The indigenous African criminal justice system for the modern world / Olusina Akeredolu.

Akeredolu, Olusina, author.
Durham : Carolina Academic Press, [2016]
Carolina Academic Press African world series.
Carolina Academic Press African world series
xxvi, 292 pages ; 26 cm
Criminal justice, Administration of -- Africa.
Customary law -- Africa.
Religion and justice.
Religion and law -- Africa.
Chapter 1: The indigenous African system of criminal justice
What is criminal justice?
Description of the indigenous African criminal justice system
Relationship between indigenous African religions and indigenous African justice system
Effectiveness of traditional African criminal justice system
Kings or community head as adjudicators
Indigenous African courtroom, procedure, punishment, enforcement and records
Between restorative justice approach and indigenous African justice system
Merits of restorative justice approach
Demerits of restorative justice approach
Swaziland (the Swazi of South Africa)
Umhlanga (the reed dance) festival
Concept of human rights
Chapter 2: Land tenure under the indigenous African justice system
Dwelling arrangements among African community landowners
Traditional settlement of land dispute
Chapter 3: Criminal justice and marriage in Africa
Customary marriage
Introduction of formal customary court to Nigeria
Islamic marriage
Civil marriage
The offence of bigamy
Bigamy versus African tradition
Chapter 4: Criminal justice and Islam in Africa
Resemblance of some Sunna rules and English legal rules
Introduction of Sharia to some states in Nigeria
Chapter 5: Criminal justice and Old-Testament Christianity in Africa
DNA, new evidence, res judicata, issue estoppel, and functus officio
Principle of non-finality of judgment
Exoneration through DNA result several years after sentence
Chapter 6: Criminal justice and New-Testament Christianity in Africa
Punishment and pardon under modern Christian doctrine and formal legal tradition
Religion and social justice
Between foreign and African religions
African religion, tradition and justice
Christianity and the rate of crime
Chapter 7: Criminal justice and colonial rule
Types of criminal justice administered by colonial masters
Territories annexed by the colonial masters
Criminal justice in British colonies in Africa
Criminal justice in French colonies in Africa
Criminal justice in Morocco
Revision of Moroccan criminal procedure law
Criminal justice in Portuguese African colonies
Colonial and post-colonial African discriminatory traditions against women
Women's cleansing in Malawi
Breast ironing in Cameroon
Women's right of inheritance in Botswana
Chapter 8: Criminal justice in apartheid South Africa
Nelson Mandela
The Rivonia trial
Steve Bantu Biko
Chapter 9: Criminal justice and military authorities in Africa
The rule of law
Human right activism under military government in Nigeria
Military regimes and the press in Nigeria
Attempts at private criminal prosecution
Chapter 10: Criminal justice and the labor movement in Africa
Labor unionists' persecution in South Africa
Labor unionism, pro-democracy activists and political overlords
Chapter 11: Criminal justice under African sit-tight leaders
Ethnic self determination under civilian and military regimes
Ethnic security and self defence with its consequencies
The court, the people's struggle, and military dictatorship
Chapter 12: Prisons in African countries: issues and reforms
Physical outlook of prison facilities
Location of prison facilities
Decentralization of management structure of centralized prisons
Undue delay in criminal trial
Inadequate personnel, facilities, tools, and infrastructure
Women and children in prison
Health care services
Prison alternative programs
Rehabilitation and re-entry
Pro bono services
Victims of crime
African countries with capital and or imprisonment as maximum form of punishment
Chapter 13: Regular courts in Nigeria
The Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, etc
The state courts recognized by the Constitution
Criminal justice and people's courts in Nigeria
Advantages of the people's courts
Disadvantages of the people's courts
Chapter 14: Funding bodies and organizations for justice and peace in Africa
The United Nations
Individual, family, corporate, national, and regional grantmakers to Africa.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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1611637465 (alk. paper)