The Seleucid and Hasmonean periods and the apocalyptic worldview: the First Enoch Seminar Nangeroni Meeting, Villa Cagnola, Gazzada (June 25-28, 2012) / edited by Lester L. Grabbe and Gabriele Boccaccini, with Jason M. Zurawski.

London : Bloomsbury T&T Clark, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016.
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Enoch Seminar Nangeroni Meeting (1st : 2012 : Gazzada, Italy)
Library of Second Temple studies ; 88.
T & T Clark library of biblical studies.
Library of Second Temple studies ; 88
T & T Clark library of biblical studies
vii, 261 pages ; 25 cm.
Jews -- History -- 586 B.C.-70 A.D. -- Congresses.
Seleucids -- Congresses.
Maccabees -- Congresses.
End of the world -- Congresses.
Temple of Jerusalem (Jerusalem) -- Congresses.
Apocalyptic literature -- Congresses.
Temple of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
Apocalyptic literature.
End of the world.
Conference papers and proceedings.
"This tightly focused collection of essays, from an invited seminar of international specialists, centres on the question of the apocalyptic worldview around the time of the Maccabean revolt. What was the nature of apocalyptic at this time? Did the Maccabees themselves have a distinct apocalyptic worldview? These questions lead to other, more specific queries: who of the various groups held such a view? Certain of the essays analyse the characteristics of the apocalypses and related literature in this period, and whether the apocalyptic worldview itself gave rise to historical events or, at least, influenced them. The collection begins with two introductory essays. Both the main and short papers have individual responses, and two considered responses by well-known experts address the entire collection. The volume finishes with a concluding chapter by the lead editor that gives a perspective on the main themes and conclusions arising from the papers and discussion." -- Provided by publisher.
Introduction / Lester L. Grabbe
The Seleucid and Hasmonean periods and the apocalyptic worldview: an introduction / Lester L. Grabbe
Non-apocalyptic responses to apocalyptic events: notes on the sociology of apocalypticism / Gabriele Boccaccini
Understanding the relationship between the apocalyptic worldview and Jewish sectarian violence: the case of the war between Alexander Jannaeus and Demetrius III / Kennth Atkinson. Response to Atkinson / Albert I. Baumgarten. Response to Atkinson / Sandra Gambetti
Was the Maccabean Revolt an apocalyptic movement? / Gerbern S. Oegema. Response to Oegema / Lorenzo DiTommaso. Response to Oegema / John Kampen
Apocalyptic worldviews
what they are and how they spread: insights from the social sicences / Anathea E. Portier-Young. Response to Portier-Young / Edward Da̜browa. Response to Portier-Young / Torleif Elgvin
Overall response to the main papers / Erich S. Gruen
The Aramaic Dead Sea scrolls and the historical development of Jewish apocalyptic literature / Daniel A. Machiela. Response to Machiela / Lester L. Grabbe
An unlikely mixture: Seleucids and Lagids in Daniel and in Persian apocalyptic / Vicente Dobroruka. Response to Dobroruka / Lester L. Grabbe
Texts on messianic reign from the Hasmonean period: 4Q521 as interpretation of Daniel 7 / Torleif Elgvin. Response to Elgvin / Joseph L. Angel
4QApocryphon of Daniel AR (4Q246) and the book of Daniel / Årstein Justnes. Response to Justnes / Joseph L. Angel
The paradox of midrash and the apocalyptic author: from Mesopotamian divination to rabbinic midrash, through Qumran and apocalypse / Paul Mandel. Response to Mandel / Kenneth Atkinson
Apocalyptic elements in Hasmonean propaganda: civic ideology and the struggle for political legitimation / Yonder Moynihan Gillihan. Response to Gillihan / Kenneth Atkinson
Some afterthoughts / Michael E. Stone
Perspectives on the apocalyptic worldview in the Hasmonean period / Lester L. Grabbe.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Grabbe, Lester L., editor.
Boccaccini, Gabriele, 1958- editor.
Zurawski, Jason, editor.
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