Financial Sector Development in Sub-Saharan African Countries [electronic resource] Briffaut, Jean-Pierre.

Briffaut, Jean-Pierre.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1998.
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Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 169.
Occasional Papers; Occasional Paper No. 169
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Local subjects:
Accounting framework.
Accounting system.
Bank account.
Bank accounting.
Bank accounts.
Bank act.
Bank activities.
Bank acts.
Bank assets.
Bank board.
Bank borrowing.
Bank branch.
Bank branches.
Bank capital.
Bank checks.
Bank claims.
Bank conduct.
Bank credibility.
Bank credit.
Bank credit ceilings.
Bank customers.
Bank deposit.
Bank deposits.
Bank examination.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank finances.
Bank financing.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank independence.
Bank instruments.
Bank intermediation.
Bank law.
Bank laws.
Bank lending.
Bank liabilities.
Bank licenses.
Bank licensing.
Bank liquidity.
Bank losses.
Bank management.
Bank networks.
Bank of botswana.
Bank of central african states.
Bank of england.
Bank of mauritius.
Bank of tanzania.
Bank operations.
Bank performance.
Bank profits.
Bank rate.
Bank reforms.
Bank reports.
Bank reserves.
Bank restructuring.
Bank securities.
Bank soundness.
Bank staff.
Bank supervision.
Bank transactions.
Banking activities.
Banking assets.
Banking business.
Banking businesses.
Banking community.
Banking crises.
Banking industry.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking laws.
Banking legislation.
Banking legislations.
Banking sector.
Banking sector assets.
Banking sector liquidity.
Banking service.
Banking services.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervisor.
Banking supervisors.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Capital account convertibility.
Capital account transactions.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital flows.
Capital market.
Capital market authority.
Capital markets.
Capital mobility.
Capital movements.
Capital requirement.
Capital transactions.
Central bank.
Central bank credibility.
Central bank function.
Central banking.
Central banks.
Check processing.
Clearing house.
Clearing system.
Clearing systems.
Comparative advantage.
Connected lending.
Consolidated supervision.
Credit cards.
Credit policy.
Crowding out.
Currency crises.
Current accounts.
Demand for money.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance scheme.
Discount rate.
Domestic financial markets.
Domestic liquidity.
Domestic money market.
Domestic savings.
Electronic fund.
Excess demand.
Excess liquidity.
Exchange arrangements.
Exchange control.
Exchange control regulations.
Exchange markets.
Exchange operations.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rates.
Expansion of world trade.
Expansionary monetary policy.
Financial institutions.
Financial intermediation.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial repression.
Financial sector.
Financial sector development.
Financial services.
Financial strength.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Floating exchange rates.
Foreign asset.
Foreign banks.
Foreign capital.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange exposure.
Foreign exchange market.
Foreign exchange markets.
Foreign exchange operations.
Foreign investment.
Foreign portfolio investment.
Government securities.
Government securities market.
Government security.
High reserve requirements.
Income statement.
Increased competition.
Independent monetary policy.
Insurance companies.
Interbank market.
Interbank money market.
Interest rate ceilings.
Interest rates on government securities.
Internal audit.
Internal control.
International monetary system.
International reserve.
Issue of securities.
Level playing field.
Liquid asset.
Liquidity crises.
Liquidity management.
Liquidity ratio.
Macroeconomic stability.
Management accounting.
Market for government securities.
Minimum reserve requirements.
Monetary aggregate.
Monetary aggregate targets.
Monetary aggregates.
Monetary analysis.
Monetary anchor.
Monetary area.
Monetary assets.
Monetary authorities.
Monetary authority.
Monetary community.
Monetary conditions.
Monetary control.
Monetary cooperation.
Monetary expansion.
Monetary financing.
Monetary framework.
Monetary frameworks.
Monetary fund.
Monetary institutions.
Monetary instrument.
Monetary instruments.
Monetary liabilities.
Monetary management.
Monetary objectives.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy decisions.
Monetary policy implementation.
Monetary policy instrument.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary policy objectives.
Monetary policy operations.
Monetary program.
Monetary reserve.
Monetary stability.
Monetary stance.
Monetary system.
Monetary union.
Money demand.
Money laundering.
Money management.
Money market.
Money markets.
Money supply.
Money transfers.
National bank.
Offshore banking.
Open market operations.
Payment system.
Point of sale.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Prudential requirement.
Rediscount rate.
Rediscount rates.
Regional bank.
Reserve account.
Reserve bank.
Reserve ratios.
Reserve requirement.
Reserve requirements.
Resource mobilization.
Retail payments.
Return on assets.
Return on equity.
Savings bank.
Securities markets.
Settlement system.
Short-term government securities.
Stock exchange.
Structural adjustment.
Systemic risk.
Tier 1 capital.
Tight monetary policy.
Tight monetary stance.
Transmission of monetary policy.
South Africa.
This study takes stock of progress made so far in the financial sectors of sub-saharan African countries. It recommends further reforms and specific measures in the areas of supervision, development of monetary operations and financial markets, external sector liberalization, central bank autonomy and accountability, payments system, and central bank accounting and auditing.
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Briffaut, Jean-Pierre.
Hayward, Peter C.
Iden, George.
Lybek, Tonny.
Mehran, Hassanali.
Swaray, Stephen.
Ugolini, Piero.
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