The Evolution of the Primate Hand : Anatomical, Developmental, Functional, and Paleontological Evidence / edited by Tracy L. Kivell, Pierre Lemelin, Brian G. Richmond, Daniel Schmitt.

New York, NY : Springer New York : Imprint: Springer, 2016.
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Developments in primatology 1574-3489
Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects, 1574-3489
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This book demonstrates how the primate hand combines both primitive and novel morphology, both general function with specialization, and both a remarkable degree of diversity within some clades and yet general similarity across many others. Across the chapters, different authors have addressed a variety of specific questions and provided their perspectives, but all explore the main themes described above to provide an overarching "primitive primate hand" thread to the book. Each chapter provides an in-depth review and critical account of the available literature, a balanced interpretation of the evidence from a variety of perspectives, and prospects for future research questions. In order to make this a useful resource for researchers at all levels, the basic structure of each chapter is the same, so that information can be easily consulted from chapter to chapter. An extensive reference list is provided at the end of each chapter so the reader has additional resources to address more specific questions or to find specific data. .
On the primitiveness, prehensility, and opposability of the primate hand: the contributions of Frederic Wood Jones and John Russell Napier
The Primate Wrist
Morphological Diversity in the Digital Rays of Primate Hands
The Role of Genes and Development in the Evolution of the Primate Hand
Organization and Evolution of Neural Control of the Hand in Primates: Motor Systems, Sensory Feedback, and Laterality
Anatomy, Function, and Evolution of the Primate Hand Musculature
Comparative and Functional Morphology of the Primate Hand Integument
Functional Morphology of the Primate Hand: Recent Approaches using Biomedical Imaging, Computer Modeling, and Engineering Methods
Experimental Research on Hand Use and Function in Primates
Biomechanics of the Human Hand: From Stone Tools to Computer Keyboards
Functions of the Hand in Primates
Patterns, Variability, and Flexibility of Hand Posture during Locomotion in Primates
The Hands of Paleogene Primates
The Hands of Subfossil Lemurs
The Hands of Non-Hominoid Anthropoids
The Hands of Miocene Hominoids
Evolution of the Early Hominin Hand
The Evolution of the Hand in Pleistocene Homo. .
Kivell, Tracy L. editor.
Lemelin, Pierre. editor.
Richmond, Brian G. editor.
Schmitt, Daniel. editor.
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