The Functional Nucleus / edited by David P. Bazett-Jones, Graham Dellaire.

Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2016.
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Life sciences.
Nucleic acids.
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This book gives an in-depth overview on nuclear structure and function. It clearly shows that the epigenome and the three-dimensional organization of the nucleus are not independent properties. The intimate relationship between the location and the epigenetic modifications of gene loci is highlighted. Finally, it shows that the complex three-dimensional organization of the nucleus is not just of academic interest: The structure, composition and function of virtually all of the sub-nuclear compartments identified so far can be implicated to a list of human genetic diseases. Hence, a detailed elucidation of how these domains are assembled and function will provide new opportunities for therapeutic intervention in clinical practice.
Part I - Nuclear Periphery
1.Laminopathies/Howard Worman
Part II Nuclear Bodies
2.Nucleolus/Marie-Line Dubois and François-Michel Boisvert
3.Speckles/splicing and disease/Michael Ladomery and Sebastian Oltean
4.PML, cancer and stem cells/Julia P. Hofmann and Paolo Salomoni
Part III Chromosomes
5.Chromosome territories/Karen J. Meaburn, Bharat Burman and Tom Misteli
6.Telomeres and Chromosome Instability/Tsz Wai Chu and Chantal Autexier
PART IV Nuclear Domains and Development
7.Polycomb bodies/Vincenzo Pirrotta
8.Ikaros domains/Karen E. Brown
PART V Nuclear Domains and Cell Stress
9.Senescence/SAHFs/Tamir Chandra
10.DNA repair foci as facultative nuclear domains/Michael J. Hendzel and Hilmar Strickfaden
11.DNA damage and the nucleus/Jordan Pinder, Anastazja Grabarz, Evi Soutoglou and Graham Dellaire
12.Inflammation and the nucleus/Sona Hubackova , Simona Moravcova and Zdenek Hodny
13.Viral infection and the nucleus/Lori Frappier
PART VI Macromolecular dynamics within the nucleus
14.Actin filaments/motors/Guillaume Huet and Maria K. Vartiainen
15.Molecular diffusion/Alexander Gansen and Jörg Langowski
PART VII Chromatin transactions and epigenetics
16.Fibres/interactions/Christopher J.F. Cameron, James Fraser, Mathieu Blanchette, and Josée Dostie
17.DNA replication Sebastian Müller, Dan Filipescu and Geneviève Almouzni
18.Development and Epigenetics Nuphar Salts and Eran Meshorer
19.Epigenetics and disease/Sanaa Choufani and Rosanna Weksberg
PART VIII Transcription and RNA metabolism
20.Transcription factories/Christopher Eskiw and Jenifer Mitchell
21.RNA transport Jonathan Sheinberger and Yaron Shav-Tal. .
Bazett-Jones, David P. editor.
Dellaire, Graham. editor.
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