Proceedings of the 6th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry / edited by E. Photos-Jones ; in collaboration with Y. Bassiakos, E. Filippaki, A. Hein, I. Karatasios, V. Kilikoglou and E. Kouloumpi.

Hellēnikē Archaiometrikē Hetaireia. Symposium (6th : 2013 : Athens, Greece)
Oxford : British Archaeological Reports Ltd, 2016.
vi, 229 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm.
BAR international series ; 2780.
BAR international series ; 2780

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Archaeometry -- Congresses.
Part 1. Archaeological materials and artefacts. The 'management' of painted and monochrome pottery of Neolithic Thessaly, Central Greece: technology and provenance / Vasso Rondiri and Eleni Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti
Craftsmanship of big storage pithoi in the early Helladic settlement of Helike, Achaea / Dora Katsonopoulou, Ioannis Iliopoulos, Stella Katsarou and Vayia Xanthopoulou
The Riace bronzes: recent work on the clay cores / R. Jones, D. Brunelli, V. Cannavò, S.T. Levi and M. Vidale
Technical aspects of two Byzantine glazed relief pottery icons / George Mastrotheodoros, Konstantinos Beltsios, Yannis Bassiakos and Varvara Papadopoulou
Identification and diagnostic study of Neolithic beads from Kalyvia, Attica, applying Raman spectroscopy / E. Kougemitrou, G. Moraitou, S. Raftopoulou, G. Chela and K. Polykreti
Portable XRF analysis of glass tesserae from the House of Fourni in Delos, Greece / Francesca Licenziati and Thomas Calligaro
Research on the glass oinochoe in the Lambropoulos Private Collection / A. Thanos, S. Vivdenko, D. Lampakis and P. Manoudis
Spectroscopic study of a historical glass collection from Thebes, Greece, by Raman and IR / E. Palamara, N. Zacharias, E.I. Kamitsos, A. Oikonomou, D. Palles and D. Möncke
Topographic multi-scale surface analysis for the study of stone celts' polishing techniques / A. Boleti, H. Procopiou, H. Zahouani, R. Vargiolu and S. Mezghani
Did copper usually arrive in the Aeolian Islands in the fourth millennium BC? The evidence from a small but iconic fragment of viteous material thought to be copper slag / Maria Clara Martinelli, Effie Photos-Jones and Sara Tiziana Levi
Selective use of arsenical copper during the Mycenaean period: the evidence from Pylia (Messenia, Greece) / Charilaos E. Tselios, Eleni Filippaki and Georgios S. Korres
Copper production during the early Bronze Age at Aghios Antonios, Potos on Thasos / Nerantzis Nerantzis and Stratis Papadopoulos
A comparative study of Cypriot bronzes dated to the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age / Andreas Charalambous, Vasiliki Kassianidou and George Papasavvas
Conservation of a silver coin hoard from the geometric period Necropolis in Samos / Ioannis P. Staikopoulos
Gold inlay decoration on the blade of an iron sword from the Tomb A at Katerini / Vasiliki Michalopoulou, Barbara Smit-Douna and Ioannis Karapanagiotis
The so-called 'hellicoidal' ore washeries of Laurion: their actual function as circular mills in the process of beneficiation of silver and lead contained in old litharge stocks / George D. Papadimitriou
Technical and chemical examination of a small silver treasure dated fo the 6th-7th century AD / D. Kotzamani and J.F. Merkel
Study of gold and silver finds from ancient akanthos, Chalkidiki, N Greece / S. Vivdenko. E. Trakosopoulou-Salakidou and P. Manoudis
Physico-chemical study of pigments from the prehistoric settlement of Ialysos, Rhodes / Yorgos Facorellis, Stamatis Boyatzis, Toula Marketou, Eleni Tziamourani and Eleni Ioakimoglou
The grounds of portable icons: written sources and scientific examination of post-Byzantine icons from Epirus / George P. Mastrotheodoros, Konstantinos G. Beltsios and Varvara Papadopoulou
Ground layers: a promising dating factor / E. Kouloumpi, A. Rousaki, A.V. Terlixi, A.P. Moutsatsou, G.S. Polymeris and K.M. Paraskevopoulos
Conservation methods of Edo period Japanese paper garment 'Kamiko' / Kyriaki Lentzi and Yorgos Facorellis
part 2. Archaeological landscapes. Landscape evolution in the Kifissos floodplain / E.D. Chiotis
Aiding and abetting the archaeological enquiry: geochemical work-in-progress at the site of San Vincenzo, Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy / Andrea Di Renzoni, Gianna Ayala, Daniele Brunelli, Sara Tiziana Levi, Stefano Lugli, Effie Photos-Jones, Alberto Renzulli and Patrizia Santi
New geoarchaeological and palaeoenvironmental studies in Mani Peninsula (S. Peloponnesus) by employing luminescence dating techniques / I. Christodoulakis, C. Athanassas, Y. Bassiakos and C. Varotsos
A.Sho.Re. 2011-2015, SE Kephallenia in the Ionian Sea: investigating the geoarchaeology of the coastal zone / E. Yiannouli
The relationship between early settlements in arid environments and sources of water supply: the case of the Bronze Age sites of San Vincenzo, Stromboli, Italy / Andrea Di Renzoni, Leandro Lopes, Maria Clara Martinelli and Effie Photos-Jones
Reconstructing archaeo-landscapes: myth versus reality / A. Sarris, A. Chliaoutakis, S. Dederix and J.C. Donati
Luminescence dating and quartz grain surface features of aeolian sediments from Agia Napa, Cyprus / E. Tsakalos, C. Athanassas and Y. Bassiakos
Luminescence dating of Quaternary coastal deposits of Evoikos Gulf (Central Greece) / M. Kazantzaki, C. Athanassas, Y. Bassiakos and E. Tsakalos
Intangible cultural heritage and place / Despoina Karavia and Andreas Georgopoulos
The ayiasmata (holy springs) of Lemnos, NE Greece: an archaeo-hydrogeological study / E. Photos-Jones, E. Zagana and P. Roumelioti.
"The 6th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry (HSA) took place in May 2013 (May 16-18) ... at the Acropolis Museum in Athens"--Preface.
Includes bibliographical references.
Photos-Jones, Effie, editor.
Basiakos, Iōannēs, contributor.
Filippaki, Eleni, contributor.
Hein, A. (Anno), contributor.
Karatasios, Ioannis, contributor.
Kilikoglou, V. (Vassilis), contributor.
Kouloumpi, E. (Eleni), contributor.