Deontic modality / edited by Nate Charlow and Matthew Chrisman.

First edition.
Oxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2016.
434 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Language and languages -- Philosophy.
Deontic logic.
Modality (Logic).
"An extraordinary amount of recent work by philosophers of language, meta-ethicists, and semanticists has focused on the meaning and function of language expressing concepts having to do with what is allowed, forbidden, required, or obligatory, in view of the requirements of morality, the law, one's preferences or goals, or what an authority has commanded: in short, deontic modality. This volume presents new work on the much-discussed topic of deontic modality by leading figures in the philosophy of language, meta-ethics, and linguistic semantics. The papers tackle issues about the place of decision and probability theory in the semantics of deontic modality, the viability of standard possible worlds treatments of the truth conditions of deontic modal sentences, the possibility of dynamic semantic treatments of deontic modality, the methodology of semantics for deontic modals, and the prospects for representationalist, expressivist, and inferentialist treatments of deontic modality."-- Publisher's website.
1. Deontic modals and probabilities : one theory to rule them all? / Fabrizio Cariani
2. Decision theory : Yes! truth conditions : No! / Nate Charlow
3. Linguistic and philosophical considerations on Bayesian semantics / Daniel Lassiter
4. Contextualism about deontic conditionals / Aaron Bronfman and J.L. Dowell
5. Objective and subjective 'ought' / Ralph Wedgwood
6. Ought out of order / Stephen Finlay
7. On a shared property of deontic and epistemic modals / Jessica Rett
8. Modalities of normality / Seth Yalcin
9. Extreme and non-extreme deontic modals / Paul Portner and Aynat Rubinstein
10. Rationalization and the Ross paradox / Benj Hellie
11. Dynamic foundations for deontic logic / Malte Willer
12. Dynamic expressivism about deontic modality / William B. Starr
13. Metanormative theory and the meaning of deontic modals / Matthew Chrisman.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Charlow, Nate, 1984- editor.
Chrisman, Matthew, editor.
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