Blinding as a solution to bias strengthening biomedical science, forensic science, and law / Christopher T. Robertson, Aaron S. Kesselheim.

London : Academic Press [2016]
xvi, 371 pages ; 25 cm.
Prejudices -- United States.
Stereotypes (Social psychology).
Social perception.
Bias (Law) -- United States.
Bias (Law).
United States.
A primer on the psychology of cognitive bias / Carla L. Maclean and Itiel E. Dror
Why blinding? A theory of blinding and its application to institutional corruption / Christopher T. Robertson
From trials to trials: blinding, medicine, and honest adjudication / Scott H. Podolsky, David S. Jones, and Ted J. Kaptchuk
Blinding in biomedical research: an essential method to reduce risk of bias / Asbjorn Hrobjartsson
Blind peer review by academic journals / Emily A. Largent and Richard T. Snodgrass
Clinical trial blinding in the age of social media / Paul Wicks
The ethics of single-blind trials in biomedicine / Franklin G. Miller
"Money blinding" as a solution to biased design and conduct of scientific research / Christopher T. Robertson and Marc A. Rodwin
Determining the proper evidentiary basis for expert opinion: what do experts need to know and when do they know too much? / William C. Thompson
Minimizing and leveraging bias in forensic science / Roger Koppl and Dan Krance
What do statisticians really need to know, and when do they need to know it? / D. James Greiner
Using blind reviews to address biases in medical malpractice / Jeffrey D. Robinson
Mock juror and jury assessment of blinded expert witnesses / Megan S. Wright, Christopher T. Robertson, and David V. Yokum
Disclosure discretion and selection bias in blinding of experts / Christopher T. Robertson
Why eyes? Cautionary tales from law's blindfolded justice / Judith Resnik and Dennis Curtis
A theory of anonymity / Jeffrey M. Skopek
The cases for and against blindfolding the jury / Shari Seidman Diamond
The compliance equation: creating a more ethical and equitable campaign financing system by blinding contributions to federal candidates / Bertram J. Levine and Michael Johnston
Blinding eyewitness identifications / Brandon L. Garrett
Blind appointments in arbitration / Sergio Puig
Psychological obstacles to the judicial disqualification inquiry, and blinded review as an aid / David V. Yokum
Masking information source within the Internal Revenue Service / Karie Davis-Nozemack
Blinding the law: the potential virtue of legal uncertainty / Yuval Feldmand and Shahar Lifshitz.
Robertson, Christopher T., 1975- editor.
Kesselheim, Aaron editor.
9780128026335 (PDF ebook)
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