International Capital Markets [electronic resource] : Developments and Prospects, 1984, Watson, Maxwell.

Watson, Maxwell.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1984.
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Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 31.
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 31
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Local subjects:
Access to bond markets.
Access to international bond markets.
Accounting treatment.
Amortization payments.
Asset classification.
Asset valuation.
Balance of payments.
Balance sheet growth.
Bank assets.
Bank balance sheets.
Bank behavior.
Bank borrowing.
Bank borrowings.
Bank branches.
Bank capital.
Bank claims.
Bank credit.
Bank creditors.
Bank credits.
Bank data.
Bank debt.
Bank deposits.
Bank earnings.
Bank exposure.
Bank finance.
Bank financing.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank lending.
Bank lending commitments.
Bank loan.
Bank loan commitments.
Bank loans.
Bank management.
Bank managements.
Bank money.
Bank of canada.
Bank of england.
Bank of japan.
Bank regulators.
Bank supervisors.
Bank supervisory authorities.
Banking business.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking markets.
Banking practice.
Banking regulation.
Banking regulations.
Banking statistics.
Banking supervision.
Banking system.
Banking system developments.
Banking units.
Banks assets.
Banks liabilities.
Banks loan.
Bearer bonds.
Bond financing.
Bond issuance.
Bond issuers.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond market activity.
Bond markets.
Bond maturities.
Bond payments.
Bond prices.
Bond sale.
Bond sales.
Bond yield.
Bond yields.
Bonds to investors.
Capital adequacy.
Capital base.
Capital flows.
Capital gains.
Capital losses.
Capital market.
Capital markets.
Capital repatriation.
Cash flow.
Clearing system.
Commercial debt.
Consumer price index.
Convertible bonds.
Country comparison.
Credit rating.
Currencies of denomination.
Currency of denomination.
Current account.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Debt management.
Debt relief.
Debt relief packages.
Debt restructuring.
Debt service.
Debt service capacity.
Debt service payments.
Debt servicing.
Debt servicing capacity.
Debtor countries.
Debtor country.
Deep discount bonds.
Denominated bonds.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit money.
Deposit money banks.
Deposit rate.
Discount bonds.
Dividend policy.
Dollar bonds.
Domestic bonds.
Domestic currencies.
Domestic currency.
Domestic financial markets.
Domestic money market.
Dual currency bond.
Dual currency bonds.
Ecu bond markets.
Equity capital.
Equity markets.
Eurobond market.
Eurobond markets.
Eurodollar bond.
Eurodollar bond market.
Eurodollar bonds.
European investment bank.
Export credit.
Export credit insurance.
Exporting countries.
Exporting developing countries.
External borrowing.
External borrowings.
External debt.
External debt management.
External debt servicing.
External financing.
External payments.
Financial assets.
Financial institutions.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial resources.
Financial securities.
Financial stability.
Financial statements.
Financial strength.
Financial system.
Fixed interest rate bonds.
Fixed rate bond.
Fixed rate bonds.
Foreign bond.
Foreign bond markets.
Foreign bonds.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign portfolio investment.
Government bond.
Government bond yield.
Government bonds.
Interbank market.
Interest rate arbitrage.
Interest rate ceilings.
Interest rate fluctuations.
Interest rate risk.
Interest rate swaps.
International bank lending.
International banks.
International bond.
International bond issues.
International bond market.
International bond markets.
International bonds.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International currency.
International finance.
International financial markets.
International financial statistics.
International financial system.
International interest rates.
International lending.
International loans.
International reserves.
International standards.
Investment bank.
Issuance of bonds.
Liability management.
Liquid reserves.
Long-term bond market.
Markets for bonds.
Maturity matching.
Money market.
Money market deposits.
Money market rate.
Money market rates.
Money markets.
Moral hazard.
Multilateral debt.
National bank.
Nominal interest rate.
Off balance sheet.
Official flows.
Offshore banking.
Oil exporters.
Oil exporting.
Oil exporting countries.
Oil exports.
Outstanding bonds.
Payment bonds.
Petroleum exports.
Portfolio investment.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Private credit.
Prudential regulation.
Public bond.
Public bonds.
Public sector debt.
Rate bond.
Rate bonds.
Ratio of debt.
Reliance on bond.
Relief packages.
Retained earnings.
Return on assets.
Returns on bonds.
Securities markets.
Serious moral hazard.
Short-term debt.
Sovereign borrowers.
Sovereign debt.
Sovereign risk.
Stabilization programs.
Sterling bonds.
Stock of claims.
Subordinated debt.
Term bond.
Treasury bond.
Valuation of assets.
Yields on bond.
Bahamas, The.
United Kingdom.
United States.
This paper provides a description and analysis of recent developments in international capital markets and an assessment of the prospects for private financing flows, in particular to the developing countries.
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Keller, Peter.
Mathieson, Donald J.
Watson, Maxwell.
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