Secretary of State and Board of Trade. Expedition against Canada [electronic resource] : letters from Brigadier Hill and Colonels Nicholson and Vetch, 1685-1713 1709-1713.

Great Britain. Colonial Office.
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Expedition against Canada
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Sunderland, Charles Spencer, Earl of, 1674-1722.
Dartmouth, William Legge, Earl of, 1672-1750.
Nicholson, Francis, 1655-1728.
Vetch, Samuel, 1668-1732.
Hill, John, -1735.
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Abstract of instructions to the Gov'r of New York
Abstract of the joint letter from Govern'r Dudley, Coll. Nicholson, Betch and Moody, October 24. 1709
Abstract of muster rolls
An account of commissions, and instructions to the Gov'r of New England, Connecticut and Rhode Island
Account of presents given by Gov. Nicholson to the Indian chiefs
Address of Gov'r Nicholson and the Council for carrying on the expedition against Port Royal in Nova Scotia to Her Majesty
Address of the Governors of Provinces and Colonies of the Massachusetts Bay to the Queen
Address of the inhabitants and merchants of Boston to the Queen
Articles of capitulation between Governr. Nicholson and Mr. De Sabercase for the surrender of Port Royal
Brigadier Hill to Lord Dartmouth
Charge of the Massachusetts Bay towards the Expedition against Canada
Coll. Dudley dated Boston Aug'st 13. 1709 to the Earl of Sunderland
Coll. Nicholson from Plymouth May 16th. 1780
Coll. Nicholson to Earl of Sunderland dated New York July. 8th. 1709
Coll. Nicholson to Mr. Secry. Pringle
Coll. Vetch dated Boston Aug'st 12. 1709 to Earl of Sunderland
Collonels Nicholson and Vetch to the Lord Dartmouth
Consultation of Sr. Hovenden Walker and the sea officers relating to the practicability of going up the River St. Laurence
Contents list for CO 5/9
Copies of a letter from Gov'r Dudley, Coll. Nicholson, Coll. Vetch and Capt. Moody dated October 24th. 1709
Copy of the acc't of provisions left by the transports and payd by Gov'r Vetch
Copy of an act directing an affirmation to such who for conscience sake cannot take an oath
Copy of a journal of the proceedings of Sr. Hovenden Walker et cetera
Copy of a letter from General Hill to Gov'r. Vetch
Copy of a Letter from George Lee concerning the loss of nine ships with the loss of ab't fifteen hundred men on board
Copy of a letter from Master Denyers to His Majesty relating to the produce of the country about the River St Laurence dated June 20. 1685
Copy of a letter from Rochelle giving intelligence of the strength of the French squadron, Apl. 22. 1710
Copy of a letter to the Lords of the Treasury from Gov'r Vetch
Copy of a list of officers sent to the Lords of the Admiralty
Copy of the particulars of subsistence for the detachment of marines ordered upon the expedition
Copy of a receipt signed by He. Howley for a letter, (directed to the Marquis de Vadrevil) promising the delivery thereof to Coll. Moody
Copy of two letters from Carolina to Coll. Cary and Mr. Hyde, relating to the differences in the government of Carolina
Copy of the victualling acts and bills sent to Lord Dartmouth
Declaration by Gov'r Nicholson to all the Queens subjects on the continent of America
Declaration to the inhabitants of Nova Scotia
A draught of Port Royal, Annapolis Royal no longer present
Duplicate of Gov'rs Nicholson and Vetch's Letter to Lord Dartmouth
Extract of the Society's minutes relating to the Indians
Extracts of letters, concerning the time when the expedition in Quebec might have been carryed on with hopes of success
French intendant of Quebec's letter to the Earl of Dartmouth
Genl. Hill to Lord Dartmouth
Gov'r Dudley to Capt. Davis. Oct 2. 1709
Gov'r Nicholson from Plymouth of date the 16th. May. 1710
Gov'r Nicholson to Captain Wade concerning the delivery of the cloathing
Gov'r Nicholson to Da. for Portsmouth New England March 14 1711
Gov'r Nicholson to Earl Dartmouth
Gov'r Nicholson to Lord Dartmouth February 26th. 1711
