Bosnia and Herzegovina [electronic resource] : Second and Third Reviews Under the Stand-By Arrangement-Staff Report; Staff Supplement; Press Release on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Executive Director for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2003.
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IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 03/204.
IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 03/204

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Activity and fiscal policy continue to exceed expectations, but strong bank credit growth has fuelled a sharp increase in the current account deficit. In this context, the new administrations recognize the need to establish the macroeconomic stability quickly. These actions are supported by strengthened bank regulations. The new administrations recognize the need for sweeping structural reforms if their aspirations to eventual EU membership and sustained growth are to be realized. But with unemployment high and with large aid inflows set to decline further, risks remain.
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