Pennsylvania State Dental Examining Board minute book, 1876-1897.

Pennsylvania. State Dental Examining Board.
1 volume (.08 linear foot)

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Dental laws and legislation -- Pennsylvania.
Dentistry -- History.
Dentistry -- Pennsylvania.
Manuscripts, American -- 19th century.
Minutes (administrative records)
The Pennsylvania State Dental Examining Board was created after the passage of an act to regulate the practice of dentistry in 1876. This act mandated that no one could practice dentistry without having received a diploma from a reputable institution in dentistry or having obtained a certificate from the board of examiners. This board consists of six dentists elected by the Pennsylvania State Dental Society. The board held annual meetings in order to examine applicants who were required to show specimens of work in both operative and mechanical departments. The act mandated that the board "keep a book in which shall be registered the names and qualifications of such ... of all persons who have been granted certificates of ability to practice dentistry under the provisions of this act," which would serve as evidence in any court of Pennsylvania. In 1883, the act was amended to require practicing dentists to register their diplomas or certificates with the recorder's office in the county in which he or she planned to practice. The Examining Board still endorsed diplomas and certificates. In 1893, again, the act was amended with language specifically addressing surgery and allowing students certain privileges. In 1897, yet another law was passed that "legislated the [State Dental Examining Board] out of existence."
This volume contains notes from the Pennsylvania State Dental Examining Board meetings. These minutes include ratings for qualifications of dentists for the board, treasurer's reports, dentist ratings, board meeting summaries, locations and dates of board meetings. The minute portion of the volume also includes printed copies of legislative acts from 1876, 1883, and 1893, as well as a letter from the Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania indicating that the 1897 act had legislated the board out of existence. At the end of the volume are two lists which were mandated by the 1876 law. The first lists the names of dentists whose diplomas were endorsed for registration by the Pennsylvania State Dental Examining Board. This list includes the dentists' names, colleges, residence or office, dates of diploma, dates of endorsement, and the names of the endorser. The second lists the names of candidates who presented themselves before the State Dental Examining Board of Pennsylvania and includes the date, the dentist's name, and if their certificate was endorsed or rejected.
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Transferred from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, 2015.