The rattle bag / edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes.

London ; Boston : Faber and Faber, 1982 (1984 printing)
498 pages ; 22 cm
FF poetry.
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Children's poetry.
Children's poetry, English.
Children's poetry, American.
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Poetry -- Collections.
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Children's nonfiction.
A collection of more than 400 hundred poems from all around the world.
Adieu, farewell earth's bliss / Thomas Nashe
After his Death / Norman MacCaig
After looking into a book belonging to my great-grandfather ... / Hyam Plutzik
Afterwards / Thomas Hardy
Ah! Sunflower / William Blake
Alfried Corning Clark / Robert Lowell
Allansford pursuit / Robert Graves
All the world's a stage / William Shakespeare
Among the Narcissi / Sylvia Plath
Ancients of the world / R.S. Thomas
And death shall have no dominion / Dylan Thomas
51st year of that century / Hyam Plutzik
Days are not full enough / Ezra Pound
Angelica the doorkeeper / Anon
Angel that presided o'er my birth / William Blake
Anger lay by me all night long / Elizabeth Daryush
Animal alphabet / Edward Lear
Another Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries / Hugh MacDiarmid
Anyone lived in a pretty how town / e.e. cummings
Apple Blossom / Louis MacNeice
Artist / William Carlos Williams
As I came in by Fiddich-side / Anon
As I walked out one evening / W.H. Auden
As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame / Gerard Manley Hopkins
As much as you can / C.P. Cavafy
As the team's head-brass flashed out
Edward Thomas
As you came from the holy land / Sir Walter Ralegh
At Grass / Philip Larkin
At the bomb testing site / William Stafford
At the grey round of the hill / W.B. Yeats
Auguries of Innocence / William Blake
Aunt Julia / Norman MacCaig
Autobahnmotorwayautoroute / Adrian Mitchell
Autobiography / Louis MacNeice
Auto Wreck / Karl Shapiro
Aye, but to die, and go we know not where / William Shakespeare
Baby Song / Thom Gunn
Badger / John Clare
Bagpipe music / Louis MacNeice
Bags of Meat / Thomas Hardy
Ballad of Rudolph Reed / Ballad of the Bread Man / Charles Causley
Be Merry / Anon
Beeny Cliff / Thomas Hardy
Before I knocked and flesh let enter / Dylan Thomas
Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden / Keith Douglas
La Belle Dame Sans Merci / John Keats
Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter / John Crowe Ransom
Be not afeard: the isle is full of noises / William Shakespeare
Bermudas / Andrew Marvell
Bethsabe's song / George Peele
Bifocal / William Stafford
The bight / Elizabeth Bishop
Binsey poplars / Gerard Manley Hopkins
Birches / Robert Frost
Birth of the foal / Ferenc Juhász
The black cloud / W.H. Davies
Black rock of Kiltearn / Andrew Young
The blacksmiths / Anon
Blue girls / John Crow Ransom ? Boat stealing / William Wordsworth
Bog-face / Stevie Smith
Break, break, break / Alfred Lord Tennyson
Breathing space July / Tomas Transtromer
Brian O?Linn / Anon
Buffalo Bill's / e.e. Cummings
The buffalo skinners / Anon
Bullfight / Miroslav Holub
The burglar of Babylon / Elizabeth Bishop
The burning Babe / Robert Southwell
The cable ship / Harry Edmund Martinson
Call for the robin redbreast and the wren / John Webster
The cap and bells / W.B. Yeats
Carentan O Carentan / Louis Simpson
Carry her over the water / W.H. Auden
Channel firing / Thomas Hardy
A charm / Anon
The child dying / Edwin Muir
A child's pet / W.H. Davies
Child's song / Robert Lowell
The chimney sweeper / William Blake
The clod and the pebble / William Blake
Cocaine Lil and Morphine Sue / Anon
Cock-crow / Edward Thomas
The cold heaven / W.B. Yeats
The collarbone of a hare / W.B. Yeats
The combe / Edward Thomas
The compassionate fool / Norman Cameron
Cotton / Harry Edmund Martinson
Could mortal lip divine / Emily Dickinson
The cow / Ogden Nash
Cowper's tame hare / Norman Nicholson
A crocodile / Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Crossing the Alps / William Wordsworth
Crossing the water / Sylvia Plath
Crystals like blood / Hugh MacDiarmid
The cuckoo / Anon
Cut grass / Philip Larkin
Dahn the plug'ole / Anon
The darkling thrush / Thomas Hardy
Days / Philip Larkin
The dead crab / Andrew Young
Death / Anon
Death in Leamington / Sir John Betjeman
The death of the ball turret gunner / Randall Jarrell
Delayed action / Christian Morgenstern
Desert places / Robert Frost
The destruction of Sennacherib / Lord Byron
A devil / Zbigniew Herbert
The devil in Texas / Anon
Dinograd's petticoat / Anon
Dirge / Kenneth Fearing
Disillusionment of Ten o'clock / Wallace Stevens
A divine image / William Blake
Do not go gentle into that good night / Dylan Thomas
Donal Og / Anon
The donkey / G.K. Chesterton
Don't let that horse / Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The dream about our master, William Shakespeare / Hyam Plutzik
A drover / Padraic Colum
The duck / Ogden Nash
Dusk in the country / Harry Edmund Martinson
The dying airman / Anon
from Eagle in New Mexico / D.H. Lawrence
The earthworm / Harry Edmund Martinson
