South Carolina. Correspondence, original, Secretary of State, 1715-1729 [electronic resource].

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Correspondence, original, Secretary of State, 1715-1729
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Colonial America (Marlborough, England)
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Stanhope, James Stanhope, Earl, 1673-1721.
Carteret, John, Earl Granville, 1690-1763.
Nicholson, Francis, 1655-1728.
South Carolina. Council -- Records and correspondence.
Great Britain. Colonial Office -- Records and correspondence.
Great Britain. Board of Trade
Lords Proprietors of Carolina.
South Carolina -- Politics and government -- To 1775.
North Carolina -- Politics and government -- To 1775.
South Carolina -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 -- Sources.
South Carolina -- Commerce -- History -- 18th century -- Sources.
Plantations -- Great Britain -- Colonies -- History -- 18th century -- Sources.
Great Britain -- Colonies -- America -- History -- 18th century -- Sources.
An account of payments made by Mr. Howe for the garrison of Placentia, inclos'd
An account of sums unissued by the Right Honourable Robert Walpole Esq. and the Earl of Lincoln for the garrison of Placentia inclos'd
An act for carrying on several expeditions against the Indian and other enemies and for defraying the charge thereof
Address of the Council to His Majesty
An apology or vindication of Governor Nicholson from unjust and aspersions cast upon him by some members of the Bahama Company, printed
An application from some principal persons at Borne to the Proprietors of Carolina for the purchase of lands et cetera
Bill about the paper currency inclos'd
Bill to promote the currency of silver and gold
Bill to promote the importation of gold
Bill to settle and ascertain the discount on the paper bills of credit
A bill to settle and ascertain the value of paper bills of credit
Bishop of London's letter
Captain Edward Massey to Honourable H. Pelham Esq
Case of the Proprietors of South Carolina
Charles De La Fay Esquire to the Secretary of Victualling Office
Complaint against Mr. Middleton, President of the Council, inclosed in Mr. Whitaker's
Content list
Copies of letters, paper et cetera from Francis Nicholson Esq. and others, concerning the affairs of His Majesties Province of South Carolina
Copy and translation of a letter from the Governor of Havana to the President
Copy of 95th article of instruction to the Governor of South Carolina
Copy of Captain Montjoys commission and instructions
Copy of Colonel Palmer's commission
Copy of the Commons resolution for defraying the charge of the Yamasee expedition
Copy of a French letter from Charles Town sent to His Majesty, giving an account of the cruelties committed by the Indians
Copy of Governor Daniell's deposition
A copy of a letter from Archbishop of Canterbury to Mr. Barry, inclosed
Copy of a letter from James Fellows to Mr. Burchet (3 Aug. 1716)
Copy of a letter from James Fellows to Mr. Burchet (9 July 1716)
Copy of a letter relating to the delivery of the jewells et cetera mentioned in the proceeding inventory by Mr. James Cumberfort, merchant in Jamaica
Copy of letters from the Council, the Speaker of the Assembly et cetera
Copy of Lord Carteret's letter inclosed
Copy of Mr. Middleton's letter to the Governor of Havanna
Copy of the muster rolls of the officers and men in the expedition against the Yamasee Indians, under the command of Colonel Palmer
Copy of a proclamation for a day of thanksgiving
Copy of a proclamation to call the Assembly
Copys of two letters from the Governor of the Havanna to the President
Depositions of sundry persons - A discourse with the Indians
Extract of the journal of Assembly
Extract of a letter from Captain Edward Massey to the Secretary at War, settling forth the hardship his men labour under at Fort King George
Extract of a letter from Captain Warren, Commander of the Solebay
Extract of a letter from Mr. John Riggs to General Nicholson
An extract of Rhetts letter of the 21st December to the Commissioners of the Customs, and remarks thereon
Governor Nicholson to Charles De La Fay Esquire
Governor Nicholson to Duke of Newcastle
Governor Nicholson to the Governor of St. Augustine inclos'd in his letter of March 12
Governor Nicholson to Lord Carteret
Governor Nicholson to Lord President
Governor Nicholson to Lord Townshend
Governor Nicholson to Temple Stanyan Esquire
The Governor of St. Augustine in Spanish to Governor Nicholson inclos'd
An inventory of gold, jewells et cetera belonging to the Marquis de Navares, Governor of Papayan, deposited in the hands of Charles Craven Esq., Governor of South Carolina
A letter from Governor Nicholson
A letter from the members of the Council to the Duke of Newcastle
A letter from Mr. Nicholas Trott
A letter from the proprietors of Carolina to Mr. Secretary Stanhope concerning the beforementioned jewells et cetera
A letter in French from the Marquis de Monteleone relating to the Governor of Carolina
A letter in French from Mr. Robin to Lord Carteret
A letter signed by sundry persons to Joseph Boone and Richard Benesford Esq., agents for South Carolina
Letter written by Governor Nicholson regarding his appointment as Governor of South Carolina
Letters to and from Mr. Nicholson, factor at the Havana, to Colonel Palmer
List of commissioners for trying pirates at South Carolina
A list of copys, papers et cetera
A list of Negros imported into the port of Charleston from May 30th 1721 to September 29 1726
Lord Carteret to Governor of Carolina
Lord Craven to Duke of Newcastle
Lord Westmoreland to Duke of Newcastle
Monsieur Andre Boner to Lord Carteret
Mr. Benjamin Whitaker to Duke of Newcastle
Mr. Charles Hart to Lord Townshend
Mr. Francis Nicholson to Charles De La Fay Esquire
Mr. Hammerton to Lord Carteret
Mr. Hart to Governor Nicholson
Mr. Henry Hargrave to Governor Nicholson
Mr. John Lloyd to Lord Townshend
Mr. John Lloyd to Temple Stanyan Esquire
Mr. Johnson's answer to the reasons given by 5 Lords Proprietors of South Carolina against his being Governour
Mr. Joseph Barry to Duke of Newcastle
Mr. Lloyd to Mr. Secretary Craggs
Mr. Middleton to Duke of Newcastle
Mr. Moore and others to Mr. Boone complaining of Colonel Rhett
Mr. Moore to Lord Townshend
Mr. Nathaniel Gould to Charles De La Fay
Mr. Nicholson Trott to Lord Carteret
Mr. President Middleton to Duke of Newcastle
Mr. Robert Johnson to Duke of Newcastle
Mr. Waddon to Lord Carteret
Mr. Whitaker to Governor Nicholson
Mr. William Hammerton to Governor Nicholson
Mr. Woodes Rogers to Mr. Secretary Craggs
A paper entitled 'Advis Important' relating to the South Sea Company's trade
Paragraph of a letter from a considerable merchant in Charles Town to his correspondent in London relating to the recovery of debts
Paragraph of a letter from a merchant in Carolina relating to disturbances and persons leaving the government for debt
Petition of Lawrence Couillette
The Proprietors of Carolina's letter to Mr. Secretary Stanhope respecting the Marquis de Navares' effects
Report of a committee on an answer to My Lord Carteret inclos'd
Representation of the inhabitants to Mr. President Middleton
Sundry letters, discourses with the Indians and Colonel Glover's journal.
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Lords Proprietors of Carolina.
Carolina. Council.
Great Britain. Colonial Office.
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