Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Volume 5 [electronic resource]

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2008.
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Seminar Volumes; Vol. 5.
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Local subjects:
Account opening.
Accounting firms.
Administrative sanctions.
Anti-money laundering.
Articles of incorporation.
Asian crisis.
Asian financial crisis.
Assessing compliance.
Assessment criteria.
Asset markets.
Asset-liability management.
Audit committee.
Audit function.
Average rate of inflation.
Balance of payments.
Bank account.
Bank accounts.
Bank activities.
Bank behavior.
Bank capital regulations.
Bank corruption.
Bank credit.
Bank crises.
Bank crisis.
Bank deposits.
Bank directors.
Bank drafts.
Bank entry.
Bank failure.
Bank failure resolution.
Bank failures.
Bank finance.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank governance.
Bank holding.
Bank holding companies.
Bank independence.
Bank indonesia.
Bank insolvencies.
Bank insolvency.
Bank insolvency law.
Bank insolvency proceedings.
Bank intervention.
Bank law.
Bank lending.
Bank liquidation.
Bank loan.
Bank managers.
Bank money.
Bank note.
Bank of canada.
Bank of england.
Bank of israel.
Bank of japan.
Bank officers.
Bank owners.
Bank panic.
Bank panics.
Bank policy.
Bank regulation.
Bank regulations.
Bank regulators.
Bank restructuring.
Bank risk.
Bank risk-shifting.
Bank risks.
Bank run.
Bank runs.
Bank shareholders.
Bank stability.
Bank supervision.
Bank supervisors.
Bank supervisory powers.
Banking crises.
Banking crisis.
Banking industry.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking laws.
Banking regulation.
Banking relationships.
Banking secrecy.
Banking sector.
Banking sector development.
Banking sector problems.
Banking sectors.
Banking services.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervisor.
Banking supervisors.
Banking supervisory office.
Banking system.
Banking system development.
Banking system distress.
Banking system fragility.
Banking system stability.
Banking systems.
Banking transactions.
Banks assets.
Beneficial owners.
Beneficial ownership.
Bilateral creditors.
Bilateral netting.
Bills of exchange.
Biological substances.
Blue sky laws.
Bond broker.
Bond contracts.
Bond covenants.
Bond dealers.
Bond holders.
Bond instruments.
Bond issuance.
Bond issuer.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond market turbulence.
Bond markets.
Book entry securities.
Brokerage services.
Business law.
Business lawyer.
Business relationships.
Capital account crisis.
Capital account liberalization.
Capital adequacy.
Capital formation.
Capital gains.
Capital inflows.
Capital market.
Capital market regulation.
Capital markets.
Capital regulation.
Capital requirements.
Cash payments.
Central bank.
Central banking.
Central banks.
Certification of disclosure.
Chief accountant.
Civil liability.
Civil rights.
Class of bonds.
Clearing agency.
Clearing houses.
Clearing members.
Clearing systems.
Close out.
Combat money laundering.
Commercial law.
Commercial policy.
Commodity derivatives.
Commodity futures.
Commodity options.
Commodity prices.
Common law jurisdictions.
Common market.
Compensatory financing.
Competent authorities.
Competent jurisdiction.
Compliance program.
Conflict of laws.
Conflicts of law.
Consolidated supervision.
Constitutional law.
Continuous disclosure.
Contract law.
Contracting states.
Contractual obligations.
Convention on choice.
Corporate boards.
Corporate charters.
Corporate finance.
Corporate governance.
Corporate governance codes.
Corporate governance standards.
Corporate law.
Corporate officers.
Corporate securities.
Corporate structures.
Corporation law.
Cost of capital.
Counterterrorism initiatives.
Counterterrorist policy.
Court agreements.
Court of appeals.
Credit derivative.
Credit derivatives.
Credit rating.
Credit rating agencies.
Credit ratings.
Credit tranche.
Credit transfer.
Credit transfers.
Criminal activities.
Criminal activity.
Criminal acts.
Criminal enforcement.
Criminal investigation.
Criminal investigations.
Criminal law.
Criminal liability.
Criminal offense.
Criminal organizations.
Crisis lending.
Crisis management.
Crisis prevention.
Crisis resolution.
Crisis situation.
Crisis situations.
Cross-border insolvency.
Currency crises.
Currency futures.
Current account.
Current account deficits.
Current accounts.
Custodial services.
Custody risk.
Custody services.
Customer identification.
Data processing.
Debt burden.
Debt contracts.
Debt crises.
Debt crisis.
Debt financing.
Debt management.
Debt obligations.
Debt overhang.
Debt relief.
Debt renegotiations.
Debt rescheduling.
Debt restructuring.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt service payments.
Debt servicing.
Debtor country.
Declaration of insolvency.
