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Amish -- United States -- Social life and customs.
Ethnology -- Pennsylvania.
Ethnology -- Ohio.
Ethnology -- Indiana.
United States
This collection of 24 documents, all in English, focus on the Old Order Amish Mennonite settlements in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana from the early eighteenth century to approximately 2002. Virtually all of these consider the Amish way of life in light of their religious ideals, and most contain a discussion of Old World history and some description of the origins of various settlements in the New World. Hostetler provides an overview of the origins, values and continuity of social relations in the communities where the Amish reside, focusing on the three largest settlements in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, and providing data on socialization, schooling, family patterns, as well as demographic and occupational trends. Huntington discusses interactions between various Old Order Amish and other Mennonite church districts in central Ohio and interrelations with the non-Amish. She considers the integration of multiple aspects of Amish life: the maintenance of social boundaries, the retention of an orientation to the past as this pertains to the preservation of cultural continuity, the social and economic integration with nature, and the strict maintenance of a supportive church community. Bachman is a basic text on traditions and practices that occur throughout the life cycle of the Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Amish struggle with modernity and culture change (or lack thereof) is a major topic in many of the documents in this collection, particularly Kraybill, Huntington, Umble, Luthy, and Olshan. Huntington and Schwieder and Schwieder deal primarily with educational themes and issues, especially the rejection of secondary school education by the Amish. The economy, in terms of the development of cottage industries and small businesses, is described in Olshan for New York State, and in more general terms in Kraybill and Nolt. Population growth and fertility patterns are discussed in Greksa, while Campanella, Korbin, & Acheson deal with health care issues in reference to pregnancy and childbirth. The Old Order Amish Mennonites are a people of Swiss-German background who migrated to the United States during two main periods: 1727-1790 and 1815-1865. The earlier migrants settled in Pennsylvania, while the later settled in Ohio, New York, Indiana, and Illinois.
The Old Order Amish of Lancaster County / Calvin George Bachman
Pregnancy and childbirth among the Amish / Karla Campanella, Jill E. Korbin, Louise Acheson
Genetic studies in an Amish isolate / Harold Eugene Cross
Population growth and fertility patterns in an Old Order Amish settlement / L. P. Greksa
Culture summary, Amish ; Amish society / John A. Hostetler
Children in Amish society / John Andrew Hostetler and Gertrude Enders Huntington
Dove at the window, a study of an Old Order Amish community in Ohio / Abbie Gertrude Enders Huntington
Persistence and change in Amish education / Gertruce Enders Huntington
Introduction, the struggle to be separate ; The Amish encounter with modernity ; War against progress ; Plotting social change across four affiliations / Donald B. Kraybill
The rise of microenterprises / Donald B. Kraybill and Steven M. Nolt
Bibliography / Donald B. Kraybill and Marc A. Olshan
The origin and growth of Amish tourism / David Luthy
Lunch pails and factories / Thomas J. Meyers
Amish cottage industries as Trojan horse ; Modernity, the folk society, and the Old Order Amish ; Homespun bureaucracy, a case study in organizational evolution ; Conclusion, what good are the Amish? / Marc A. Olshan
Amish women and the feminist conundrum / Marc A. Olshan and Kimberly D. Schmidt
A peculiar people, Iowa's Old Order Amish / Elmer Schwieder and Dorothy Schwieder
Amish on the line, the telephone debates / Diane Zimmerman Umble.
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Bachman, Calvin George, 1892-1968.
Campanella, Karla.
Korbin, Jill E.
Acheson, Louise S.
Cross, Harold E.
Greksa, L. P.
Hostetler, John A. (John Andrew), 1918-2001.
Huntington, Gertrude Enders.
Kraybill, Donald B.
Nolt, Steven M., 1968-
Luthy, David.
Meyers, Thomas J., 1952-
Olshan, Marc Alan, 1945-
Schmidt, Kimberly D., 1961-
Schwieder, Elmer, 1925-
Schwieder, Dorothy, 1933-2014.
Umble, Diane Zimmerman.
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