Gov'r Nicholson to M. Vaudrille Gov'r of Canada
Gov'r Nicholson's Letter from Plymouth
Gov'r Vetch to Admiral Walker
Gov'r Vetch to Earl of Dartmouth
Gov'r Vetch to Earle of Sunderland dated June 28. 1709
Gov'r Vetch to Genl. Hill
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth dated Annapolis Royal January 22. 1711
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth March 20th. 1711
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth recommending Major Livingston
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth, August 10
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth, June 14
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Dartmouth, June 18
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Rochester dated Annapolis Royal Jan 2. 1711
Gov'r Vetch to Lord Sunderland
Gov'r Vetch's memorial account of money paid to the soldiers, and advice to the Lords of the Treasury of bills drawn by him
Gov. Vetch to Earl Dartmouth
Instructions to Coll. Vetch to be observed in his negociations with the Gov'r of the several colonies dated March 1st. 1708/9
Instructions to Viscount Shannon
Journal of the proceedings of Col. Vetch dated June 21. 1709. From N. York to the Earle of Sunderland
Journal of a voyage designed to Quebek from Boston in New England
Letter from Capt. Clifton. Oct. 18 1709
Letter from Capt. Martin to Gov'r Dudley
Letter from Capt. Smith to Gov'r Dudley
Letter from the Council of War to Mr. Vaudrille Governor of Canada
Letter from governors desiring the attendance of the captains of men of war in an attaque on Port Royal dated Oct. 19. 1709
A letter from Mr. John Stewart of Carolina to the Lord Dartmouth
Letter sign'd by Gov'r Dudley et cetera from Boston October 25. 1709
Letter to the captains of men of war desiring their presence at a consultation about an attack upon Port Royal
Letter to Gov'r Ingoldeby to order the capt'ns of 2 ships of war to attend the attack on Port Royal
List of the inhabitants of Annapolis Royal who took the oath of allegiance
A list of the inhabitants within the capitulation of Annapolis Royal
Lord Shannon to Earl of Dartmouth
Lord Shannon to Earl of Dartmouth inclosing a state of the forces under his command
The Lords of Trade, Proprietors of Carolina to Lord Dartmouth
Memo from Gov'r Nicholson to Earl of Dartmouth relating to the making presents to the Indians finding missionaries
Memorial at the prisoners in Canada
Memorial of Colonel Whiting and others setting forth their misfortunes, and praying relief
Memorial of Gov'r Nicholson et cetera to Her Majesty relating to the state of the conquered country
Memorial of Governor Nicholson and others concerned in the reduction of Port Royal in Nova Scotia, praying the honor of being made Barroness of Nova Scotia
Memorial of Jeremy Dummer, agent for the province of the Massachusetts Bay, to Lord Dartmouth
Memorials taken from Ld. Sunderlands book of fees and instructions concerning the West India expedition
Mr. Hyde to Lord Dartmouth
Note concerning the bounds of the sea coast of Nova Scotia
Note from Hov. Walker concerning signalls to be fired
An order of Assembly Council at Boston in New England to return Gov'r Nicholson's thanks
Order of Gov'r Nicholson for the soldiers cloathing account of the expence of clothing four companies
A report of officers, soldiers et cetera lost
Representation and address of the Gov'r, Council and Assembly to Her Majesty
Representation of the commanding officers to General Hill for regulating musters payments
Representation of the commanding officers to Genl. Hill
Resolution of the Council of War, that it is impracticable to reduce Placentia
Resolutions of a council of war
State of the care of the English prisoners at Canada
State of the fort of Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia
State of the garrison of Annapolis Royal from Gov'r Vetch
The summons by which Port Royal was demanded
Votes at the Congress inclos'd in Gov'r Dudley's.
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