Multicultural Education in Glocal Perspectives : Policy and Institutionalization / edited by Yun-Kyung Cha, Jagdish Gundara, Seung-Hwan Ham, Moosung Lee.

Singapore : Springer, 2017.
viii, 223 pages ; illustrations : 24 cm.
1st ed.

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Other Title:
Multicultural education in global perspectives.
International education.
Comparative education.
Multicultural education.
Educational sociology.
This conceptually rich and empirically grounded book draws upon expertise from a panel of emerging and established international scholars to explore the institutionalization and effect of multicultural education on a global scale. Previous studies of multicultural education have largely ignored the significance of understanding the combination of multiple sociopolitical influences on multicultural education in both policy and practice. Filling this void, this book sheds light on the two main reasons for taking a "glocal" perspective on multicultural education. First, children should be provided with meaningful learning opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to live in a culturally and ethno-linguistically diverse society, where the distinction between the local and the global is becoming blurred. Second, understanding both the "global grammar" and the "local semantics" of multicultural education helps researchers and policy-makers grasp the whole picture of multicultural education as an evolving social construct and phenomenon. This new book provokes a new round of discussion and research to expand and enrich our inquiry into cultural diversity and educational inclusion. -- Cover.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Section I: Global Institutionalization of Multicultural Education
Chapter 2 Multicultural Education Policy in the Global Institutional Context
Chapter 3 The Valorization of Humanity and Diversity
Chapter 4 Educating Supranational Citizens: The rise of English in Curricular Policies
Chapter 5 Intercultural and International Understanding: Non-centric knowledge and curriculum in Asia
Chapter 6 Diversity and Citizenship Education in Multicultural Nations
Section II: National/Local Dynamics in Multicultural Education
Chapter 7 Harmony and Multicultural Education in Singapore
Chapter 8 Moving Beyond a Monotype Education in Turkey: Major reforms in the last decade and challenges ahead
Chapter 9 Multicultural Community Development, Social Capital and Social Disorganization: Exploring urban areas in the United States
Chapter 10 Multicultural Practice for Cultural Heterogeneity and National Cultural Homogeneity: Immigrant youth's experience in Osaka, Japan
Chapter 11 Education for Population Control: Migrant children's education under new policies in Beijing
Section III: Global and Local Possibilities in Multicultural Education
Chapter 12 Multicultural Policy and Ethnolinguistic Minority Learners' Academic Engagement
Chapter 13 Culturally Responsive Leadership for Community Engagement
Chapter 14 Institutionalizing Internationalization within a College of Education: Toward a more critical multicultural and glocal education perspective
Chapter 15 Epilogue: Toward a glocal perspective.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Cha, Yun-Kyung, editor.
Gundara, Jagdish, editor.
Ham, Seung-Hwan, editor.
Lee, Moosung, editor.