Dematerialized securities.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance coverage.
Deposit insurance premiums.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Deposit insurance systems.
Depositor protection.
Derivative contracts.
Derivative financial instruments.
Derivative instruments.
Derivative transactions.
Derivatives market.
Derivatives markets.
Derivatives transaction.
Direct investment.
Director independence.
Dirty bomb.
Disclosure issues.
Disclosure obligations.
Disclosure requirements.
Disclosure violations.
Discretionary monetary policy.
Domestic financial system.
Drug trafficking.
Due diligence.
Economic community.
Economic convergence.
Economic crimes.
Economic efficiency.
Efficient capital markets.
Emergency response.
Enforcement authorities.
Equity funds.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity securities.
Ethical standards.
European commission.
European monetary union.
European parliament.
Event of insolvency.
Exchange act.
Exchange commission.
Exchange information.
External auditing.
External shock.
Failure resolution.
Federal deposit insurance.
Federal securities.
Federal securities regulation.
Fiduciary obligations.
Fighting money laundering.
Financial activity.
Financial assets.
Financial collapse.
Financial conglomerates.
Financial contagion.
Financial crimes.
Financial crises.
Financial crisis.
Financial disclosure.
Financial distress.
Financial economics.
Financial fragility.
Financial futures.
Financial information.
Financial innovation.
Financial instability.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intelligence unit.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial investigations.
Financial law.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial reform.
Financial reforms.
Financial regulation.
Financial reports.
Financial resources.
Financial safety net.
Financial sector.
Financial sector activities.
Financial sector performance.
Financial sector regulation.
Financial sector research.
Financial sector supervision.
Financial sector supervisors.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial statements.
Financial supervision.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Financial transactions.
Financial vulnerabilities.
Financing mechanism.
Financing of terrorism.
Foreign counterparts.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange restrictions.
Foreign insolvency.
Foreign jurisdictions.
Foreign relations.
Forward contracts.
Free competition.
Full disclosure.
Funds transfers.
Futures contract.
Futures contracts.
Futures exchanges.
Futures market.
Futures markets.
Futures trading.
General resources account.
Global corporate governance.
Global securities.
Global trade.
Good faith.
Government bond.
Government bond market.
Government bonds.
Government securities.
Hedge fund.
Hedge fund crises.
Hedge fund investor.
Hedge fund investors.
Hedge fund manager.
Hedge fund managers.
Hedge fund risk.
Hedge fund strategies.
Hedge funds.
Holding companies.
Holding company.
Homeland security.
Hong kong monetary authority.
Identity cards.
Identity documents.
Illegal funds.
Increasing share.
Indebted country.
Independent directors.
Independent source documents.
Index futures.
Individual bondholders.
Information exchange.
Initial public offerings.
Insider trading.
Insolvency act.
Insolvency convention.
Insolvency law.
Insolvency laws.
Insolvency legislation.
Insolvency legislations.
Insolvency order.
Insolvency practice.
Insolvency proceeding.
Insolvency proceedings.
Insolvency regime.
Insolvency regimes.
Insolvency regulation.
Insolvency set.
Insolvency situations.
Instrument of ratification.
Insurance agencies.
Insurance benefits.
Insurance companies.
Insurance contracts.
Insurance coverage.
Insurance funds.
Insurance law.
Insurance premiums.
Insurance system.
Insurance systems.
Interest rate controls.
Interest rate futures.
Interest rate liberalization.
Interest rate policy.
Intergovernmental organizations.
Internal controls.
Internal market.
International agreements.
International banks.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International community.
International conventions.
International cooperation.
International debt.
International finance.
International financial architecture.
International financial community.
International financial contagion.
International financial crises.
International financial law.
International financial markets.
International financial system.
International insolvency.
International law.
International law experts.
International lending.
International reserves.
International settlements.
International standards.
Interstate commerce.
Investment company act.
Investor confidence.
Investor protection.
Islamic law.
Joint stock.
Joint stock company.
Know your customer.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement agencies.
Law enforcement authorities.
Law enforcement bodies.
Law enforcement information.
Law enforcement officials.
Legal arrangements.
Legal frameworks.
Legal obligations.
Legal opinions.
Legal systems.
Level playing field.
Liability management.
Liquid liabilities.
Liquid markets.
Liquidity crises.
Liquidity crisis.
Liquidity support.
Long-term loans.
Low inflation.
Macroeconomic performance.
Macroeconomic policies.
Macroeconomic stability.
Market participants.
Monetary authorities.
Monetary authority.
Monetary financing.
Monetary impacts.
Monetary instability.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy objectives.
Monetary stability.
Monetary stance.
Monetary system.
Monetary systems.
Monetary union.
Money laundering.
Money laundering investigations.
Money laundering laws.
