrium exchange rate. (search)
European monetary cooperation fund. (search)
European monetary system. (search)
Exchange arrangements. (search)
Exchange control. (search)
Exchange control measures. (search)
Exchange controls. (search)
Exchange market intervention. (search)
Exchange markets. (search)
Exchange of information. (search)
Exchange rate. (search)
Exchange rate action. (search)
Exchange rate adjustment. (search)
Exchange rate adjustments. (search)
Exchange rate changes. (search)
Exchange rate developments. (search)
Exchange rate mechanism. (search)
Exchange rate movements. (search)
Exchange rate policies. (search)
Exchange rate policy. (search)
Exchange rate regimes. (search)
Exchange rate stability. (search)
Exchange rate system. (search)
Exchange rate variability. (search)
Exchange rates. (search)
Exchange restrictions. (search)
Fixed exchange rates. (search)
Fluctuation margins. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange market. (search)
Foreign exchange markets. (search)
Forward exchange. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Hard currency. (search)
Inflation. (search)
International liquidity. (search)
International monetary reform. (search)
International monetary relations. (search)
International monetary system. (search)
Long-term interest rates. (search)
Monetary aggregates. (search)
Monetary cooperation. (search)
Monetary expansion. (search)
Monetary fund. (search)
Monetary independence. (search)
Monetary institutions. (search)
Monetary integration. (search)
Monetary measures. (search)
Monetary policies. (search)
Monetary policy. (search)
Monetary reform. (search)
Monetary relations. (search)
Monetary stability. (search)
Monetary system. (search)
Monetary union. (search)
Money stock. (search)
Money supply. (search)
Multilateral exchange rate. (search)
Nominal effective exchange rate. (search)
Nominal exchange rate. (search)
Nominal exchange rates. (search)
Real exchange rate. (search)
Real exchange rates. (search)
Reserve asset. (search)
Reserve assets. (search)
Reserve bank. (search)
Reserve tranche. (search)
Stable exchange rates. (search)
Surveillance over exchange rate policies. (search)
Belgium. (search)
Denmark. (search)
France. (search)
Germany. (search)
Grenada. (search)
Ireland. (search)
Italy. (search)
Netherlands. (search)
United Kingdom. (search)
This paper is concerned with developments in the European Monetary System (EMS) from its start in March 1979 through December 1982.
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Evens, Owen.
Nyberg, Peter.
Ungerer, Horst.
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