Board of Trade and Secretaries of State, America and West Indies [electronic resource] : original correspondence, Virginia, 1702-1704.

England and Wales. Board of Trade.
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Nicholson, Francis, 1655-1728.
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Virginia -- Politics and government -- To 1775.
Trade regulation -- Virginia -- Early works to 1800.
Virginia -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 -- Sources.
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Account of tobacco imported in to London from the 22th September 1702 to the 27th November 1703 in the following ships
Anonymous letter received by Penny Post containing complaints against Captain Moodie's conduct in Virginia
Copy of an order of Council authorising Col. Nicholson to constitute Mr. Thompson Attorney General of Virginia
Copy of an order of Council referring to the Lords of Trade that part of the representation of the 7th July which relates to the Attorney General of Virginia's salary
Copy of Orders of Council approving a representation with a draft of instructions for Francis Nicholson, Lieutenant and Governor General of Virginia, relating to trade and navigation in that area, also ordering that similar instructions be prepared for a list of other Governors
Letter concerning the recommendation of Colonel Quarry to succeed Mr. Randolph as Surveyor General of Her Majesty's Customs upon the continent of America
Letter concerning the sailing of the fleet, the sitting of the Assembly of Virginia and damage of crops
Letter concerning the transportation of five hundred people from Ireland to form a new colony in Virginia or Maryland
Letter containing a copy of Francis Nicholson's views on the sailing of the Virginia fleet
Letter enclosing four petitions from merchants of London, Bristol, Whitehaven, Chester, Biddeford and other places, and trading to Virginia and Maryland, relating to the preferred time for convoys of ships to travel, with details of the ships involved
Letter forwarding a memorial from several merchants of London trading to Virginia, that the convoy for their trade not sail before September or October
Letter from the Attorney General of Virginia desiring a recommendation to the Admiralty for his passage in one of the men-of-war
Letter from the Board of Ordnance relating to the proper time for sending arms to Virginia
Letter from the Secretary of Virginia to the Secretary of the Board of Trade, desiring that the Board may be informed of his being hindered in his journey
Letter of recommendation for Stephen Thompson as a fit person to serve as Attorney General in Virginia
Letter regarding the ships of war at Virginia, which are ordered to return with the merchant ships
Letter to the Board of Trade concerning doubts that the Assembly will comply with commands received from London, enclosing copies of a receipt for £900 for the Quota of Virginia, and the addresses from the Council of Virginia and the House of Burgesses relating to the Quota for New York
Letter to the Board of Trade from the Secretary of Virginia concerning the sailing of merchant ships with the convoy, new laws passed in the Council, and news that the Capitol is nearly finished
Letter to the Board of Trade regarding the fleet and convoys, trade and supply needs of Virginia, the tobacco crop, the embargo, the strange behaviour of Captain Moodie and financial implications, enclosing copies of letters, council minutes, journals and reports, an abstract of the report of the Committee of Claims, copies of laws and orders for proclaiming war against France and Spain
[Francis Nicholson's] Letter to the Board of Trade thanking them for the renewal of his commission and promising to continue to do his duty
Letter to the Board of Trade transmitting copies of laws and other papers, concerning the Revenue, the militia, the disposal of arms and ammunition, the settlement of land on the south side of Black Water Swamp, the current peaceful state of his government, recommendations for Council members, transcripts of letters relating to Her Majesty's ship Guernsey, and his request that a man-of-war be sent as there are none in Virginia or Maryland
Letter to the Board of Trade transmitting journals of the Council and other papers, including a proclamation forbidding the sale of ammunition to Spaniards, transcripts of letters, congratulatory letters to the Queen, accounts accrued during the building of the Capitol and prison, and concerning the lack of men-of-war in Virginia and Maryland due to the convoy and the success of the corn and tobacco crops
Letter to the Board of Trade transmitting a list of the fleet bound for England and of Captain Fogg's instructions, also mentioning the good character of Captain Fogg and the desire of a New York merchant, Mr. French, to speak to the Board
Letters relating to the convoys of merchant ships to Virginia and Maryland
Letters requesting a portrait of the Queen, to be hung in the Council Chambers of Virginia and New York, as well as her coat of arms, for the Supreme Court
List of the ships and quantity of tobacco exported from Virginia and Maryland in the fleet that arrived in England in November 1703
A list of ships now preparing to go to Virginia and Maryland but cannot possibly be ready before September next
Lists of ships belonging to London and Liverpool which will be ready to sail to Virginia and Maryland in January 1703
Memorial from the merchants of Virginia and Maryland relating to convoys necessary for their trade
Memorial regarding the desire of merchants to send their ships in convoy to Virginia in July, as many are already loaded and there is a need for their goods in America
Order of Council relating to the Virginia trade, requiring an instruction that no ships come from thence during the war without convoy
Order of Council requiring a draft of instructions for the Governors of Virginia and Maryland, that they permit ships with licences to return without convoy
Report of the Attorney General on the petition of Mr. Beverly for a writ of attaint against the jurors who gave the verdict against him in Virginia
Transcript of all letters and Orders of Council relating to Captain James Moodie, Commander of Her Majesty's ship Southampton from the 16th December 1702 to the time of his sailing out of this colony concerning his convoying the merchant ships.
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