South Africa [electronic resource] : Report on Observance of Standards and Codes.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2010.
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IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 10/272.
IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 10/272
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Account files.
Account number.
Adequate powers.
Administrative sanctions.
Audit function.
Banking relationships.
Banking supervision.
Beneficial owners.
Beneficial ownership.
Business relationships.
Civil forfeiture.
Collective investment scheme.
Collective investment schemes.
Combat money laundering.
Combating money.
Combating money laundering.
Combating the financing of terrorism.
Competent authorities.
Compliance officer.
Control information.
Control structure.
Criminal investigation.
Criminal matters.
Criminal sanctions.
Currency changing.
Customer identification.
Customer identification data.
Dissuasive sanctions.
Domestic terrorism.
Drug trafficking.
Dual criminality.
Due diligence.
Economic crimes.
Enforcement authorities.
Enforcement powers.
Ensuring compliance.
Exchange information.
Extradition requests.
Factual circumstances.
Financial institutions.
Financial intelligence unit.
Financial intelligence units.
Financial secrecy.
Financial service providers.
Financial transactions.
Financing abuse.
Financing of terrorism.
Foreign branches.
Foreign counterparts.
Frozen assets.
Good faith.
Identification data.
Insurance policies.
Intelligence units.
Internal audit.
Internal audit procedures.
Internal controls.
Internal rules.
International co operation.
International cooperation.
International standards.
Investigative powers.
Investigative techniques.
Judicial proceedings.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement agencies.
Law enforcement authorities.
Law enforcement information.
Law enforcement officers.
Lawful purpose.
Legal arrangements.
Legal assistance.
Legal assistance requests.
Licensing requirements.
Market participants.
Meaningful originator information.
Money launderers.
Money laundering.
Money laundering cases.
Money laundering investigations.
Money laundering offence.
Money remittance.
Mutual evaluation.
Narcotic drugs.
Negotiable instruments.
Payment system.
Police service.
Precious metals.
Precious stones.
Predicate offence.
Predicate offences.
Pyramid schemes.
Record keeping requirements.
Regulatory requirements.
Reporting forms.
Reporting obligations.
Reporting requirements.
Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes.
Risk categories.
Risk customers.
Secrecy laws.
Secrecy provisions.
Securities accounts.
Shell banks.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory bodies.
Supervisory body.
Supervisory framework.
Suspicious activity.
Suspicious transaction.
Suspicious transaction report.
Suspicious transaction reporting.
Suspicious transaction reports.
Suspicious transactions.
Terrorist act.
Terrorist assets.
Terrorist financing.
Terrorist financing control.
Terrorist financing investigations.
Transaction records.
Transaction reporting.
Transaction reports.
Trust service providers.
Undercover operations.
United nations security.
Unusual transactions.
Value transfer.
Wire transfer.
South Africa.
South Africa has made good progress in developing its system for combating money laundering (ML) and financing of terrorism (FT). The report provides a summary of the Anti- Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) measures and also contains recommendations on how the AML/CFT system could be strengthened. South Africa has adopted mechanisms to freeze terrorist-related assets and also demonstrated a strong commitment to implementing AML/CFT systems, which have involved close cooperation and coordination between a variety of government departments and agencies. The country has established effective mechanism to combat ML and FT.
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