Panama [electronic resource] : Detailed Assessments of Observance of Standards and Codes for Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision, and Securities Regulation.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2007.
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IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 07/67.
IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 07/67
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Local subjects:
Account number.
Accounting firms.
Accounting standards.
Acts of terrorism.
Adequate enforcement powers.
Adequate powers.
Adequate screening procedures.
Administrative investigations.
Administrative sanctions.
Alternative remittance.
Assessment criteria.
Assessment methodology.
Assessment mission.
Asset forfeiture fund.
Audit function.
Bank licensing.
Bank supervision.
Banking relationships.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervisors.
Basel Core Principles.
Beneficial owners.
Beneficial ownership.
Business relationships.
Cash transaction.
Cash transactions.
Chemical agents.
Civil forfeiture.
Civil liability.
Collective investment scheme.
Collective investment schemes.
Combat money laundering.
Competent authorities.
Compliance function.
Compliance officer.
Compliance program.
Confidentiality requirements.
Confiscated property.
Contingency plans.
Control information.
Control structure.
Counter-terrorism committee.
Counterfeit currency.
Criminal activities.
Criminal behavior.
Criminal case.
Criminal cases.
Criminal elements.
Criminal forfeiture.
Criminal group.
Criminal groups.
Criminal investigation.
Criminal investigations.
Criminal law.
Criminal liability.
Criminal matters.
Criminal offenses.
Criminal proceeds.
Criminal record.
Criminal sanctions.
Criminal violation.
Cross border misconduct.
Currency transaction reports.
Currency transactions.
Customer files.
Customer identification.
Customer identification requirements.
Customer identity.
Customer policies.
Customer policy.
Customer transactions.
Disciplinary proceedings.
Dispute resolution.
Domestic law.
Drug trafficking.
Dual criminality.
Due diligence.
Due diligence measures.
Due diligence procedures.
Due diligence process.
Due diligence requirements.
Enforcement authorities.
Enforcement powers.
Ensuring compliance.
Equity instruments.
Ethical standards.
Exchange information.
External auditing.
Extradition requests.
Face value.
Factual circumstances.
False information.
Financial activity.
Financial crime.
Financial crimes.
Financial intelligence information.
Financial intelligence unit.
Financial intelligence units.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediary.
Financial investigation.
Financial investigations.
Financial sector supervision.
Financial standards.
Financial supervision.
Financial transactions.
Financing of terrorism.
Foreign authorities.
Foreign authority.
Foreign banks.
Foreign branches.
Foreign counterpart.
Foreign counterparts.
Foreign jurisdiction.
Foreign jurisdictions.
Foreign law enforcement authorities.
Foreign nationals.
Foreign regulators.
Foreign regulatory.
Formal extradition proceedings.
Funds transfers.
Good faith.
Identification procedures.
Illegal activities.
Illegal activity.
Illegal transactions.
Illicit trafficking.
Information exchange.
Insider trading.
Insurance business.
Insurance contract.
Insurance law.
Insurance policies.
Insurance policy.
Insurance product.
Insurance supervisors.
Intelligence information.
Intelligence units.
Internal audit.
Internal audit procedures.
Internal control procedures.
Internal control systems.
Internal controls.
Internal organization.
Internal policies.
Internal procedures.
Internal rules.
International accounting standards.
International conventions.
International cooperation.
International crime.
International law.
International standards.
International treaties.
Internet casinos.
Investigative agencies.
Investigative powers.
Investigative techniques.
Investor confidence.
Iosco principles.
Judicial authorities.
Know your customer.
Laundered funds.
Laundered property.
Laundering activities.
Laundering legislation.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement actions.
Law enforcement agencies.
Law enforcement authorities.
Law enforcement officials.
Lawful purpose.
Legal arrangements.
Legal assistance.
Legal assistance requests.
Legal assistance treaties.
Legal entities.
Legal entity.
Legal infrastructure.
Legal obligations.
Licensing authority.
Licensing process.
Licensing requirements.
Life insurance.
Life insurance business.
Market infrastructure.
Market intermediaries.
Market intermediary.
Market manipulation.
Market participants.
Market transparency.
Mass destruction.
Money laundering.
Money laundering activities.
Money laundering cases.
Money laundering purposes.
Money laundering risks.
Money orders.
Money remittance.
Money remitters.
Mutual evaluation.
Narcotic drugs.
National commission.
National securities.
National security.
Negotiable instruments.
Nuclear material.
Nuclear materials.
Organized crime.
Payment chain.
Payment system.
Penal code.
Physical protection.
Precious metals.
Predicate crimes.
Predicate offences.
Professional secrecy.
Protective measures.
Prudential supervision.
Public health.
Record keeping requirements.
Regulatory authorities.
Regulatory authority.
Regulatory requirements.
Reinsurance companies.
Reporting forms.
Reporting obligations.
Reporting requirements.
Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes.
Reputational risks.
Risk customers.
Risk management.
Risk management practices.
Risk management procedures.
Risk management systems.
Risk profile.
Safety plan.
Secrecy laws.
Secrecy provisions.
Securities activities.
Securities firms.
Securities industry.
Securities issues.
Securities markets.
Securities regulation.
Securities sectors.
Securities transactions.
Self regulatory organization.
Self regulatory organizations.
Settlement systems.
Share capital.
Share information.
Shell bank.
Shell banks.
Supervisory agencies.
Supervisory approach.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory bodies.
Supervisory process.
Supervisory regime.
Suspicious activities.
Suspicious activity.
Suspicious transaction.
Suspicious transaction report.
Suspicious transaction reporting.
Suspicious transaction reports.
Suspicious transactions.
Tax evasion.
Tax matters.
Technical assistance program.
Technical capacity.
Technical resources.
Terrorism financing.
Terrorism investigations.
Terrorism risk.
Terrorism risks.
Terrorist act.
Terrorist activities.
Terrorist acts.
Terrorist assets.
Terrorist bombings.
Terrorist finance.
Terrorist financing.
Terrorist organization.
Terrorist organizations.
Terrorist threat.
Transaction records.
Transaction reporting.
Transaction reporting requirements.
Transaction reports.
Transparency requirements.
Trust service providers.
Undercover operations.
Underlying predicate offences.
Unusual transactions.
Value transfer.
Wire transfer.
Wire transfer requirements.
This paper discusses key findings of the Detailed Assessments of the Observance of Standards and Codes for Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision, and Securities Regulation for Panama. The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) assessment considered the securities regulatory framework, the powers, capabilities, and responsibilities of the authorities, as well as issues related to the securities markets, and the management of collective investment schemes and private pension funds. For assessment of insurance supervision, the existing laws on insurance, reinsurance, and captive insurance operations as well as specific regulation and anew draft insurance law were analyzed.
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