Earthy anecdote / Wallace Stevens
Elegy for himself / Chidiock Tichborne
Epigrams / J.V. Cunningham
An epitaph / Walter de la Mare
Epitaph on an army of mercenaries / A.E. Housman
Epitaph on a tyrant / W.H. Auden
Epitaph on the Earl of Leicester / Sir Walter Ralegh
Eternity / William Blake
Even such is time / Sir Walter Ralegh
The explosion / Philip Larkin
Exposure / Wilfred Owen
Fable / Janos Pilinszky
The face of the horse / Nikolai Alekseevich Zabolotsky
The fair maid of Amsterdam / Anon
Fairy tale / Miroslav Holub
The faking boy / Anon
The fallow deer at the lonely house / Thomas Hardy
Fear no more the heat o' the sun / William Shakespeare
Field-glasses / Andrew Young
The fish / Elizabeth Bishop
The flight / Theodore Roethke
The flood / John Clare
A flower given to my daughter / James Joyce
The flower-fed buffaloes / Vachel Lindsay
Flowers by the sea / William Carlos Williams
The fly / Miroslav Holub
Flying crooked / Robert Graves
For a lamb / Richard Eberhart
The force that through the green fuse drives the flower' / Dylan Thomas
Forgotten girlhood / Laura Riding
Fox dancing / Suzanne Knowles
Francis Jammes: a prayer to go to paradise with the donkeys / Richard Wilbur
Frankie and Johnny / Anon
The frog / Anon
The fury of aerial bombardment / Richard Eberhart
Futility / Wilfred Owen from Games / Vasco Popa
The garden of love / William Blake
The garden seat / Thomas Hardy
Gathering leaves / Robert Frost
The gazelle calf / D.H. Lawrence
The germ / Ogden Nash
Girl / Anon
Giving potatoes / Adrian Mitchell
A glass of beer / James Stephens
the goose and the gander / Anon
Great and strong / Miroslav Holub
The habit of perfection / Gerard Manley Hopkins
Ha'nacker mill / Hilaire Belloc
The hand that signed the paper felled a city / Dylan Thomas
The happy heart / Thomas Dekker
Hares at play / John Clare
The hart loves the high wood? / Anon
The hawk / George Mackay Brown
He hears the cry of the sedge / W.B. Yeats
Hear the voice of the Bard! / William Blake
The hearse song / Anon
Heaven-haven / Gerard Manley Hopkins
The hen / Christian Morgenstern
Here / R.S. Thomas
Here lies a lady / John Crowe Ransom
Heredity / Thomas Hardy
A history lesson / Miroslav Holub
The horses / Edwin Muir
Hospital barge at Cérisy / Wilfred Owen
The hosue of hospitalities / Thomas Hardy
How doth the little crocodile / Lewis Carroll
How the old mountains drip with sunset? / Emily Dickinson
How to kill / Keith Douglas
Humming-bird / D.H. Lawrence
Hunter poems of the Yoruba / Anon ; Baboon, Blue Cuckoo, Buffalo, Chicken, Colobus monkey, Elephant, Hyena, Kob antelope, Leopard, Red monkey.
Hurt hawks / Robinson Jeffers
I cannot grow / W.H. Auden
I saw a peacock with a fiery tail / Anon
I think that the root of the wind is water / Emily Dickinson
I will give my love an apple without e'er a core / Anon
If I might be an ox / Anon
In beauty may I walk / Anon
In Golden Gate Park that day / Lawrence Ferlinghetti
In the deep channel / William Stafford
In the touch of this bosom there worketh a spell / Samuel Taylor Coleridge
In time of the breaking of nations / Thomas Hardy
Infant sorrow / William Blake
Innocence / Patrick Kavanagh
The inquest / W.H. Davies
Interruption to a journey / Norman MacCaig
Inversnaid / Gerard Manley Hopkins
Invictus / W.E. Henley
It is not growing like a tree / Ben Jonson
It's such a little thing to weep / Emily Dickiinson
It was all very tidy / Robert Graves
It was a lover and his lass' / William Shakespeare
Jabberwockly / Lewis Carroll
Janet Waking / John Crowe Ransom
Jerusalem / William Blake
Jim Desterland / Hyam Plutzik
John Barleycorn / Robert Burns
John Kinsella's Lament for Mrs Mary Moore / W.B. Yeats
John Mouldy / Walter de la Mare
The jungle husband / Stevie Smith
Kerr's ass / Patrick Kavanagh
The knee / Christian Morgenstern
The knight's tomb / Samuel Taylor coleridge
Lament for Tadhg Cronin's children / Michael Hartnett
Landscapes / T.S. Eliot
New hampshire: Viginia, Usk, Rannock by Glencoe, Cape Ann
The last words of my English grandmother / William Carlos Williams
The leaden-eyed/ Vachel Lindsay
Legend / Judith Wright
The legs / Robert Graves
Lepanto / G.K. Chesterton
The lie / Sir Walter Ralegh
Like rain it sounded till it curved / Emily Dickinson
Lines for an old man / T.S. Eliot
The lion for real / Allen Ginsberg
Little fish / D.H. Lawrence
The little mute boy / Federico Garcia Lorca
Little Trotty Wagrail / John Clare
Lizard / D.H. Lawrence
The locust / Anon
Lollocks / Robert Graves
London / William Blake
Lonely the sea-bird lies at her rest / W.B. Yeats
Long John Brown and little Mary Bell / William Blake
Lore / R.S. thomas
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now / A.E. Housman
The lowest trees have tops, the ant her gall / Edward Dyer
Macavity: the mystery cat / T.S. Eliot
Mad Gardiner's song / Lewis Carroll
Mad Tom's song / Anon
Maggie and milly and molly and may / e.e. Cummings
The Maldive shark / Herman Melville
Man and bat / D.H. Lawrence
The man he killed / Thomas Hardy
Manners / Elizabeth Bishop
The marvel / Keith Douglas.
Includes index.
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