Neidhart : selected songs from the Riedegg Manuscript (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Ms. germ. fol. 1062) / introduction, translation, and commentary by Kathryn Starkey and Edith Wenzel.

Neidhart, von Reuenthal, active 13th century, author.
Kalamazoo : Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, [2016]
xiv, 249 pages ; 24 cm.
Medieval German texts in bilingual editions ; 5.
TEAMS, medieval German texts in bilingual editions ; v

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Songs, German -- Texts.
Songs, German.
Songs in Middle German; introduction, translation and notes in English.
"A translation and commentary on selected songs attributed to the satirical Middle High German poet Neidhart from the thirteenth-century Riedegg manuscript"-- Provided by publisher
The Neidhart songs and their manuscript transmission
Manuscript R
Textual criticism and Neidhart editions
Who was Neidhart?
Neidhart's subgenres, motifs, and poetic language
Seasonal openings: summer and winter songs
Peasants and Neidhart's rustic world
Friderun, Engelmar, and the theft of the mirror
Conversations between girlfriends
Mother-daughter dialogues
Neidhart reception in the literature of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Neidhart reception in images from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries
Neidhart miniature in MS. C
Regensburg, Germany: Glockengasse 14
Vienna, Austria: Tuchlauben 19
Zurich, Switzerland: Brunngasse 8
Notes on this edition, translation, and commentary
Selected songs from the Riedegg Manuscript
R1 Alas, summer time (Owe sumerzit)
R3 How do i overcome both (Wie uberwinde ich beide)
R4 Summer, I must renounce your bright appearance (Sumer, diner lihten ougenweide)
R9 Summer, I welcome you (Sumer, wis enphangen)
R10 This change in seasons brings great joy (Disiu wandelunge mange vroude bringet)
R12 The heath is turning green (Ez grunet wol diu haide)
R15 I never saw the meadow (Ine gesah die heide)
R17 Now the singing of the little birds (Nu ist der cleinen voglin singen)
R18 Alas, beloved summer, for your sweetness-bearing joy (Owe, lieber sumer, diner suzze bernden wunne)
R23 The hedge grows green and is as beautiful as gold (Schon als ein golt grunet der hagen)
R24 Now i mourn the flowers and the bright summertime (Nu chlach ich die blumen und die liehten sumerzit)
R26 Alas, beloved summer, your bright long days (Owe, lieber sumer, diner liehten tage lange)
R27 Young people, prepare your sleds for the ice! (Chint, bereittet iuch der sliten uf daz eis)
R29 The little birds have silenced their song (Sanges sint diu vogelein geswaiget)
R31 How can I get over the flowers (Wie sol ich die blumen uberwinden)
R33 "Sing, golden chicken, I'll give you wheat!" ("Singe, ein guldin hun, ich gibe dir waicze")
R40 No one is able to resolve the hostility at this time of year (Des sumers und des winders beider vintschaft)
R43 Now the song of the little birds (Nu ist der cleinen voglin singen)
R45 It is winter, you can see it in (Ez ist ein winder, nemt des war)
R46 Alas, winter, what dark days (Owe winder, waz du bringest)
R51 "Now the frosty winter is finally over" ("Nu ist der chule winder gar zergangen")
R52 The linden trees strive to adorn their crowns with new foliage (Der linden wellent ir tolden von niwem loube reichen)
R53 "Listen, how the birds all sing" ("Losa, wie di vogel alle donent")
R55 For the sake of the country's honor (Durch des landes ere)
R56 "Summer is coming" ("Uns wil ein sumer chomen")
R58 Joy and happiness are appearing everywhere (Vreud unde wunne hebt sich weiten)
Appendix: concordance.
Includes bibliographical references.
Starkey, Kathryn, author.
Wenzel, Edith, author.
Neidhart, von Reuenthal, active 13th century. Lieder. Selections.
Neidhart, von Reuenthal, active 13th century. Lieder. Selections. English.
Riedegger Kodex.
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Online version: Neidhart, von Reuenthal, active 13th century, author. Neidhart selected songs from the Riedegg Manuscript (Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, mgf 1062)