Republic of Yemen [electronic resource] : Selected Issues.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2001.
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IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 01/61.
IMF Staff Country Reports; Country Report No. 01/61
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Local subjects:
Actual debt.
Associated gas.
Average oil price.
Balance of payments.
Bilateral agreement.
Bilateral agreements.
Bilateral creditors.
Central bank.
Chemical industries.
Commercial bank loans.
Commercial creditors.
Commercial debt.
Commercial debt buyback operation.
Crude oil.
Crude oil export revenues.
Crude oil exports.
Crude oil extraction.
Crude oil production.
Crude oil revenues.
Current account.
Current account balance.
Debt burden.
Debt obligations.
Debt outstanding.
Debt overhang.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt relief mechanisms.
Debt rescheduling.
Debt service.
Debt service obligations.
Debt service payments.
Debt service relief.
Debt stock.
Debt sustainability.
Debt sustainability analysis.
Deficit financing.
Diesel engines.
Diesel fuels.
Diesel oil.
Domestic absorption.
Domestic crude oil.
Domestic currency.
Domestic debt.
Domestic financing.
Domestic saving.
Environmental degradation.
Exploration period.
Exploration wells.
Exploratory wells.
External borrowing.
External debt.
External debt burden.
External debt position.
External debt service.
External financing.
External indebtedness.
External liquidity.
External shocks.
Extractive industries.
Foreign debt.
Foreign loans.
Fuel gas.
Fuel oil.
Fuel prices.
Gas line.
Gas pipeline.
Gas production.
Gas reserves.
Gas resources.
Gas sector.
Gasoline prices.
General gas.
Geological conditions.
Government debt.
Government deficit.
Higher oil prices.
International oil companies.
Liquefied natural gas.
Liquefied petroleum gas.
Loan disbursements.
Long-term loans.
Million barrels.
Million cubic feet per day.
Multilateral creditors.
Multilateral loans.
Natural gas.
Natural gas reserves.
Net present value of debt.
Nonrenewable resources.
Nontraditional areas.
Oil and gas.
Oil and gas sector.
Oil companies.
Oil company.
Oil consumption.
Oil discoveries.
Oil exploration.
Oil export revenues.
Oil exporters.
Oil exporting countries.
Oil exports.
Oil extraction.
Oil field.
Oil fields.
Oil imports.
Oil market.
Oil market report.
Oil price changes.
Oil prices.
Oil processing.
Oil producing.
Oil producing countries.
Oil production.
Oil products.
Oil refineries.
Oil refining.
Oil reserves.
Oil resources.
Oil revenues.
Oil sector.
Oil-producing countries.
Percent of production.
Petroleum company.
Petroleum corporation.
Petroleum exploration.
Petroleum gas.
Petroleum prices.
Petroleum product prices.
Petroleum products.
Petroleum products prices.
Petroleum sector.
Pipeline construction.
Private banks.
Private credit.
Private debt.
Private sector borrowers.
Proven natural gas.
Public and publicly guaranteed.
Public and publicly guaranteed debt.
Public finances.
Public sector debt.
Ratio of debt.
Refined products.
Relief mechanisms.
Renewable resources.
Seismic acquisition.
Seismic data.
Seismic surveys.
Short-term debt.
Stock of debt.
Stock-of-debt operation.
Substantial debt.
Substantial debt relief.
Tax credit.
Total external debt.
Traditional debt relief.
Traditional debt relief mechanisms.
Withholding taxes.
World market prices.
World oil prices.
Yemen, Republic of.
In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after discussions with government officials, is published at the option of the member country.
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