J. Michael Dunn on information based logics / Katalin Bimbó, editor.

Switzerland : Springer, [2016]
Outstanding contributions to logic.
Outstanding contributions to logic ; v. 8
xliii, 436 pages
Computer science.
Logic, Symbolic and mathematical.
Dunn, J. Michael, 1941-
Preface; Contents; Editor and Contributors; An Engineer in Philosopher's Clothing; J. Michael Dunn's Publications; Introduction: From Information at Large to Semantics of Logics; 1 Information on Information; 2 Information in Logic; 3 Threads of Ideas; References; RM and its Nice Properties; 1 Introduction; 2 Preliminaries; 2.1 Propositional Logics; 2.2 Some Basic Relevant Logics; 3 Semi-relevance; 4 Introducing RM and RM¬to; 5 Semantics of RM; 6 The Nice Properties of RM; 7 RM as a fuzzy logic; References; Wedge Sum, Merge and Inconsistency; 1 Wedge Sum
2 Consistent and Inconsistent Theories3 Merge; 4 Merging Algebras; References; Single Axioms and Axiom-Pairs for the Implicational Fragments of R, R-Mingle, and Some Related Systems; 1 Implicational Logics: Early Work; 2 Compact Bases and a Single Axiom for Rto, the Implicational Fragment of R; 3 RMto, the Implicational Fragment of R-Mingle; References; LC and Its Pretabular Relatives; 1 Introduction; 2 Pretabular Superintuitionistic Logics and Their Extensions; 3 Modal Logics Over S4; 4 Tabularity Problem; 5 Modal and Relevant Logics
5 The Functional Interpretation and the Productive Interpretation6 Idealization in Semantics; 7 Disjunction; 7.1 Distribution; 8 Negation; 9 The Nature of Theorems; 10 The Logics; 11 Information Sources and Proof Theoretic Semantics; 12 Information Sources and Model-Theoretic Semantics; 13 Conclusion; References; Epistemic Relevance and Epistemic Actions; 1 Introduction; 2 Epistemic Relevance and Relevance Logics; 3 Epistemic Relevance and Epistemic Actions; 4 Preserving Epistemic Relevance; 5 Treating Programs as Data; 6 Conclusion; References; Comparing Contents with Information
1 Introduction2 Carnap on Contents and Information; 3 Logical Contents Within a Content Semantics; 4 Dunn and Mares on Information; 5 Informational Concepts and Their Logical Usage; References; On Split Negation, Strong Negation, Information, Falsification, and Verification; 1 Introduction; 2 Michael Dunn on Negation and Information; 2.1 Negation; 2.2 Information; 3 Split Negation and Information Models; 3.1 Split Negation; 3.2 The Syntactic Characterization of Information Models; 4 Symmetry and All that; 4.1 On an Alleged Asymmetry Between Positive and Negative Information
6 Positive Logics and Extensions of Johansson's Minimal LogicReferences; The Story of γ; 1 The Origins of the Problem; 2 The First Solution by Meyer and Dunn; 3 The History of the Meyer
Dunn Proof; 4 The Second Solution by Routley and Meyer; 5 Third Solution: Metavaluations; 6 Cut Elimination and an Open Problem; References; Manipulating Sources of Information: Towards an Interpretation of Linear Logic and Strong Relevance Logic; 1 Introduction; 2 Information and Truth; 3 Sources of Information; 3.1 Source Terms; 4 Implication and Conjunction
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Bimbó, Katalin, 1963- editor.
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