Cognitive-behavioral therapy for specific phobia of heights [electronic resource].

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[Washington, D.C.] : American Psychological Association, 2014.
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Cognitive therapy.
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Phobic Disorders.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
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Clinical psychologist Dr. Michael A. Tompkins conducts a single-session intervention of cognitive-behavior therapy with a middle-aged White male client with specific phobias of heights and claustrophobia. Dr. Tompkins works from a cognitive-behavior therapy orientation using a highly structured approach to treat the client's specific phobia of heights, noting that a similar intervention could be applied with the client's claustrophobia. The therapist poses a series of questions to develop a clear understanding of the origins of the client's fear, asking the client to describe his initial fearful incident in detail, including sensations and cognitions experienced in the episode. The therapist also inquires as to current triggers and recent phobic episodes. Dr. Tompkins deconstructs the client's phobia into cognitive and emotional components. Therapist and client work together to identify the client's associations, specifically, the act of looking down with the fear of falling and his interpretation of freezing as the feared experience itself rather than as a protective mechanism. With reasoning and psychoeducation, the therapist works to correct the client's misinterpretations. In a series of visualizations of successively more challenging exposures to heights, Dr. Tompkins helps the client envision himself managing his fear. The therapist provides encouragement and positive reinforcement with the client's successful mastery of each step while periodically gauging the client's fear on a numerical scale to inform the treatment. At the conclusion of the session, the therapist commends the client on his within-session achievements and suggests further exercises and desensitization treatment to help the client overcome his phobias. Note that this video has two minor edits about 30 minutes into the session. These edits eliminate a public announcement intercom that interrupted the session.
Part of the APA PsycTHERAPY collection.
Tompkins, Michael A.
American Psychological Association.
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