Written/unwritten : diversity and the hidden truths of tenure / edited by Patricia A. Matthew.

Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, [2016]
xvii, 312 pages ; 24 cm

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Discrimination in higher education -- United States.
College teachers -- Tenure -- United States.
Diversity in the workplace -- United States.
College teachers -- Tenure.
Discrimination in higher education.
Diversity in the workplace.
United States.
"Every scholar of color has a story about reappointment, tenure, or promotion that involves an issue of race. The academy may have a reputation for seeking diversity in its professoriate, but reports from faculty of color around the country make clear that departments and administrators engage in practices that range from unintentional to malignant discrimination. Stories abound of scholars--despite impressive records of publication, superlative teaching evaluations, and exemplary service to their universities--struggling on the tenure track. These stories, however, are rarely shared for public consumption. Written/unwritten reveals that faculty often face two sets of rules when applying for reappointment, tenure, and promotion: those made explicit in handbooks and faculty orientations or determined by union contracts and those that operate beneath the surface"-- Provided by publisher.
Preface: It's not just us. This is happening everywhere: on CVs and the Michigan women
Introduction: Minding the gap: diversity in the humanities / Patricia A. Matthew
Responding to the call(ing): the spirituality of mentorship and community in academia: an interview with Houston Baker Jr. / Ayanna Jackson-Fowler
Building a canon, creating dialogue: an interview with Cheryl Wall / Rashida Harrison
Difference without grievance: Asian Americans as the almost minority / Leslie Bow
In search of our fathers' workshops / Lisa Sánchez González
Tenure in the contact zone: Spanish is our language too / Angie Chambram
"Colored" is the new queer: queer faculty of color in the academy / Andreana Clay
Performative testimony and the practice of dismissal / Jane Chin Davidson and Deepa S. Reddy
Talking tenure: "Don't be safe. Because there is no safety there anyway" / Sarita Echavez See
Still eating in the kitchen: the marginalization of African American faculty in majority-white academic governance / Carmen V. Harris
Contingent diversity, contingent faculty: or, musings of a lowly adjunct / Wilson Santos, with editor's notes
Balancing the passion for activism with the demands of tenure: one professional's story from three perspectives / April L. Few-Demo, Fred P. Piercy, and Andrew J. Stremmel
Cast your net wide: reflections on activism and community engagement when black lives matter: interviews with Ariana E. Alexander, E. Frances White, and Jennifer Williams / Patricia Matthew
Conclusion: Tweeting diversity: race and tenure in the age of social media / Patricia A. Matthew.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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