As tradições gaúchas e sua racionalização na modernidade tardia / Caroline Kraus Luvizotto.

Luvizotto, Caroline Kraus author.
Brazil : Editora UNESP, 2010
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This book analyzes the rationalization of traditions in a context of late modernity. The analysis has as its starting point the gaucho traditions and their manifestation in the Gaucho Tradition Centers (CTG). The study was developed based on the specialized bibliography on the subject and on a research carried out during ENART 2008 - Meeting of Art and Tradition in Rio Grande do Sul, held in 2008 in the city of Santa Cruz do Sul - RS. Studies show that late modernity brings out the reflexivity and rationalization of relationships, experiences and traditions. Traditions are (re) invented and, in this case, (re) invented with CTG as a scenario and this (re) invention allows maintaining the bonds and sociability of the socio-cultural group that recognizes itself as a group and differentiates itself from the rest by identifying around symbols, practices, beliefs and rituals that unite them, because it is common to all of them, regardless of the geographic space they occupy. In late modernity, the playful character attributed to the (re) invented traditions at CTG is the guiding thread for innumerable relationships that are established in this scenario and is the fuel of all the practices and rituals experienced there. The playfulness of the activities gives meaning to the traditionalist practices and to the whole tradition that was (re) invented and that starts to be rationalized in the context of reflective modernity. This appropriation of the playful character of the traditions and the relationships established in the CTG based on symbols, practices and rituals signal that we are experiencing a context of late modernity in Brazil. In the context of late modernity, the rationalized tradition is a way to avoid clashes between different values ​​and ways of life.
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