Citizen Hearst : a biography of William Randolph Hearst / W.A. Swanberg.

Swanberg, W. A. (William Andrew), 1907-1992.
New York, NY : Scribner, 1961.
555 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

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Other Title:
William Randolph Hearst
Hearst, William Randolph, 1863-1951.
Publishers and publishing -- United States -- Biography.
Newspaper publishing -- United States -- History.
Newspaper publishing.
Publishers and publishing.
United States.
Book Description: An exhaustive profile of the nation's most powerful newspaper mogul explores the life and times of William Randolph Hearst, his turbulent and flamboyant personal life, his controversial style of journalism, and the growth of his publishing empire.
List of illustrations
Book 1: Prodigy:
1: Pioneers:
Roughneck in love
Bless his little heart
Hearst invasion
2: Willie at large:
Miners came in forty-nine
Alligators, jackasses and chamber pots
Laying the pipes
Book 2: Hedonist:
1: Startling, amazing, and stupefying:
Turning on the gas
What will you people do next?
Lone wolf
2: Gee-whiz emotion:
Want beans chowder codfish
Book 3: War-Maker:
1: Invasion:
Science, murder and sex
Yellow fellows
Our Willie accused
2: I'll furnish the war:
Crime and underwear
Peanut club
3: Cuban Joan of Arc:
Power of the press
Enlist the women of America
4: Fate of the Maine:
Hail thee, city born today!
There is no other news
Nearest approach to hell
Fate of Colonel Thenuz
5: Hearst at the front:
Unterrified 'mid shot and shell
We must beat every paper in the world
Horrors of peace
Magnifying glasses
Book 4: Candidate:
1: Eye on the White House:
Man with the hoe
Twentieth century
Laying McKinley in his bier
2: Hearst for congress:
Get excited, everybody!
Death in Madison Square
3: Hearst for president:
Pursuit of the grail
Hearst "barrel"
Rebel in the ranks
Nero of modern politics
4: Moiphy voisus hoist:
Which puppet are you for?
Shiver of apprehension
5: Do-it-yourself politician:
San Francisco in ruins
Most artistic deal
Roosevelt hatchet
6: Never again a candidate:
Blood of destroyed democracy
Opening Pandora's box
7: Once more a democrat:
Howling wilderness
point 38 caliber circulation drive
Hearst as president-maker
Columbus Hotel mystery
8: Bathtubs and printing presses:
Loved only by God
Meet me at the fair
9: Most hated man in the country:
He wants war, he wants peace
Run little American flags
Miss Davies
Spokesman of the Kaiser
10: How to make enemies:
Jellyfish and the toad
Political typhoid carrier
Greeter Hearst
Great lady passes
11: Man with the brown derby:
Best is none too good
Publicity can do anything
Pestilence that walks in the dark
12: Hope springs eternal:
Mud-gutter gazette
South of the border
13: Coup de Grace:
Problems political and marital
Presidential timber
Publicity can do anything
Political murder.
Book 5: Medievalist:
1: Great American enigma:
Attracting the chief's attention
Oddities of genius
2: Fiscal anarchy:
Publicity can do anything
Glorious spender
Dipsomaniac with a bottle
3: Unpleasantness:
Another lost convention
Hearst by his own petard
Death of Thomas Ince
4: Castle number 2:
Don't upset the applecart
Milk can around his neck
When he's wrong
5: Building the legend:
Hearst-Mayer entente
King of Hollywood
Inadequate income
6: Mexican "documents":
Senor Avila investigates
Sewer system of journalism
7: Castle number 3:
Reactionary radical
Tourism a la Hearst
God bless America!
Brisbane was wrong
8: War with France:
Tourism a la Hearst
No public demonstrations, please
9: Influences malign and benign:
World of madness
Hearst plan for recovery
Bomb for Miss Davies
10: Hearst the president-maker:
Man who wasn't there
National curiosity
11: Hearst, Hitler and fascism:
Tourism a la Hearst
He has to postpone his dinner
12: King in residence:
Animals have the right of way
Sh-h-h-don't mention death
Revolt against history
13: Hell-bent for ruin:
Buy it, price no object
Number 1 red-baiter
Call it the "raw deal"
Landon to the rescue
Book 6: Phoenix:
Tottering throne:
Sell, sell, sell
End of an era
Dissecting table
Limited Monarch:
When all the world is young, lad
Citizen Hearst and citizen Kane
Gimbel's easy payment plan
Crisis in the night
Old indestructible:
Man in the green suit
Still the chief
Down the enchanted hill
Long live the king:
Love as boundless as the sea
Stop the presses
Author's note and acknowledgments
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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