Facets of Russian irrationalism between art and life : mystery inside enigma / edited by Olga Tabachnikova.

Leiden ; Boston : Brill Rodopi, [2016]
xix, 541 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
Studies in Slavic literature and poetics

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Irrationalism (Philosophy) in literature.
Russian literature -- History and criticism.
Russian literature.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Introduction: rationalising Russian irrationalism / Olga Tabachnikova
On the Place of Irrationalism in the Russian History of Ideas. Irrationalism in Ancient Russia / Tatiana Chumakova
The Traditions of Rationalism in Russian Culture of the Pre-Soviet Period / Barbara Olaszek
Ethos Versus Pathos. The Ontologisation of Knowledge in Russian Philosophy / Oliver Smith
Irrationalism and Antisemitism in Late-Tsarist Literature / Christopher John Tooke
Russian Semiotics of Behaviour, or can a Russian Person be Regarded as 'Homo Economicus'? / Natalia Vinokurova
Fides et ratio: Catholicism, Rationalism and Mysticism in Russian Literary culture of the mid-nineteenth century / Elizabeth Harrison
Russian Classics and Their Influence in Space and Time. The Irrational Basis of Gogol's Mythopoetics / Arkadii Goldenberg
On the Philosophical Sources and Nature of Dostnevskii's Anti-Rationalism / Sergei Kibal'nik
Shifting French Perspectives on Dostnevskian Anti-Rationalism / Alexander McCabe
The Concept of Love and Beauty in the Works of Turgenev / Margarita Odesskaia
Patterns of European Irrationalism, from Source to Estuary: Johann Georg Hamann, Lev Shestnv and Anton Chekhov-on Both Sides of Reason / Olga Tabachnikova
Lev Tolstoi and Vasilii Rozanov: Two fundamental(ist) Types of Russian Irrationalism / Rainer Grilbel

The silver age. from neo-kantian theory of cognition 1d christian intellectual
Mysticism: logical voluntarism in Vladimir Solov'ev and Andrei Belyi / Henrieke Stahl
Aleksei Remizov's Pliashushchii demon- tanets i slovo: Cultural Memory, Dreams and Demons / Marilyn Schwinn Smith
Irrational Elements in Ivan Bunin's Short Story 'The Grammar of Love' / Ildiko Maria Racz
Russian Culture into the 20th Century and Beyond. Viewing Askance: Irrationalist Aspects in Russian Art from Fedotov to Malevich and into the Beyond / Jeremy Howard
Symbols, metaphors and irrationalities in twentieth-century music / Alexander Ivashkin
The irrational in Russian cinema: a short course / Oleg Kovalov
The Rational and Irrational Standard: Russian Architecture as a Facet Of culture / Elena Kabkova and Olga Stukalova
Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature. The irrational in the perception of Andrey Platonov's characters / Kira Gordovich
The Metaphysics of Numbers in the Eurasian Artistic Mentality: Viktor Pelevin's The Dialectics of the Transition Period (From Nowhere to No Place) / Liudmila Safronova
"Questions to Which Reason Has No Answern: Iurii Mamleev's Irrationalism in European context / Oliver Ready
Vladimir Sorokin and the Return of History / David Gillespie.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Tabachnikova, Olga, 1967- editor.
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