Money market.
Money market instruments.
Money markets.
Money supply.
Moral hazard.
Multilateral surveillance.
Mutual evaluation.
Mutual evaluations.
National association.
National bank.
National insolvency.
National law.
National legislation.
Negotiable instruments.
Net capital.
New insolvency.
New york stock exchange.
Official creditor.
Official creditors.
Oil prices.
Oil shock.
Open market.
Option markets.
Payment chain.
Payment system.
Payment systems.
Penal sanctions.
Pension funds.
Performance bond.
Performance bonds.
Physical securities.
Precious metals.
Precious stones.
Price stability.
Principal risk.
Private bank.
Private banks.
Private creditors.
Private debt.
Private equity.
Private equity funds.
Private insurance.
Private international law.
Privately placed securities.
Problem bank.
Professional secrecy.
Promissory notes.
Property rights.
Proprietary accounts.
Proprietary positions.
Protection of investors.
Protective measures.
Provisional settlement.
Prudential regulation.
Public bond.
Public bond issues.
Public corporations.
Public offering.
Public offerings.
Purchase of securities.
Quantitative restrictions.
Rate of inflation.
Ratings of banks.
Real time gross settlement.
Registered company.
Registered securities.
Registration statement.
Registration statements.
Regulation on insolvency.
Regulatory agencies.
Regulatory authorities.
Regulatory authority.
Regulatory bodies.
Regulatory competition.
Regulatory environment.
Regulatory law.
Regulatory measures.
Regulatory requirements.
Regulatory standards.
Reorganization proceedings.
Replacement cost risk.
Reporting obligations.
Repurchase agreement.
Reputational risks.
Reserve bank.
Reserve banks.
Reserve currencies.
Reserve currency.
Reserve holdings.
Reserve ratio.
Reserve requirements.
Retail investors.
Reverse repo.
Risk management.
Risk of loss.
Risk premium.
Risk profile.
Sale of bonds.
Savings bank.
Secrecy provisions.
Secured credit.
Secured creditors.
Securities accounts.
Securities clearing.
Securities commissions.
Securities contracts.
Securities exchange.
Securities exchange act.
Securities fraud.
Securities holding.
Securities holding systems.
Securities industry.
Securities law.
Securities laws.
Securities litigation.
Securities market.
Securities markets.
Securities offering.
Securities prices.
Securities processing.
Securities registration.
Securities regulation.
Securities regulators.
Securities settlement.
Securities settlement systems.
Securities trading.
Securities transactions.
Services industry.
Share information.
Shareholder protections.
Shareholder vote.
Shareholder votes.
Shock absorbers.
Social objective.
Sovereign bond.
Sovereign bonds.
Sovereign borrower.
Sovereign debt.
Sovereign debt crises.
Sovereign debt crisis.
Sovereign debt restructuring.
Sovereign debtor.
Sovereign debtors.
Speculative attacks.
Spot transactions.
State bank.
State corporation law.
Stock company.
Stock corporations.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchange listing.
Stock exchange transactions.
Stock exchanges.
Stock indexes.
Stock indices.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock market collapse.
Stock market index.
Stock of debt.
Stock options.
Stock price.
Stress testing.
Supervisory agencies.
Supervisory agency.
Supervisory approach.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory environment.
Supervisory framework.
Supervisory process.
Supervisory regime.
Supervisory regimes.
Supervisory systems.
Suspicious activities.
Suspicious activity.
Suspicious transaction.
Suspicious transaction report.
Suspicious transaction reports.
Systemic banking crises.
Systemic risk.
Target system.
Tax authorities.
Tax evasion.
Terrorist attacks.
Terrorist financing.
Terrorist incidents.
Terrorist organizations.
Third parties.
Trade futures.
Trading of securities.
Trading partners.
Transaction records.
Transaction reports.
Type of insolvency.
Uniform commercial code.
United nations security.
Unsecured creditors.
Venture capital funds.
Winding-up petition.
Wire transfer.
United States.
The main theme of Volume 5 in this series is law and financial stability. The chapters cover many topics that enhance the reader's understanding of financial stability, as well as the many instruments available to promote it. The contributors discuss and analyze a range of issues such as, competing responsibilities of central banks and the institutional responses to past episodes of instability; the reasons for and against regulating hedge funds and derivatives, and the methods available for doing so; and the contributions of deposit insurance schemes, payments systems and securities settlement systems towards achieving financial stability. The relationship between laws proscribing money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the goal of financial stability is also discussed. The chapters in this edited volume are based on presentations from the tenth biennial seminar for legal advisors of central banks and member countries organized by the Legal Department and Institute of the IMF. The chapter authors include scholars, lawyers, representatives from the private sector, as well as officials of the IMF, other international organizations, and central banks.
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